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D.W. McCandless (Ed.

Metabolic Encephalopathy
Considers both animal and human studies and integrates them
into statements of mechanisms and biochemical alterations and
Contains the most commonly seen metabolic encephalopathies
and those in which the diagnosis and treatment have advanced and
benefited from technological studies

2009, XVI, 601 p.

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Metabolic Encephalopathy is meant to combine and correlate animal and human

studies. In many cases, alterations in the neurochemistry of humans and experimental
animal models is similar. It is hoped that increased awareness of the importance of early
diagnosis and treatment of these disorders may result in a lowering of the incidence
of structural changes and morbidity. These metabolic encephalopathies hold a special
fascination for both basic scientists and clinical investigators because they are accessible,
treatable, and there exist good animal models for further study. Therefore, this book
assembles both basic and clinical neuroscience issues in the treatment of specific
metabolic encephalopathies such as uremia, Wernickes disease, epilepsy, stroke, hepatic
encephalopathy, pediatric encephalopathies, inborn errors of metabolism, toxins such as
lead, depression, cerebral infections, kernicterus, Wilson disease, and many others.

About the Editor:

Dr. David W. McCandless is the John J. Sheinin Professor of Anatomy in the Department
of Cell Biology and Anatomy at The Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University,
North Chicago, IL. He has over 35 years of laboratory research into basic mechanisms of
various metabolic encephalopathies. He serves as Editor-in Chief of the journal Metabolic
Brain Disease (Springer), now in its 23rd year. Dr. McCandless has been on the faculty or
research staff at The University of Vermont College of Medicine, NIH-NINCDS, University
of Texas Medical School at Houston, and The Chicago Medical School, and was a visiting
professor at Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. McCandless has published in
journals such as The J. Clinical Investigation, Nature, Proc. National Academy of Sciences,
Amer. J. of Physiology, Brain Research, J. Neurochemistry, Teratology, Epilepsia, Stroke,
and many others. This is his third edited book.

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