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Retro pay step by step

Scenario: Mr. ABC was hired on 1st of Jan 2009 and is entitled for following allowance
and deduction with salary
1. Salary element: 70000
2. Union fund: 300
3. Special Allowance: 2000

Payroll has been run for the month of Jan and Feb, 2009 with same element entries of
course. In month of March company decided to upgrade special Allowance from 2000 to
2500 which would be effective from his hire date which is 1st of Jan 2009.
Before running the payroll of March we have to run retro pay by element process to
provide him arrears. For that we would follow the steps given below.

1. Create new element for retro pay in element description form. We created "Special
allowance retro element" with following properties.
(Important Note: Before you enter or save the record, change the date from Mar(as we are
standing in March) to 1st Jan to let the retro element cover entries from Jan.)
a. Element type: Nonrecurring.
b. Multiple entries: Y
c. Process in run: Y
d. Input values: Pay Value, Start Date (Date), End Date(Date).

2. Save the Record

3. Create element link with Mr. Abc position (or to whom you are required to give it).

4. Come to element description form and query base element i.e. "Special Allowance".
(Remember the date we have changed is still 01-Jan-2009 so we are standing in the
month of Jan.)
5. In Recalculation Tab of element description, open LOV of field Recalculation Event.
From list select event group name which i have already created while setting up retro
notification report. (Please refer oracle payroll user guide).
Or if event group is not created you can select the already provided event group name
from the list called "Entry Changes".
6. In Retropay Element, select the retropay element which we were created just a while
ago (Special allowance retro element).
7 Save the record (Remember we are still standing in the month of Jan. so all the entries
will go with effective date of 1st Jan, 2009)
8. Create Assignment set (Special_retro_assignment_Set), save the record, and in
Amendment, select Mr. Abc.
9. Create Element set (Special Retro element Set), save the record, and press include
button to select element, and be sure to select the base element that is "Special
Allowance". Save the record.
10. (Important Note: Assignment and element set can be created irrespective of effective
date so if you like you can change the effective date from Jan to Mar (lets say) Mar 25th
and create Assignment and Element set.)

11. Return to the month of March.

12. Now Submit process in Request process window,

a. Process Name: Retropay by Element

b. Paramerters:
i. Assignment Set: Special_retro_assignment_Set
ii. Element Set: Special Retro element Set
iii. Start Date: 01-Jan-2009
iv. End Date: 28-Feb-2009
c. Submit the Request.
11. View all concurrent request.
12. After successful completion press button view LOG and it will be like this
Ended processing at : 12-FEB-2010 13:00:03
Total Assignment count : 1
Total Action count : 1
Successfully processed : 1

13. Come to element entry form of MR. ABC and it will be like this
a. Special allowance retro element (4 entries of this element in element entries form.
Check their entry values and 6Date earned)
b. Monthly Salary
c. Union Fund
d. Special Allowance
14. Retropay by element process run successfully. and it create additional 4 entries of
retro element "Special allowance retro element".
Check their entry values which will be -2500 for 2 retro element and -2000 for another 2
retro elements.
Add 2500+2500 = 5000
Add -2000+ (-2000) = -4000
5000-4000 = 1000 (1000 will be the arrears of Jan (500) and Feb (500) will be given in
the month of March with his salary.

15. Hope this case has been easy to understand.

16. Replies/Queries are most welcome.