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The capacity of condensate polishing system shall be based on the condensate cap

acity at TMCR. The CP System comprises of 250% iron removal filter, 3x50% Polisher
Vessels for each Unit and associated pipe works, valves, instruments, control p
anels etc. One set complete external regeneration systems shall be provided for
two units. The regeneration facilities comprise of regeneration vessels, measuri
ng tanks, necessary pumps, all other necessary piping, valves and fittings.
A bypass system with a capacity of 100% of condensate quantity will be provided.
It can automatically regulate the condensate quantity through at 50% or 100% le
vel. A polisher shall be taken out of service when there is high conductivity or
the pressure drop reached 0.35MPa.When the inlet temperature of mixed bed reach
ed 55 or higher, the mixed bed shall be taken out of service to protect the resin.
The major equipment will be:
? Two (2) iron removal filters
? Three (3) high flow rate mixed beds
? One (1) recirculation pumps:
? Three (3) resin traps
Common equipment for two units:
? One (1) resin separation & cation regeneration tower
? One (1) anion regeneration tower
? One (1) mixed resin storage unit
? Two (2) 2100% air blowers
? Two (2) alkali storage tanks
? Two (2) acid storage tanks
? One (1) Alkali Measuring Tank
? One (1) Acid Measuring Tank
? Two (2) 2100% alkali unloading pumps
? Two (2) 2100% acid unloading pumps
? Two (2) neutralised effluent transfer pumps
The water quality of the mixed bed outlet shall be:
(25 After hydrogen ion changed )
?S/cm g/L
?0.15 ?10
The wastewater generated by the CP system is collected to the neutralizing pit,
neutralized and then transferred by pumps to industry wastewater treatment syste
2.6.2 Chemical dosing system
In order to maintain the pH value and protect the feed-water, condensate water p
ipe and equipment from corrosion, a centralized chemical dosing system, which wi
ll consisting of solution tank, Y-type suction strainers, metering pumps and acc
essories, level gauges, level switches, pump isolation valves and pressure gauge
s will be provided for two units. All chemical feed solution tanks and accessori
es are of welded stainless steel construction. Ammonia will be injected to conde
nsate polisher system outlet. The hydrazine will be injected to closed cooling w
ater pump discharge as deoxidant and maintain pH to prevent the pipe from corros
ion. Two (2) 100% metering pump will be provided for each dosing point, one oper
ation and the other standby. Oxygen dozing will be considered when normal operat
ion with high condensate and feed water quality to further reduce the corrosion
and maintain the high quality of steam and water system. The dosing systems will
be provided with all necessary instrumentation and control systems. Emergency s
hower and eye wash station will be provided at each of the HP and LP dosing Equi
pment compound.
2.6.3 Steam and water sampling system Description
One centralized water & steam sampling system will be provided for each unit. On
e (1) no. package of the sampling system comprises of One (1) no. high pressure
& high temperature rack, One (1) no. low pressure & low temperature rack and One
(1) no. condenser leakage detection device. After temperature