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From farms in Australia to snowboard lodges in Canada,

many young people are enjoying working holidays.

Once many students finish high school or college, they
have the uncanny desire to travel as far away from home
as possible. Visiting new places and seeing exotic locales
around the world ___1___ can be a great learning
experience, but there is one big problem that these young
travelers face a lack of money. Most countries
nowadays are ___2___ young globetrotters by offering a
six- to twelve-month working holiday for anyone
between the ages of 18 and 30. ___3___, they will be
able to experience new cultures while making enough
money to survive.
In Australia, the working holiday program has been a
phenomenal success. In its first year of existence, 1975,
2,000 working visas were ___4___. By 2006, this
number had increased to 113,000, which is estimated to
have added US$1.3 billion to Australia's economy in that
year. Many of the positions ___5___ are in the
hospitality industry or harvest work, but some travellers
are getting jobs in finance, health care, and education.
For Australians, Britons, and New Zealanders, a popular
place to spend a working holiday is Canada, ___6___
there are numerous ski and snowboard resorts. Jobs as
lift operators, snowboard coaches , or as members of the
resort staff are ___7___ simple. The biggest benefit in
Canada is that all workers get free lift passes while they
are employed. A working holiday is the perfect solution
for those who want to see the world but need some help

to finance their once-in-a-lifetime trip.


on leave


(B)in person


(C)off record
by surprise


2. (A
applying to
(B)leading to
(C)occurring to


catering to


As yet




(B)On the contrary


(C)This way


By all means


4. (A


Choose the best answer from the options A, B, C and D.

Years ago, as a newly-qualified teacher, I was posted to

a school in a small village. There was only one coffee
shop, ___1___ sundry shop and a bicycle repair shop.
The village had piped water ___2___
no electricity supply. There ___3___ no public
transport at night. ___4___, the lack of amenities in the
village did not bother me much. The students ___5___
hardworking and eager to learn. There were no discipline
___6___. I had to ___7___ a set of living quarters with
two others and we had to cook our own meals. In the
evenings and during weekends we went fishing or
___9___ round the many surrounds villages. At
weddings we and festivals, we were showered with food.
___9___ village folk respected ___10___ and made us
feel wanted. I'll never forget their warmth and kindness.
. (A)a

6. (A)problems


7. (A)live








8. (A)cycle






9. (A)A





. (A)is






Choose the best answer from the options A, B, C and D.

What does the work of a nurse involve ? Many believe it

is simply taking care of ___1___, making beds and
removing bedpans. There is ___2___ to it than that.
Nurses are now doing some of the work formerly
___3___ by doctors. Nurses also work in the public
health service, in hospices and old folks' homes. New
technology in medical science means nurses have to use
new machines and learn new operating techniques to
keep ___4___ with changes. There is an increasing need
___5___ specialized care, so degree courses are now
available to enhance the ___6___ of health care. The
___7___ for nurses in private hospitals has resulted in
___8___ shortage and many government hospitals are
understaffed. This ___9___ the workload of nurses. Few
however ___10___ them. Many just take them for
granted. Let's not forget that many nurses work with
patience and dedication.


6. (A)nature





. (A)more

7. (A)need





. (A)do

8. (A)a






9. (A)increase






(D)has increased





Choose the best answer from the options A, B, C and D.

The Education Ministry has called for public opinion on

caning in schools. It wants to decide ___1___ the cane
should be brought back to the classroom to ___2___
discipline. Discipline among schoolchildren has
worsened. In 1983 the Ministry issued guidelines to
___3___ teachers did not misuse their authority and
abuse students. Unfortunately this has had an adverse
___4___. Students today do not have respect ___5___
authority and are not afraid of their teachers. In fact they
are not even afraid of their own parents. Students have
become morerude ___6___ undisciplined as they know
teacher cannot cane them. An informal telephone poll
shows that many people are in favor ___7___ using the
cane as it is an effective deterrent. Others ___8___ the
idea as they feel that ___9___ should remain the parents'
responsibility. They fear that teachers ___10___ abuse

their power.

6. (A)of





. (A)instill

7. (A)of
8. (A)against






9. (A)problem