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1. ____ is defined as the measure of instrument by which it is error free
A. Accuracy
B. Precision
C. Resolution
Ans: Accuracy
2. A _____ meter is used a null detector in wheatstone bridge
A. Ammeter
B. Voltmeter
C. Galvanometer
Answer: Galvanometer
3. A moving iron ammeter coil has few turns of thick wire in order to have:
A. Low resistance
B. High sentivity
C. Effective damping
D. Large scale
Answer: A
4. A permanent magnet coil meter has which features
A. Low power consumption
B. no hysteresis loss
C. reduced eddy current
D. reduced damping
E. all
Ans: E
5. The EM field and current are concentrated close to the surface of the conductor. The
phenomenon is called?
Ans: Skin Effect
6. The wavelength of an EM wave after reflection at an angle on a surface
Ans: Increases in the actual direction of propagation
7. When electric field is parallel to the plane of incidence, the electromagnetic wave is
said to be
Ans: Parallel polarized
8. x H = J + D is

Ans: Maxwell equation

9. Bucholz relay is used in
Ans: Transformer Protection
10. Solid grounding is used for voltages
a. above 220 kV
b. above 11 kV
c. below 660 V
d. below 115 V
Answer: C
11. Maximum Cross over distortion in
Answer: Class B
12. The channel of a JFET is between the
A. Gate and drain
B. Drain and source
C. Gate and source
D. Input and output
Answer: B
13. Velocity saturation in MOSFET is
14. Which type of engine uses maximum air fuel ratio
A. Petrol engine
B. Gas engine
C. Diesel engine
D. Gas turbine
E. Hydro turbine
Ans: Gas turbine
15. If ROC (Region of Convergence) does not converge
16. In LTI system is characterized by
A. Impulse input
B. Step input
Ans: Impulse Response
17. Which thing happens in gas discharge lamps
Answer: Ionization in vapor or gas
18. Continuous signal in the time domain in frequency domain
19. Which of the following relay is used in Motor for protection

Answer: Thermal relay

20. In z transform cos pi/4 is the period is equal to
Ans: N=8
21. Which system used dc to dc high voltage gain
A. Solar system
B. Battery backup
22. Power plant the availability of power is least for
A. Wind
B. Solar
C. Tidal
D. Geothermal
E. Bio gass
Ans: Wind Energy
23. A diode that has a negative resistance characteristics is the
A. Schottkey diode
B. Tunnel diode
C. Hot-carrier diode
D. Laser diode
E. Zener Diode
Answer: B
24. We built control systems for _______
1) remote control,
2) stability,
3) overcomingdisturbances,
$) All of above
Ans: All
25. Natural frequency of a system gives
1) nature of transient
2) overshoot
3) oscillation
4) speed of response
Ans: speed of response (not sure)
26. Hay bridge is used for the measurement of
Ans: Inductance

27. ____ bridge used for the measurement of resistance

Ans: Wheatstone bridge
28. _____ acts as voltage controlled variable capacitor
Ans: Varactor
29. By which a meter after checking with no current returns to its previous state
Ans: Controlling Torque
30. By connecting a shunt of higher value in ammeter what will decrease
Ans: Current sensitivity decreases
31. If z transform lies in ROC then
A. System is stable
B. Inverse of system is stable
C. Both system and its inverse are unstable
D. Both system and its inverse are stable
32. Under damped response have
1) damping ratio>1
2) 0>damping ratio<1
3)damping ratio =1
4)damping ratio =0
Ans: 2
33. The rotor winding has resistance 85 ohms at temptature 22 degee,ifresistence
increases to 100 ohms with temptature coefficient 0.004, what would be the
1) 20 degrees
2) 50 degrees
3) 70 degrees
4)100 degrees
5) 120 degrees
Ans: 50 degree (not sure)
34. At Unity Power Factor, Armature Flux is??
The armature flux at zero power factor leading is magnetizing rather than cross-magnetizing
as at unity power factor. The ac armature

1) Cross Magnetizing
2) Demagnetizing
3) zero

35. If ROC does not lie inside unit circle, then

1) FFT converges
2) Z-Transfrom converges
36. ROC converges if poles and zeros lies inside
1) origin
2) z=1
Ans: z=1 (not sure)
37. Fastest achievable Response without overshooting
1) under damped
2) overdamped
3) critically damped
Ans: critically damped
38. z transform is used when the system is not
Ans: Diverges (Not sure)
39. The main feature of crystal oscillator is
Ans: Stability
40.period of infinite continuousfourier series
3) 2*pi/n
Maths (IQ) Portion
1. Waleed is 1/3 minus 5 of his father age. Waleed age is 7, What is his father age?
Ans: 36
2. Which one is odd? 12,15,18,20,24,27
Ans: 20
3. Name the eighth letter of alphabet from last?

Ans: S
4. What is letter of 3 alphabet before last vowel?
Ans: R
5. if 34+35=15 63+78=24 then 24+24=?
Ans: 12 (2+4+2+4)
6. 20-2=10, 30-6=10, 40-8=
Ans: 10
7. 6554=
8 .if A=2,B=3,C=4 and so on...
Ans: Major
9. A women pointing out a girl and said "She was the only daughter of my mother"
Tell relation of that girl with women?
10. If FAIR is to FARE then HAIR is to?
Ans: HARE (Not Sure)

General Knowledge Portion

1. Where is attock oil refinery located??
Ans: Rawalpindi
2. Where was arsenic found??
Ans: Kohat (Not Sure)
3. Where and when oil was discovered???
Ans: 1759, USA

4. The Coal & petroleum are found in what type rock?

Ans: Sedimentary Rocks
5. Which mineral is most found in Pakistan??
Ans: Coal
6. The chief source of water in Pak is?
Ans: River water
7. is a heavier residual fuel oil used in a Ships boiler?
Ans: Bunker fuel (Not sure)
8. a renewable fuel synthesized from soyabean,other oil corps or animal
Ans: Biodiesel (Not sure)
9. is a substance containing methane & Co2, produced fromanerobic
decomposition of organic material in a landfill?
Ans: BioGas
10. is a light petroleum distillate that is used inj space heaters,cook stoves &
water heater & is suitable for use as a light source where burned in wike-fed

PSO Current Affairs

1. How many Divisions of PSO?
Ans: 14
2. Retail Outlets of PSO???
Ans: 3500 (3612)
3. PSO is supplying petroleum to IPPs??
Ans: over %????

4. PSO is supplying petroleum to

Ans: All of above
5. PSO started LPG business in which year
Ans: 1981 (
6. In Pakistan, who started first CNG supply
Ans: PSO (
7. PSO is supplying petroleum to . Airports
8. All divisional satation are linked by resource planing
Ans: SAP
9. & 10 Question related to Bulk Terminal