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HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd, headquartered in Bangalore and South

Asia's largest Cancer Care Provider, is the only dedicated cancer care
network with quality care across 18 centers. It gives hope to over 25,000
new patients every year. It is also the recognized leader in cancer care for
over 20 years.

We do extensive research and develop innovative treatment methods to

provide the finest cancer care. This is supported by the most advanced
technology to make cancer a manageable health condition and improve the
quality of life of patients. It is our goal and commitment that one day India
will be free from the agony of cancer. Below, I have provided a brief
overview of some of our important services we offer:

1. Centre for Breast Health: The following are the facilities at HCG Center
for Breast Health

- High-Tech Lab

- Digital Mammogram

- PET-CT (High Slice CT Scanner)

- Conformal Radiation

- Genetic testing and Counseling

- All types of Reconstructive Breast Surgeries

- Clinical trials with newer drugs

Please visit '' for more

information on HCGs fight against Breast Cancer.
2. CyberKnife: It is the world's first non-invasive whole body robotic
radiosurgery system available at HCG. CyberKnife offers patients new hope
for the treatment of tumors and lesions, including ones that previously
have been diagnosed as inoperable or untreatable with the existing
technology. CyberKnife uses state-of-the-art real-time image guidance,
similar to cruise missile technology, to precisely target tumors anywhere in
the body with pinpoint accuracy and delivers high doses of radiation.
CyberKnife system features include:

Why CK a good treatment option:

First, the CyberKnife System uses image guidance software to track and
continually adjust treatment for any patient or tumor movement. This sets
it far ahead of other similar treatments. It allows patients to breathe
normally and relax comfortably during treatment.

Second, some forms of radiosurgery require rigid head-frames that are

screwed into the patient’s skull to minimize any movement. The CyberKnife
System does not require such extreme procedures to keep patients in place,
and instead relies on sophisticated tracking software, allowing for a much
more comfortable and non-invasive treatment.

Third, unlike some radiosurgery systems, which can only treat tumors in
the head, the CyberKnife System has unlimited reach to treat a broad range
of tumors throughout the body, including the prostate, lung, brain, spine,
liver, pancreas, and kidney.
And finally, the CyberKnife System’s treatment accuracy is unrivalled. Its
ability to treat tumors with pin-point accuracy is unmatched by other
radiation therapy and radiosurgery systems. The CyberKnife System can
essentially “paint” the tumor with radiation allowing it to precisely deliver
treatment to the tumor alone, sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

Please visit our website for further information.

3. PET/CT (Positron Emission Tomography) and Medical Cyclotron: HCG

has installed a state of the art PET CT scanning facility and also a medical
cyclotron facility. Medical cyclotron facility is the only cGMP facility in the
country, thus providing cery high quality isotope production facility which
will meet US FDA and EU norms. Cycltron and state of the art laboratory will
produce variety of PET-Traces also called as radioactive molecules which
will be used for diagnosis of various illnesses. PET CT scan is useful for...

Cancer: Cancer diagnosis, to asses tumor aggressiveness, To monitor

success of therapy, to detect early any recurrent tumors, to provide a
whole-body survey for cancer that may have spread, to identify benignand
malignant growths, used for radioguided surgery, used for PET guided

Heart Disease: To determine what heart tissue is still alive following a

suspected heart attack, to predict success of angioplasty (balloon, stent) or
bypass surgery, to determine if coronary arteries are blocked, PET guided
evaluation for heart muscle viability (only center having this facility)

Brain Disorders: To diagnose Alzheimer's and other dementia, to

determine the location of epileptic seizures prior to surgery, to diagnose
movement disorders like Parkinsons' disease, to diagnose brain tumors
and response to treatment

4. ARTISTE Solution: HCG makes cancer treatment more accurate,

comfortable with minimum side-effects. Asia’s First IGRT with CT-on-Rails.


High-precision CT-on-Rails for in-room

4D Gating in imaging and treatment

2D and 3D imaging for flexibility

3D Megavoltage cone beam imaging

High resolution, accurate field shaping

Clinical benefits:

High level of accuracy

Minimized dose of healthy tissue, maximized dose to target

Board selection of imaging options

Image-based target verification

5. Leukemia

It’s a disease of the bone marrow, the part of the body that makes blood
cells. In leukaemia the body makes too many abnormal white blood cells,
which may cause

 Infections

 Anaemea

 Excessive bleeding

In recent years, major advances in treatment have been made.

 Chemotherapy

This involves the use of powerful drugs in various combinations

to kill abnormal cells and/or slow their growth, giving normal

cells a chance. In some cases, the drugs are given intravenously over
a period of days.

 Blood or Marrow Transplant

Following high dose therapy for leukemia, healthy blood or marrow

matched from a donor is injected into the patient’s bloodstream. The blood
or marrow enters the bones and starts producing normal blood cells. In
some cases, the patient’s own blood or marrow may be used.
Why partner with HCG:


Seeing a Vision Through

With HCG financial and logistical support, it is possible to create a centre

that can change and grow with the evolving environment to keep you at the
leading edge of care.

Taking a centre from its conception to realization requires a variety of very

different kinds of resources, from financial to technological to staffing. With
over 20 years experience successfully developing comprehensive cancer
centres, HCG ability to apply those resources is unique.

Our singular focus has made us specialists in the science of developing and
managing state-of-the-art facilities. We have learned that increased
capacity comes through more streamlined operations, and the ability to
develop new competencies is dependent upon having the resources to
invest in them.

Managing the innumerable details of program development requires

constant attention and a clear vision of the end state. Over the course of
development, HCG can provide:
• Facility and space planning

• Construction management

• Clinical program development

• Equipment recommendations

• IT implementation

• Physician staffing models

• Support of start-up operations


Facilitating Achievement

We create operational efficiencies and develop new programs and best

practices that can benefit centers in our network. Our HCG centre
management team coordinates research activities and supports the clinical
work of physicians and researchers. We provide custom information
technology solutions and billing systems; negotiate new contracts and
volume discounts for pharmaceuticals and equipment to reduce overhead;
and manage staffing issues and physician relations.

But the greatest benefit our HCG management services provide the
hospitals and physicians we work with is the reduction of administrative
burdens. Our involvement makes it possible to increase the capacity and
capabilities of the network centre, while reducing the operational burdens.

HCG Management / Administration Services include:

1. Program development

• Staffing and physician relations

• Pharmacy and medical supply purchasing

• Major equipment replacement and maintenance

• Research coordination

• Information systems and billing services

2. Operational support

• Customized information technology solutions

• Sophisticated and timely billing processes