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PI Tag Creation

The following services are performed:

The primary objective is to
create tags for one or two
standard PI Interfaces already
installed at the customer site.
The installation is performed on
site by a qualified member of
our OSIsoft PI system field
service team.
The scope of this package is
limited to the configuration of
20,000 PI tags.

Pre-installation checklist review; confirmation that all prerequisites are met

before proceeding
Documented submittal of PI tags and PI digital sets to be created for
customer approval
Configuration and creation of required PI digital sets
Configuration and creation of the PI tags on the PI server (Up to 20,000
Creation of a stale and bad tag report (Electronic format)
Provide coaching for the configuration and troubleshooting of specific
interface PI tags to the system manager
OSIsoft technical support overview
Installation report

The installation process, from ordering to completion, normally takes 2 to 3
Week 1 and 2 Communication of prerequisites. Confirmation of on site date
with OSIsoft. Provide to OSIsoft an electronic version of the raw tag
information extracted from the data source.
Week 3 On site installation by OSIsoft (Up to two days)

PI Server and PI Interface must be operational before OSIsoft's arrival
Customer must provide an electronic version of required raw tag information
extracted from the data source (Tagname, description, zero, span,
engineering units, point type, state information and control system address).
Required information will be validated during the pre-installation checklist
Customer's technical staff needs to be available to provide system support
(Security, Network and Control Systems)
Customer must provide a configuration station with the PI SMT tools and
MS Excel software
Customer must arrange for safety training, and any permits required
Customer must provide all special safety equipment as required

Suggested prerequisite package

We recommend that the following service package or equivalent installation be
done prior to ordering the above described service:
Base PI System installation (part no: SVC-PACK-PIINST)

This package includes 2 days of OSIsoft field service excluding travel time.
Travel and living expenses will be invoiced at cost.


system field services
Our PI system field service staff
works closely with OSIsoft
development, training, and
technical support teams to bring
unique experience and
knowledge of the OSIsoft
product line to the customer
site. Most of our PI system field
service staff are Microsoft
Certified Professionals.

For further information, contact

your Sales Representative.
Version: June 2006
OSIsoft, Inc. 777 Davis Street Suite 250 San Leandro, CA 94577 (510) 297-5800