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Text 1: Ewing, R., Schmid, T., Killingsworth, R., Zlot, A. & Raudenbus, S.

Relationship Between Urban Sprawl and Physical Activity, Obesity, and Morbidity,
viewed 6 March 2011,
Text 2: Clarke, J. & Bull, D. 1998, 'The Importance of Enabling Programs in
Providing Higher Educational Opportunities for The Educationally Disadvantages
', 3rd National Equity & Access Conference, Yeppoon.

Question 1: What is the purpose of the review? Does the reviewer proceed to a
discussion of their own research?
Text 1: Identifying what have been achieved in previous studies, provide the
basis for research hypothesis. Yes, the paper focuses the study of urban sprawl in
county and metropolitan levels.
Text 2: Identifying what have been achieved in previous studies. No.

Question 2: How is the paper structured? For example, sections, sub-sections

and what is discussed in each.
Text 1: The paper divided into 4 sections: Introduction, stating the purpose of the
paper and literature review; Method, a discussion about the methodology of the
research, Result, providing the result and analysis of the findings; and
Discussion, discussing the implication of the result.
Text 2: No structure provided

Question 3: Does the reviewer discuss each article/book separately or does s/he
synthesise the findings of different
Text 1: the text synthesising the previous findings.
Text 2: The text synthesising the previous Findings.

Question 4: What types of literature were used in this review? Where were they
published? Who/which organisations wrote them? Were they peer reviewed?
Text 1: Government website, Printed books, Journals, Reports, Etc. They were
published in USA
Text2: Printed Books, Journals, Reports, Etc. The were published in USA, UK,

Question 5: What was the reviewers conclusions/ recommendations?

Text 1: More research is needed to refine the findings
Text 2: No conclusion provided

Question 6: Does the reviewer restrict the review of literature to a single

country or place?
Text 1: Yes, In U.S.A.
Text 2: No, The literatures include U.S, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Question 7: Does the author identify gaps for further research?

Text 1: Yes, The reviewer states that there is relatively little research done by
physical activity researchers on the relation between both physical and social
environments and public health
Text 2: No

Question 8: Does the reviewer discuss research methods used in the conduct of
the research?
Text 1: Yes, The research design in the study was cross-sectional and ecologic.
Text 2: No.

Question 8: How does the reviewer demonstrate agreement between

researchers? How does the reviewer demonstrate contrasting views?

Question 9: What is the reviewers argument (check the conclusion)?

Text 1: The paper suggests that there may be a strong relationship between
urban form, physical activity and some health outcomes.
Text 2: The paper proposes that enabling programs has major role in improving
educational opportunities.

Question10: How does the author transition between themes?

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