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Bahasa Inggeris o14/1 Kertas 1 Sounint HEADCOUNT UJIAN PENILAIAN OTI 2 TAHUN ENAM PEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAAN UPSR JULAI 2015 NAMA SEKOLAH: NAMA MURID BAHASA INGGERIS KERTAS 1 50 minit JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU 1. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan. 2, Jawab semua soalan 3. Tiap-tiap soalan ditkuti oleh empat pilihan jawapan, iaitu A,B, C dan D. Bagi setiap soalan, pilik satu jawapan sahaja, Hitamkan jawapan kamu pada kertas jawapan objektif yang disediakan. 4, Jika kamu hendak menukar jawapan, padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat. Kemudian hitamkan jawapan yang baharu, MARKAH 40 Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 12 halaman bercetak 014/1 {Lihat sebelah? 2; Questions 1-4 Choose the best answer. 1. Mr, Lim, the leads the orchestra. A taxidermist B_ seamstress C conductor D manager 2. My grandmother opened her and hugged me lovingly. A shoulders B eyes C head D arms 3. Mr. Kok isa businessman. He always helps the needy. A poor B fierce C serious D generous 4. Shah Alam Mosque has four A towers B minarets c monuments D__ skyscrapers O14/1 o14a/t 3 o14/t Questions 5~7 Choose the best phrases to complete the paragraph Arif and his classmates are cleaning the classroom. Everybody is busy doing their tasks. Rahimi and Karim are a (3) Ramon is, witha piece of rag. Samsul is ©) ‘The other pupils are busy sweeping the floor and a arranging the desks. They want their class teacher to be proud of them. arranging the stools sitting under the table lying under the table squatting on the table wiping the window panes dusting the window panes rubbing the window panes breaking the window panes wetting the whiteboard cleaning the whiteboard blowing on the whiteboard scratching on the whiteboard VOU> Gow> goUD O14/1 Questions 8 ~ 10 4 14/1 Study the pictures carefully. ‘Then, choose the best answer. A. The children are playing hide-and-seek. B_ The children are walking in the park. Romy is looking for his sister. D__Jinny is hiding on a tree. A. The boy is writing at the table. B The boy is cleaning the computer. C_ The boy is repairing the computer. D_ The boy is playing on the computer. 014/1 A. The two men are playing monopoly. B_ The two men are playing checkers. C The two men are playing scrabble. D_ The two men are playing chess. Questions 11-15 5 O14 Study the pictures carefully. Then, choose the best answers. A. How dare you lie to me! B__ Please wash my shirt tomorrow. C Excuse me, why are you so dirty? D_ It was raining heavily half way through the game. I'm baking a cake. I’m preparing salad. I'm making soup for dinner. I'm frying some chickens for you. The boy is hurt. Ouch! My leg hurts. Yes, that's a good idea. He's lying on the ground. Tan make it. My tooth hurts, mum. Must I brush my teeth? What did you eat just now? caring 1 eee, Do you like reading? ‘What are you reading? Is this book interesting? Would you like to read it? 6 o14/ Questions 16 — 20 Choose the best answers to complete the sentences, 16. My mother has a fever she still does the housework. A so B but Cc and D because 17. Iprefer tennis softball. A from Boat Co ito! Dy-0f. 18. Rosli and his classmate were at the food fair last Sunday. went there by bus. At B He Cc We D They 19. Mr. Joshua bought Pekingese for his daughter. fur of the Puppy is soft and fluffy. Aaa! Bo a,An Cc a,The D the, The 20. ‘The she-bear and cub are kept in a big cage at the z00. A they Bits Che D it O14/1 I 14 Question 21 Choose the word that has the same meaning as the word in bold. 21. The kiwi is grown in New Zealand. A exported B planted C brought D given Questions 22 - 23 Choose the answer with the correct spelling. 22. [found a small brown at the backyard of my house. centipid centeped. centipede centepede e took 5 minutes to unlock the door of his shop. sp vom loksmth, locsmith locsmiith locksmith vaw> Questions 24 — 25 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. 24. A “Look! There's an accident at Jalan Ara," said Shanti. "Look. There's an accident at Jalan Ara!" said Shanti "Look! there's an accident at Jalan Ara," said Shanti. "Look, there's an accident at Jalan Ara?” said Shanti. ‘A food fair was held at the Putrajaya Intemational Convention Centre: AA food fair was held at the Putrajaya international Convention Centre. A food fair was held at the putrajaya International Convention Centre. {A food fair was held at the Putrajaya Intemational convention centre. 25. vow> vow 14/1 8 oat Questions 26-30 Look at the picture and read the passage carefully. Based on the picture and the passage, choose the best answers to fill in the blanks. ‘Year Six Perdana pupils are in the library. They are asked to read books a their class teacher. Everyone __ to write a summary of the [26] [27] books read. They have to submit _ NILAM log books before Friday. [28] Many books are arranged neatly on the - Everyone is engrossed [29] reading or taking down notes. Two librarians are standing at the [30] %. A of 29. A racks B to B shelves Cc by C tables D from D cupboards 27. A has 30. A counter B had B drawer C was C chest D have D box 28. A them B their C they D our 14/1 gy 14/1 Questions 31-35 Read the notice below and answer the questions that follow. ‘Gotong Royong' Campaign In Taman Cempaka Please take note that a ‘Gotong ~ Royong' campaign will be held in our residential area, All the residents are encouraged to participate in this activity in order to make sure our housing areais clean, Date :08 March 2015 Day : Sunday Time :7.30.a.m.~ 12,00 p.m. Venue: Taman Cempaka Community Hall Bring along: plastic bags, hoes, rakes, brooms, pails, sickles and gloves Wheelbarrows and heavy duty garbage bags will be provided. Food and refreshments will also be provided for participants. All are welcomed - the more the merrier! Secretary Taman Cempaka Residents Association 31. The notice is to A inform the residents about the ‘Gotong- Royong’ activity. B_ to tell the residents that the housing area is clean. C invite the residents to come for a party, D_ call the residents to join the activity. 32. The campaign will last for A 3hours. B 3andahalf hours. Cc 4hours. D 4andahalf hours. 33. The participants should bring the following exeept A hoes. B gloves. C plastic bags. D — wheelbarrows. 14/1 10 ola/l 34. The participants will be given food and drinks A bythe headman, B__ bytheresidents. C bythe organizer. D__ bythe minister. 35. The word provided in the notice means A given B stolen C must buy D must take 14/1 u o14/1 Questions 36 ~40 Read the dialogue carefully and then answer the following questions Qusyairi Norman, Qusyaiti Norman Qusyairi Norman Qusyairi Norman Qusyairi Norman Qusyairi Norman Hello, Norman, You're early today. The handball practice only starts at a quarter to five. You're right, Qusyairi. T saw your new bicycle under the tree. Did you cycle here? Yes. My father has extra class in school, Oh, I see. What about your mother? Can't she send you? No, she has to attend a three - day course in Kota Bharu, What about Yusry? He can drive you since he had just got his license, right? No! He's new and has butterflies in his stomach whenever he drives You should give him a chance. It's almost time. Where are the others? Here comes Hidayat. can see Chong Beng and Kumaran, too. Mr. Goh is here, too. Let's start warming up, or else 36. Where did the conversation take place? vow> In schoo! In the bus At the field At the bus stop 37. How does Norman usually go for his handball practice? He cycles with his friends. He walks with his brother. His mother drives him, His father drives him. 38, The phrase butterflies in his stomach means vou O14/1 feeling sick feeling excited fecling happy feeling nervous 12 39. Mr. Goh is most probably the ead A discipline master B handball coach C class teacher D headmaster 40. The netball practice starts at A 4.00pm. Bo 4.30pm. C 4.45pm. D 5.00 p.m. END OF QUESTIONS Ule. O14/L