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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae Personal Particulars and Contact Details Name : Razif Husna Imananda ID Number : 3306080804910001

Personal Particulars and Contact Details




Razif Husna Imananda

ID Number



Birth Place & Date


Purworejo; April 8 th ,1991








Jl. Gajah Mada 10, Bandung Kidul RT.02 RW.02, Bayan,




Purworejo, Jawa Tengah; 54221



(+62) 81391625060

Email Address


Marital Status





Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Indonesia



: Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Field of Study

: Metallurgy Manufacturing


: 2009 - 2013


: 3.12 of 4.00


Course & Test Score


Piping Stress Analysis (using CAESAR II) Organizer: Ap-Greid Oil and Gas Design Course, Jakarta



Organizer:Centre for Languages and Cultures ITS, Surabaya

Serial Number: 5923/IT2.14/REK.1/2013

Score: 477

Key Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree from Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology majoring Materials and Metallurgical Engineering with field of study manufacture metallurgy. Attended Piping Stress Analysis course using CAESAR II software at Ap-Greid Oil and Gas Design Course. Experienced as Piping Material Controller at PT. Tripatra Engineers and Constructors for Senoro Gas Development Project, Senoro-Toili Block.

Employment Record


: PT. Tripatra Engineers and Constructors

Position Held

(consorsium partner: Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd.) : Piping Material Controller, Engineering Department


: November 2013 – July 2015

Project Held

: Senoro Gas Development Project

Client Description of Duties

Senoro-Toili Block, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia : JOB Pertamina-Medco E&P Tomori Sulawesi :

Set up the material management procedure and work instruction to control

all material transaction process Update material transaction process as stipulated on Material Control Chart

Ensure integrity of material data and keep the material reports

Develop material status report in weekly & monthly basis

Develop MTO vs. MRS status report, and suggest engineering team the MRS

quantity after checking material availability status Coordinate with engineering team for MTO vs. MRS deviation case, then solve

it by diverting with other material or resupply with Field Material Requisition Develop MRS vs. PO status report, and ensure data integrity in terms of

required quantity and timely placement PO Coordinate with procurement team to update schedule material delivery plan

Expedite outstanding material, and offer option to construction team base on

estimate time delivery and arrival schedule generated by procurement team Identify materials shipped/received on site against ROS date

Arrange the material inspection during material receiving

Issue and administer Material Receiving Report, and it’s Inspection Report

Develop PO vs. MRR status report, and ensure integrity data from PO process

up to material receiving on site in term of quantity and timely flow of material delivery to site Issue and administer Over, Shortage, and Damage Report

Coordinate with warehouse, procurement, and engineering to solve any OSDR

Receive and review Construction Material Request from subcontractors

Review CMR quantity vs. Stock card quantity, ensure integrity data from material receiving up to material issuance on site in term of quantity

Coordinate with construction team to ensure correct field allocation material

Coordinate with construction team and warehouse team in order to generate

construction activities can be done with current stock Coordinate with warehouse team and construction team to develop work list

can be done with current availability material Issue and administer Material Issuance Slip and it’s Return to Warehouse

Receive and review Loan Slip from construction team and subcontractors

Issue and administer Material Moving Report to another warehouse

Develop MIS vs. MRW status report, and ensure integrity data from material

issuance to subcontractor up to material transaction and material return Prepare material list to be handed over to client, and coordinate with

warehouse team to hand-over material to client Liaise with warehouse team of material handing over process

Assign material settlement with subcontractors of work order completion

Analyze the material item and quantity to back charge to subcontractor

Coordinate with cost control team to establish raw material price to be back

charged to subcontractors or vendors Prepare material reconciliation report and reported to Project Manager &

Client for their approval Update material control chart as per required data for material reconciliation

Operate Tripatra’s Material Tracking System (MTS) as a tool for controlling all

material transaction activity Prepare the needed data to be input to system, starts from MTO and it’s

Requisition, Purchase Order, Packing List and it’s Inspection Certificate