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An APM Strateg y Capability

Implementing strategies to prevent equipment failures is a key

The RCM process promotes a thorough understanding of the functions

component of any asset performance management solution. Failure

of a system and focuses on ways to ensure that those functions are

prevention can be successful, however, only if the implemented strategies

not compromised. In an RCM analysis, failure of one or more system

address the underlying cause of equipment failures. To implement

components may be acceptable, provided that the function of the

effective strategies, it is necessary first to understand how equipment is

system is maintained. By focusing on system functions, the Meridium

likely to fail. After failure modes are well understood, their effects can

RCM solution facilitates the development of strategies that will

be assessed, and recommendations can be made for ways to prevent

reduce the effects of functional failures, which, for some systems, may

potential failures and avoid the consequences.

have a more significant impact on production and costs than simple

mechanical failures.

The Meridium Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Failure

Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) application is part of the APM
Strategy solution and an integrated component of a complete Asset

The Streamlined FMEA Methodology

Performance Management (APM) solution. The Meridium RCM/

The Meridium FMEA solution provides a streamlined, asset-based

FMEA application enables companies to conduct rigorous analysis

alternative to the more comprehensive RCM approach. The FMEA

of individual assets and entire systems at varying levels of rigor for

solution follows some of the RCM process steps, but asks the analysis

the purpose of identifying the causes of potential failures and then

team to answer the following questions specifically about the assets:

implementing strategies to mitigate those failures. RCM and FMEA

analysis serves as a powerful mechanism for developing an in-

1. What types of failures are the assets likely to experience? (Failure


depth understanding of equipment functions and failures. With that

2. What happens when each failure occurs (Failure Effect)?

understanding, it is possible to develop successful failure-mitigation

3. In what way does each failure matter (Failure Consequences)?


4. What should be done to predict or prevent each failure

The RCM Methodology

5. What should be done if a suitable task cannot be found (Default


Built upon the SAE standard JA1011, Evaluation Criteria for

By answering these questions, the analyst or team identifies failures

Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) Processes, the Meridium

and effects for each piece of equipment and then recommends actions

RCM Analysis solution asks the analysis team to answer the following

to mitigate those failures. Unlike an RCM analysis, which focuses on

questions for a given system:

preventing functional failures at the system level, the FMEA solution

1. What are the functions and desired performance of the system in its
present operating context (Functions)?
2. In what ways can the system fail to fulfill its functions
(Functional Failures)?

facilitates the identification and mitigation of the most critical failure

modes defined at the equipment level.

Analysis Tools

3. What causes each functional failure (Failure Modes)?

4. What happens when each failure occurs (Failure Effect)?

The Meridium RCM and FMEA solution offers common tools to

5. In what way does each failure matter (Failure Consequences)?

help facilitate the analysis process, simplify the implementation

6. What should be done to predict or prevent each failure

of recommendations, and enable continuous monitoring of their

7. What should be done if a suitable task cannot be found
(Default Actions)?



RCM/FMEA Explorer: Provides a complete view of the

entire analysis, including all assets, team members, functions,
failures, failure modes, effects, and recommendations. Analysis
components can be added, modified, and deleted from within the
RCM/FMEA Explorer, and details of each analysis component
are easily accessible to all team members.

review the recommendations provided by the analysis team to

determine which action items should be implemented.
Recommendation Consolidation: Provides easy consolidation of
recommendations created from the analysis.
Automated Evaluations: Allows users to continually evaluate
the effectiveness of the asset strategy. Capitalizing on Meridiums
integration with an EAM system, failures and their associated

costs can be used to trigger alerts when a strategy needs to be

System/Asset Linking: Allows users to define the functional

Reports: Allows users to generate a printable summary of any

locations and/or equipment makeup of the system that is being

analysis for reporting and presentation purposes. Custom reports

analyzed. Since the Meridium APM solution typically is integrated

can be created to meet the specific needs of the organization and

with your existing enterprise asset management (EAM) system,

the analysis team.

the majority of your critical equipment is already defined in

Meridium APM. By linking the appropriate equipment to the
system, you can easily access any of the historical information
needed to support RCM and FMEA studies.
Analysis Team: Provides a way of identifying analysis participants
and promotes accountability for the results, as well as creating a
common understanding of the analyses.
Analysis Templates: Provides a repository of commonly used
analysis models that can be used as the foundation for building
new analysis for similar systems. New analyses and analysis
components can be created from existing templates, and any
existing analysis or analysis component can be used to create a
new template.
Risk Matrix: Offers a simple way to rank the consequence and
probability of each failure mode. Consequence categories, such
as safety, environmental, cost, and production, can be defined
and ranked in order of importance to support specific business
needs. As a result, you can visually compare and rank failure
modes from most significant to least significant.
Decision Tree: Provides a logic-based mechanism for
determining the most appropriate type of task based upon the
nature of the failure and the severity of the consequences.
Recommendation Review and Approval: Allows supervisors to

A key component of any APM solution is determining what

strategies should be implemented to mitigate failures and to reduce
the costs and consequences associated with them. A comprehensive
understanding of equipment functions and failures is essential for
developing strategies that will be effective in mitigating those failures.
The Meridium RCM and FMEA solution allows analysis teams to
gain the insight that is necessary for implementing successful failuremitigation tactics.
The Meridium RCM and FMEA solution provides a set of tools that
Collaboration of knowledge about a system and its functions
among the analysis team and the organization.
Documentation of detailed information regarding the potential
failures and their consequences.
Approval and implementation actions recommended for
avoiding potential failures.
Reporting of analysis results to other users and groups in the
Prevention of failures and the associated consequences, as well
as re-evaluation of the mitigation strategies.


Meridium is the global leader in asset performance management

A key component of any APM solution

is determining what strategies should
be implemented to mitigate failures and
to reduce the costs and consequences
associated with them.

software and services for asset-intensive industries. Meridium lowers

the risk of harm to people, our planet and profits by predicting and
preventing physical asset failures. With Meridiums unique enterprise
analytics, our clients minimize production downtime while improving
The Meridium APM Strategy solution and enabling software are
strategically focused on proactive asset management plans that are
risk-based and optimized. Proven methodologies help practitioners and

These key features play an essential role in

managers develop, manage, execute and evaluate asset strategies that

developing strategies that will maximize production,

effectively mitigate asset failure risks. Meridium APM Strategy helps

reduce costs, and minimize the safety and environmental

optimize and balance asset risk profiles, production goals and resource

risks associated with equipment failures.

As part of the APM Strategy solution, the Meridium RCM/FMEA
application provides the tools and baseline functionality needed to
develop a powerful APM solution that supports your workflows and
has the flexibility to meet changing business needs.

investment to achieve profitability requirements.


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