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2 Day Course

SoftLayer Fundamentals
2 Day Course

Course Description
This two-day instructor-led training course introduces SoftLayer Infrastructure-as-a-Solution
(laaS) solutions through instruction and hands-on labs activities. Attendees will gain the basic
fundamentals needed to become more proficient in SoftLayer and make informed decisions
about laaS solutions based on business requirements.

Course Objectives
This course is designed to teach you how to:

Describe basic SoftLayer information, such as company structure, client billing, and data
center locations and services offered at each location
Learn how to navigate the SoftLayer customer portal
Recognize cloud terminology and architectural concepts as the terms and concepts
relate to SoftLayer
Explain security and compliance, including data privacy
Differentiate the SoftLayer storage options
Discern the multiple network options and performance implications
Describe how to use Managed Servicers in a product environment
Compare SoftLayer to international, national, and regional competitors

Target Audience

For individuals interested in becoming SoftLayer business partners and evaluate the
SoftLayers IaaS capabilities in more detail.
Individuals responsible for evaluating the technical benefits of using third party cloud
hosting services such as SoftLayer for IaaS
IT solution and software architects who want to assess the fit of SoftLayers IaaS
technologies and how they align with their business requirements
Application developers who want to understand the SoftLayers IaaS capabilities and
how to leverage them into their applications
Network managers who want to understand IaaS connectivity and performance
considerations to manage the computer networks across their business
Security managers who want to learn how to design IaaS solutions that protect
underlying information using cloud services
Storage managers who need to assess IaaS options to manage the storage architecture

Before taking this course students should have a familiarity with:

Hardware used with cloud computing

Load balancing


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SoftLayer Fundamentals
2 Day Course

Internet and Web-hosting fundamentals

Cloud computing
SoftLayer overview

Course Structure/Content Outline

Day 1

Lesson 1 Changing the Landscape Without Changing the Definition

Lesson 2 Defining SoftLayer Cloud Architecture
Lesson 3 Connecting to the Cloud SoftLayer network options, Part 1
Lesson 4 Connecting to the Cloud SoftLayer network options, Part 2

Day 2

Lesson 5 Keep safe securing your SoftLayer virtual instances

Lesson 6 Storing Your Data
Lesson 7 Understanding SoftLayer Managed Services
Lesson 8 Monitoring and Management
Lesson 9 Leveraging the SoftLayer Differentiators


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