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Name Senoj S Jones

FT No FT 161079
Q.1 Write a situation handling experience gained from your field visits. Your
experience should be well refereed from the book by quoting the page numbers and
chapter .The narration should be supported by theoretical / conceptual inputs
mentioned in the book justifying your experiences in the field.
The last five lines should clearly state about what you learnt out of this experience
in terms of Transformational leadership.
The definition of leadership The process by which an agent induces a subordinate
to behave in a desired manner (pg 4 chapter 1). I used this approach to brief my
team members about the predominant cultures being followed here. This was useful
since most of my team members were from outside Tamil nadu.
Perception and action ( pg 52 chapter 2) influences the observation and
reflection of ones experience. Before we started to the village, we decided not to
have any prejudice on the situation in the village we visited (Permbedu). We wanted
to get a firsthand information after visiting and observing the area.
The first day on the field was a very enriching experience. We were new to that area
and had to initiate communication with the people staying there. Since I knew how
to speak in tamil, I had to introduce my group to villagers. After introducing them I
started to ask basic questions about the village.
I wanted to get more information on the difficulties faced by the people in the
village and followed the Double loop learning method ( pg 56, chapter 2) This method confronted my view and invited others to open up their problems. This
method was successful as it helped getting more information from the people.
Based on the information gathered I decided to follow the the PDI Development
pipeline ( Pg 67, ch 2) model to analyse the data as the other person spoke.

Insight - found out the core problem that was stated by most of the people to
be lack of bathroom in their house and their children dont speak in English,

Motivation I was motivated to tackle the issue as they were being frank with

New knowledge and skills planned to tackle the second issue by learning
how to teach English from scratch to children aged 12

Real world application - Planned to take spoken English classes for the

As they were talking to me I was analyzing the problems about the PDI Model.

Now that they have told me their problem, I wanted to build on the credibility and
trust ( Pg 277&279 ch 8). I was able to communicate the added values we would
like to give them. I wanted to build a strong relationship with villagers so that they
will support our cause in the village.
I wanted to tackle the problems from the ground up and used Maslows hierarchy
of needs ( pg 340 ch 9) to classify the problems into 5 categories as mentioned
by the theory. Since English as language was used predominantly, I decided that it
would become a part of the security needs and this furthered ou teams cause to
start a spoken English class.
The whole communication that took place can be systematically viewed as involving
the following parameters: (pg 284, ch 8)






New intention

Out of this conversation, I was able to learn that in order to get unbiased
information from people, we need to connect with them emotionally. Once we are
connected with them on the emotional level, other persons willingness to work
towards accomplishing our goals becomes easier. Also a leader is not a person who
sits and commands. I learned that a leader is the one who goes out and shows a
way to solve problems. Though our team members didnt understand the language,
they were able to connect with them, because a true leader can connect with the
emotions of others.

Minimum Five Hundred words. Marks 15

Q.2. Write three important questions that you need answer based on the Karma
Yoga experiences from the field visits. It can range anything from social, economic,
political and cultural conditions of the area and people whom you met .The
questions can be also from the external conditions that force them to live in such
conditions and finding solutions for the same .Each questions should reveal your
depth of understanding the present situations in the village and people and society.
Try to avoid mundane or general questions that will not excite or reveal your depth
and individuality of understanding the situation. Write only the questions and not
answer to those questions. Refer to the mail for a template sent on 6-5-215 from KY.

Q. Number 1 Why cant bank issue loan directly to farmers to support them. Now
they are forced to buy money from mill owners and thereby compelled to sell their
produces at discounted rates to them.
Q. Number 2 Why is the pond available over there not cleaned even after so many
requests provided?
Q. Number 3 Why is the government allowing sand mafias to take away sand from
the area, because of which water level has gone down and some parts of the farm
which was green earlier has become dry.
Marks 15
Mandatory requirement: After the exam return the book to the Resource Center
and get acknowledged for the same.

Marks 15