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SYNOPSIS for MBA Program in Human Resource


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Mr. Alok Kumar

Nivedita Srivastava

Lead HR Manager


Haryana Breweries Ltd.

MBA (2013 batch)

The entire study is based on performance management system of HBL. To understand the term
in detail, definition could be counted as the best available option:

Performance is an employees accomplishment of assigned work as specified.

Performance Management System is an integrated process by which an organization
involves its employees in improving organizational effectiveness in accomplishment of
organization mission & goals. Performance mannagement system consists of
performance planning, monitoring employee performance, employee development,
evaluating employees performance and recognition.
Performance appraisal is a part of performance management system that measures the
qualitative & quantitative aspects of job performance. An appraisal not only an
employees performance but also his potential for development.

History of Performance Management

Performance Management began around 60 years ago as a source of income justification and was
used to determine an employees wage based on performance. Organisations used Performance
Management to drive behaviours from the employees to get specific outcomes. In practice this
worked well for certain employees who were solely driven by financial rewards. However,
where employees were driven by learning and development of their skills, it failed miserably.
The gap between justification of pay and the development of skills and knowledge became a
huge problem in the use of Performance Management. This became evident in the late 1980s; the
realisation that a more comprehensive approaches to manage and reward performance was
needed. This approach of managing performance was developed in the United Kingdom and the
United States much earlier than it was developed in Australia and Asia.
In recent decades, however, the process of managing people has become more formalised and
specialised. Many of the old performance appraisal methods have been absorbed into the concept
of Performance Management, which aims to be a more extensive and comprehensive process of
management. Some of the developments that have shaped Performance Management in recent
years are the differentiation of employees or talent management, management by objectives and
constant monitoring and review. Its development was accelerated by the following factors:

The introduction of human resource management as a strategic driver and integrated

approach to the management and development of employees; and

The understanding that the process of Performance Management is something that's

completed by line managers throughout the year - it is not a once off annual event
coordinated by the personnel department.


To study the exixting Performance management system for associates at Haryana

Breweries Limited (HBL), a subsidiary of SABMILLER Plc.
To design skills matrix for associates at HBL.
To develop performance management system for the associates, at Haryana Breweries
Limited (HBL), a subsidiary of SABMILLER Plc.
To study the overall effectiveness of the Performance Management system at HBL
To know the relationship between employees performance and organizational goals.

Data Collection
Primary data- Interaction with the Head of the department and team leaders of HBL of all
departments to know about the functioning of each department and the role played by the
associates, their goals and targets alloted to them.
Secondary data- Goal sheets of associates.
For preparing questionnaire I have used single item scale type of questions as it is easy for t he
associates to understand what is being asked.
Research Instrument
The method used for data collection was questionnaire method. The questionnaire is a structured one.
The words used were simple and helps in avoiding confusion and misunderstanding among the
respondents. The questions are framed to know the informations like: satisfaction level of associates
towards performance managemnet and appraisal, awareness about the performance management system
in the associates, their development (interpersonal skills, social skills, leadership quality), their knowledge
about the goals and its importance in PMS.

SAMPLE SIZE: Since my study was on the associates of HBL, and there were 93 associates on
payroll of HBL, therefore, the sample size for my study is 93.
TIME LINE: The time allowed for performing & submitting the report of the study is 14 weeks
starting from June to August. The work is divided in accordance with the time as follows:
1-3 weeks: Joining formalities and induction. Knowing about roles & responsibilty of
associates and preparing synopsis.
4-6 weeks: will frame questionnaire and collect the data.
7-8week: Analysis of data
9 week: Discuss it with my mentor and make changes as suggested
10-11 week: Conclude the data
12-14 week: Prepare final report.

With the help of the above mentioned study the following information can be concluded:

Importance of performance management system in HR.

Role of HR in performance review and management.
To assess the past performance of an employee.
How rating of employees is being done.
The process of performance review.
To identify and give rewards to potential employees.
To do the performance review and appraisal according to the performance of the
To identify developmental need of performance management.