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the Woman Leader (tWL) ®

the Woman Leader (tWL)
the Woman Leader (tWL)
the Woman Leader (tWL)

It’s tough. We know.

Being a woman leader in a predominantly man’s world is challenging. How do you manage your various identities – in your job, your family, your community and your life?

There is more to prove and more to lose.

While there are more women moving in an upward trajectory, taking up more senior positions, and being elevated into leadership roles, there is so much more that can be done.

the Woman Leader (tWL) ®

tWL ® is a 3-day program followed by a 6-month learning journey. This initiative

aims to create a sustainable community of mentors and mid-career women who will inspire and challenge each other to evolve into purposeful leaders.

With new perspectives and mindsets gained, skills and tools acquired, and behaviors recalibrated, each participant will be challenged to form her unique identity as a woman leader and identify a unique leadership purpose. This is how she can bridge the gap between her intentions and the impact she can have on her workplace, family, community and more.

The journey has just begun. Challenges that an Asian woman faces: Breaking the Glass Ceiling Getting
The journey has just begun.
Challenges that an Asian
woman faces:
Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Getting to the top of the hierarchy and
managing gender prejudices especially in
Managing priorities on all fronts
Being successful in her career and her roles
outside work
Mastering greater complexity
Solving multi-dimensional problems while
balancing the polarities and tensions of
being authentic as a leader and a woman
Contributing into a network of
Asian female leaders
Connecting with a strong community of
like-minded women executives and
mentoring and in uencing others
It’s tough. We know. Being a woman leader in a predominantly man’s world is challenging. How

Create an


It’s tough. We know. Being a woman leader in a predominantly man’s world is challenging. How

Commit to a


It’s tough. We know. Being a woman leader in a predominantly man’s world is challenging. How
Bridge the
Bridge the


Primary Themes

tWL ® is a program that o ers research-anchored insights under 3 themes:


How do I lead more authentically and match my actions with the values and beliefs I hold deeply? How can I continue to learn, grow and adapt?

How can I become a catalyst for change and make a di erence? How do I promote myself and my accomplishments and talents without being immodest or seeming boastful?

How do I expand and leverage my relationships with key stakeholders while maintaining my work-life balance? How can I create authentic relationships, in uence others, build networks and mentor others?

Program Outcomes

By applying the lessons of tWL ® , the women leader will:

  • 1

Gain clarity on her identity as a leader and a woman – by combining the best of who she is as a woman with the leader she aspires to become

  • 2

Discover the ‘You’ di erence – by choosing to practice behaviors that are congruent with her values and improve her leadership e ectiveness

  • 3

Develop skills for communicating with authenticity and clarity in order to in uence

others at every level within her organization and her external stakeholders

  • 4

Create a plan for building networks and a community of practice that enables her to meet her leadership and career goals

  • 5

Understand the importance of resilience i.e. the need to practice techniques for sustaining physical, social, mental, spiritual and work-life balance


tWL ® uses CCL’s time-tested design motif: Prepare-Engage-Apply. P-E-A maximizes the transfer of learning from classroom to workplace. Participants are initiated to the program during the Prepare phase. They are immersed in a variety of demanding activities during the Engage phase. This is followed by six months of intimate small-group interactions in the Apply phase. tWL ® program introduces a process and learning journey to shift mindsets and build skillsets that will energize and embolden women.


Pre-program assessments and interviews are the heart of a tWL ® experience.

  • Comprehensive, holistic self and multi-rater assessments for self-clarity – assessments help each participant to develop her identity as a woman and leader

  • Insight interviews with women of impact, inspirational role-models, their boss and/or key stakeholders – these interviews help participants to become drivers of change in their organizations and community


For three days, participants are immersed in their personal data, experiential activities, video-taped communication exercises, values clari cation, exposure to role-models and dialogue sessions. Led by highly quali ed faculty, tWL ® is a safe – but challenging – environment for learning, practice, re ection and goal setting.

The 3-days include:

  • A two-hour personal session with a certi ed CCL coach to clarify thinking and plan next steps.

  • Deeper knowledge, insights and an action plan for building professional and personal networks

  • Gift for Paying it Forward: tool-kit for Creating Mentoring Circles


The tWL classroom experience is the launch-point for six months of interactions within intimate Mentoring Circles and peer groups -- empowering women to sustain their personal development as leaders. Ongoing support will include a mix of self-selected activities such as:

  • Interactive webinars with CCL faculty and senior women leaders from industry followed by small-group dialogue and coaching

  • Participation in Mentoring Circles and peer groups that o er guidance on select challenges that women face during their career and leadership journey

  • Follow-up eLearning designed to reinforce lessons from the program, including courses, books, podcasts, articles and quick reference checklists and tools.

Target Audience

  • Mid- to senior-level women managers with 8 to 15 years of work experience.

  • Women leaders with high potential who aspire to be more and to increase their circle of in uence and impact.

Pilot Class Date

September 23- 25, 2015


Gurgaon, India

Course Fee

INR 2,30,000

Inclusive of 3 night stay at the venue hotel (local taxes may apply) Discounts apply for three or more participants from the same organization


Rina Tan

An associate faculty of CCL since 2006, Rina is a core member of the team that is

Associate Faculty

designing and delivering AWIN. She has her own leadership consulting practice, and is currently engaged in the design and delivery of various leadership and team development initiatives to help leaders and teams develop and sustain high performance. Her focus is facilitating CCL’s signature Leadership Development Program (LDP ® ) and Leadership at the Peak (LAP ® ), as well as CCL’s customized leadership development programs.


Roland Smith

As VP and MD of CCL-APAC, Roland guides CCL’s regional strategy and operations in Asia

Vice President and Managing Director, APAC

Paci c and is an executive sponsor for AWIN. His work showcases an array of highly-rated leadership development programs, organizational leadership solutions and an extensive research agenda as well as several organizational change and transformational initiatives. In addition to being a leading faculty for the Leadership At The Peak (LAP ® ), Roland has been heavily involved with initiatives around global talent, global senior executive engagement, high performing teams, and notable research on the paradoxes of leadership development in Asia, India and South Africa.


Meena Wilson

A versatile and dedicated professional, Meena has led several signi cant start-ups during

Senior Enterprise Associate and Author

her 22 years with CCL and is currently the team leader for AWIN. She was responsible for setting up and launching the Asia-Paci c campus in Singapore as interim Managing Director. She also launched the Singapore-based Research, Innovation and Product Development unit and conducted regional research studies. Meena was Principal Investigator, Lessons of Experience – Asia, managing cross-organizational teams in India, Singapore and China. She is the author of Developing Tomorrows’ Leaders Today: Insights from Corporate India (Wiley, 2010) and has developed the Experience Explorer™ toolkit (2014); these resources help organizations to intentionally use workplace experiences to prepare future senior leaders for a fast-paced, turbulent global environment.

For more information and registration, please contact the Center for Creative Leadership:

Meena Wilson

T: +91 776 691 4849


Pooja Khanna

T: +91 9711007336/+91 124 6769210