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OMAF 03 BP 2015 - QHSE System

Element 2

- Recruitment & Management of Shore-based Personnel

AIM - Ensure that the fleet is supported by key staff who are competent to carry out the full range of responsibilities and





BP Question

Vessel Operator Comments

The pre-recruitment
process should include
checks that applicants
have the appropriate
qualifications and

The company ensures that the information

supplied by recruits (career summary,
resume and interview records) indicates
that they have the appropriate skills to fill
the position. The company specifies the
minimum qualifications and experience
required for each shore based position.

OPM 2.1

The recruitment process

includes verification that
the qualifications of new
recruits are genuine.

The process includes checking certificates

with the issuing authorities and contacting
former employers to verify experience if
referred to by the new employee.

OPM 2.1.6

(15-E-HR-OPM) Human Capital

Requisition Form

(47-E-IAS-OPM) Interview
Assessment Form

How are potential employees qualifications

screened to ensure they meet the job



There is a formal
familiarisation process in
place for newly recruited
shore-based staff.

A formal staff appraisal

system ensures that key
staff members undergo
a performance
assessment at least

The company has a written plan for formal

entry of new recruits. This is documented
to show that the inductee has received the
appropriate training and familiarisation
necessary to undertake their new
responsibilities and accountabilities.
Familiarisation covers all policies including
safety, security, health environment,
quality business ethics and cultural

OPM 2.2

The company identifies key staff and the

appraisal system includes reviews of staff
abilities and identifies any development
requirements, including additional training
needs. Any issues highlighted in appraisal
reviews are given priority and resolved.

OPM 2.3.3, 2.3.4

Orientation: (58-E-OCF-OPM)
Orientation Checklist Form
Training plan: (15-E-HR-OPM)
Human Capital Requisition Form


Review the Staff Appraisal system in use

for delivering objectivity and improvement.

Rev 0 (Nov 2011)




The recruitment process

identifies any training
needed to ensure that
personnel have the
required skills and

This includes permanent company

employees and may include third party

The company maintains

up-to-date records of
experience and training
courses attended for all
key shore-based staff.

Inspect training records against training


The average job

retention rate for key
staff (such as
superintendents) is
greater than 70% over a
two year period, other
than planned attrition.

Reasons for retention rates of less than

70% should be documented.

OPM 2.2
Training plan: (15-E-HR-OPM)
Human Capital Requisition Form

Identify that there is a formal training plan

for personal development to ensure
personnel are trained for their job.
(40-E-LCT-OPM) List of Certificate
& Training

Does this also include ISPS training?

Is behavioural based training included?

Identify the retention rate of key staff

meets the KPI and that promotion and
personnel development is taken into
account and does not impact on continuity
of operational performance (dependent on
company size, operations etc.)

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