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June 19, 2015

Dear San Gabriel High School and Alhambra Unified School District
The Alhambra Unified School District administration received several
questions and concerns regarding my action regarding a Matador
article on teacher Andrew Nguyen. I want to briefly clarify my actions
and intentions in discussing the article with one of the paper's student
editors and faculty advisor.
I fully recognize and appreciate that students have a right to exercise
lawful freedom of expression in school publications. The District
strongly supports this right through its Board Policies and
Administrative Regulations, and I am committed to ensuring that my
actions are consistent with all applicable laws, policies and regulations.
Upon learning that The Matador intended to publish an article on the
employment status of Mr. Nguyen, and in particular, his non-reelection
as a temporary teacher, I was concerned that Mr. Nguyen's
constitutional right to privacy would be violated. I also believed any
article that violated Mr. Nguyen's right to privacy could not be
published. I expressed these concerns to the faculty advisor and
student editor-in-chief of The Matador prior to being provided a copy of
the proposed article. I also stated the District could not provide any
information to The Matador that would violate Mr. Nguyen's privacy.
Once presented with the article, I fully approved its content.
I now recognize I could have more clearly stated that it was not my
intent to censor the article, but only to ensure the editors understood
and took into account Mr. Nguyen's right to privacy. As a District, we
will be taking steps to ensure that all involved staff, including myself,
are fully aware of the applicable procedures for student publications,
including the process, to communicate with the editors before any
potential restriction of content.
I admire and am proud of the tremendous work our students and
faculty have done on The Matador, and look forward to working with
students and staff involved in that, as well as other, student
Jim Schofield
Principal, San Gabriel High School