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Introducing godiva Chocolatier

When pierre Draps created his rst pralines in Brussels, Belgium, in 1926, he set the benchmarks
for renement, innovation, purity and passion that gave rise to godiva Chocolatier. Named after
lady godiva, whose legendary ride symbolizes the same style, sensuality and boldness pursued by
Draps, godiva artisans still hand decorate our chocolates today.
Combining enticing flavours, delicate textures and elegant decoration, godivas Chefs Chocolatier
use their expertly honed skills to create masterpieces out of the nest ingredients. our chocolates
are created as enticing experiences to complement any occasion, whether for business partners,
friends or family.

Discover the story of the souvenir gift box

the very best of Belgian visual and culinary arts have combined talents to bring you this
outstanding collection.

and discover behind the scenes

Our souvenir gift boxes

Brussels, London, Paris
15 chocolates
Ref.: 01

to create this exclusive collection, godiva worked with the prestigious Belgian school of art &
design, la Cambre.
today, godiva is proud to present the fruit of this partnership: the Souvenir Collection.
Drawing on the quintessentially creative Belgian heritage of godiva, the quirky yet stylish boxes
have been designed by the talented graphic design students. they were inspired by iconic
images and key landmarks from the most chic locations around the world. godivas Souvenir
Collection also includes such renowned destinations as Brussels, paris, london and more.
These destinations are exclusive to those locations.

Unforgettable Gift of Luxury

The ultimate treasure box with the luxurious chocolate assortments of your choice.

prestigious gifts with an exceptional selection to discover, to indulge, to impress

Royal Petite
A hand selection of your treasured
30 chocolates

A hand selection of your treasured
59 chocolates
Ref.: 02

Choose from our existing Discovery, Signature and Luxury

gift hampers or create your own from within our array of
Belgian chocolate selections, biscuits, divine truffles or
even spreads and coffees.
Ref.: 03

Our signature gold gift collection

Discover a palette of signature chocolates with a tantalising range of tastes and
textures including scrumptious pralines, delicious ganaches and creamy caramels.

a generous mix of delicious Belgian chocolates beautifully packed in godivas iconic golden box.

Our signature favour and delight

Our signature gift collection

2, 4 & 10 Belgian chocolates*

20, 40, 60 Belgian chocolates :

all milk, all dark or assortment*

Ref.: 04

Ref.: 05

Select your favorite chocolates in an assorted box.

Your sumptuous hand selected chocolate gift box

90, 100, 120 or 150 Belgian chocolates
Ref.: 06

* Alcohol free

Divine Truffle gift collection

Slowly savour Godiva Truffles with their intense cocoa shells and rich, velvety centres which
include a delicious range of divine flavours.

the ultimate luxury for true chocolate lovers! these stunning gift boxes contain a rich
assortment of delightful truffles.

Our divine truffle gift collection

Our divine truffle gift collection

6 Belgian truffles*

12 Belgian truffles*

Ref.: 07

Ref.: 08

Our divine alcohol truffle gift collection

Our divine truffle gift collection

12 Belgian Alcohol truffles*

24 Belgian truffles*

Ref.: 09

Ref.: 10

* With alcohol

Delicate chocolate square collection

Succumb to pure chocolate pleasure with godiva Carrs including a range of varying
cocoa intensities.


Carrs combine the exclusive godiva taste and texture with modern and attractive
packaging. For chocolate lovers.

Milk Carrs

Dark 50% Carrs

Dark 72% Carrs

36 chocolates

36 chocolates

36 chocolates

Ref.: 11

Ref.: 12

Ref.: 13

Milk & dark 72% Carrs

Full range Carrs

Our delicate chocolate squares

48 chocolates

white, milk, dark 50%,

dark 72% & dark 85% Carrs
60 chocolates

Ref.: 16

Ref.: 14

Ref.: 15


Chocolate Delights
Little chocolate luxuries: bite-size, simple and convenient.


Chocolate indulgence, perfectly suited to those who demand instant and personal

Milk chocolate bars


Plain, pralin nougatine, macademia nuts

Dark chocolate pearls,

Milk chocolate pearls,
Dark orange pearls,
Milk cappucino pearls

Ref.: 18

Ref.: 17

Ref.: 19

Dark chocolate bars

50%, 72%, 85% ganache, raspberry, pralin

Milk chocolate tablets

Plain, hazelnut, strawberry, salted caramel
Ref.: 21

Dark chocolate tablets


72%, 72% almonds, 85% Santa Domingo

Hazelnuts covered
with milk chocolate,
almonds covered with
dark chocolate

Ref.: 22

Ref.: 20

Ref.: 23

White chocolate tablet

Vanilla bean


the ultimate godiva chocolate touch

using only the freshest strawberries,
and other scrumptious fruits, godivas
expert chocolatiers will dip the delectable
ingredients into one of godivas deliciously
smooth recipes from a tempting range of
dark, milk or white chocolate.
perfect for sharing or as a gift, godiva
freshly dipped fruits are an appetizing
Ideal for a big event, our chocolatiers can
also come and prepare freshly dipped items
in front of your guests, providing them with
a unique chocolate experience.


Please contact your local store for more information.

Set yourself apart with personalised gifts from

add a custom ribbon with a message of your
choice or your name to one of our classic gift
godiva can also enclose a business card or
personal greeting with your gift. We organise
and ship all gift orders through. Your nearest
godiva store will be happy to taylor your gift
to your needs.

We kindly welcome you to visit our boutiques.

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