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The following classroom management plan details every aspect of my philosophy, rules, and

expectations for my English 10 class. I will use this management plan as a guide throughout the
year in order to help me make decisions, plan lessons, and work with students.
Classroom Philosophy
My personal philosophy when it comes to education and learning is closely related to several
cognitive theories of motivation. I believe that what goes on the classroom is my responsibility,
and, by working with students, all of us can create an ideal environment for education, safety,
understanding, and even fun. By keeping things positive, I believe that students will end up
learning more and getting more out of each and every lesson.
I know that all students want to succeed at some level. By working with each student
individually, I can learn what they want to achieve and help to point them in the right direction.
If their goals fall short of expectations, I will figure out why they are setting low goals, and work
with them to meet those goals and set new ones.
By treating each student with respect, and by trying to understand each of them on at least some
level, I believe that I will be able to better communicate with them. Opening up a positive
dialogue that encourages thoughtful interactions will lead to greater understanding and
motivation in the classroom. While I realize that some form of punishment may be needed if a
student continually acts out in class, I would much rather understand why they are acting out in
the first place and work with them to correct the problem before things get worse.
I plan to follow these principles in order to create a classroom environment that fosters learning,
respect, and civility.
School Policies and Procedures
While I have my own specific set of guidelines, preventative measures, and rules for my class, I
will defer to school policy in most situations. I have made sure my management plan adheres
with school policy, and I have adapted several school regulations into my philosophy and rule
Preventative Measures
1. Share rules up front: Students should not be held accountable for breaking rules or
doing things wrong that were not explained to them. On the first day of class, and
periodically throughout the year, I will review my set of expectations for behavior,
learning, and more. While these are not necessarily strict rules that much always be
followed, I need to make students aware of my expectations in order to point out when
they are doing something I am not okay with.
2. Treat students with respect: I will treat my students as adults, and I will show my
respect by speaking to them as I would like them to speak to me. If a student behaves in a
way that does not earn them my respect, I will attempt to work with them to correct the

3. Create a positive environment: The lesson plans, homework assignments, and

even exams must work together to create a positive experience that students will want to
take part in. I will design each aspect of my lessons to foster an environment where
education and learning come first, while trying to keep things as fun and interesting as
4. Use various teaching methods: Everyone, myself included, will become bored and
frustrated if the format of every class is the same. That is why I plan to mix things up by
incorporating various forms of education, as well as different types of assignments and
5. Encourage participation: By keeping students engaged in each lesson, I can keep
them focused on the material while allowing them to communicate with me and their
peers. I plan to include several sections in each lesson that revolve around classroom
Classroom Rules and Regulations
1. Respect opinions: Although thoughtful discussions and disagreements are
encouraged, all students need to respect the opinions of their peers. There will be no
name-calling or belittling due to a difference of opinions. Calm and rational discussion is
encouraged, but making fun of someone or making them feel bad for their beliefs will not
be tolerated.
2. Always be honest: This applies for a number of situation. For example, if you
dont complete your homework, dont resort to copying or turning in someone elses
work. Being honest with me will be best for everyone.
3. No cheating: I expect all students to turn in work that is their own, with the
exception of collaborative group projects.
4. Keep focus on the lesson: Unless stated otherwise during the class period, the
immediate focus and goal should be on the days lesson plan. Keep phones and other
devices off and away during class time.
5. Show up on time: Tardiness will be excused in special circumstances, but it
should never be a regular occurrence. It is disruptive to the students who do arrive on
time, and you can miss vital information if you are not present at the beginning of class.
6. Make up work in a timely manner: Opportunities to make up work will be
discussed on an individual basis, but I expect work to be turned in soon after a student
returns after being sick or on vacation. I encourage you to come to me to work out the
details any time you will be away for an extended period of time.

Rule Consequences
The above list represents the rules that I expect all of my students to follow. The first time any of
these rules are broken, there will be a warning. The second time a rule is broken, I will have a
personal meeting with the student before or after class. The third time a student breaks the same
rule, I will involve outside parties, such as the principal, counselors, and possibly the students

Dear English 10 Students and Parents,

The above document reflects my personal classroom management plan for the upcoming year of
English 10. I am sharing this document with you in order to provide you with some insight into
my expectations and goals for the class. While this document was created by me independently,
it is representative of the overall policies of the school and is similar to the plans of several of my
fellow teachers.
I would like you to know that these rules and guidelines are not set in stone. I believe that
education is a collaborative process, and I would love to have your input. After you read this
document, I ask that you sign this contract, stating that you understand and agree to this plan. If
you have questions, concerns, or comments, please bring them to my attention immediately.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to the coming year of English 10!
Phil Coulson

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