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Email marketing

Pre-broadcast template checklist

E-mail Marketing Pre-broadcast Best Practice
About this checklist
Theres a lot that can go wrong, or right when sending out an email campaign or
enewsletter! This checklist is designed to help you to create more consistent quality
checklists which work better for your subscribers and your brand.

Why use this checklist?

Create more engaging emails which increase response
Avoid embarrassing mistakes if customers receive errors in their email
Achieve consistency within your team when different people have different
experience levels

Topics covered on this checklist?


Engaging email headers checklist

Effective lead-ins
Copywriting tone-of-voice
Persuasive offers and messaging
Email legal requirements including privacy

How and when to use this checklist?


When planning a campaign with an agency or colleague

When reviewing a new campaign or email template
As part of quality of assurance when testing a campaign before broadcast

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Engaging e-mail header check

Subject line: Does the subject line clearly state the offer, reason to open the
email in 5-8

words. First word(s) most important. Dont repeat words already in From.
Longer maybe

For newsletters: Is the main theme(s) or offer clear to encourage open?

Generic can be

From Display address: From <Company name or team> or a known named


From Physical address: Is this the standard address you use (usually
automatically set)

Email lead-in (above-the-fold)

Salutation Dynamically inserted salutation and name, degrading through IF

statement to Dear Subscriber if unknown?

Banner / logo? Is it efficient for the preview pane, i.e. not too wide (<450
pixels), not too high < 150 pixels. Standard branding on left?

Headline. Is there one? Is it effective? Sub-headline? Does it flow from subject

line? Is it text-based so visible when images are blocked?

Lead copy Is it text-based so appears when images are blocked? Does it

have a strong lead with in-line call-to-action text-links? Does the first
sentence encourage the customer to read the first paragraph? Does the first
paragraph encourage the reader to read the email? Is there a table of
contents for e-newsletter? Does copy in preview pane encourage open? Does
it flow from subject line and headline?

Call-to-action Are there image and text-based calls-to-action above the fold?
Do they highlight primary and secondary offer? Are offline (phone or callback)
responses clear?

Main body copy list features/benefits BRIEFLY, give INSTRUCTIONS on what

to do next?

Visual emphasis of offers and calls-to-action Do the calls-to-action and offer

stand out when scanning through techniques like background tints, imagery?
Not too symmetrical?

Close strong close encouraging immediate response? Is repeated call-toaction clear?

Signoff Is there a named sender if appropriate a team or real person?

Footers permission marketing, data protection and privacy check

Statement of origination. Explains why am I receiving this email? Source of


Unsubscribe. Is there a URL option to unsubscribe or update profile?

Offline contact point (phone number, address). Do you give an offline contact
to unsubscribe?

Company details? Are the company details shown (required by Companies


Privacy statement link? Is there a link to a privacy statement?

T&Cs? Are relevant terms and conditions included?

Persuasive offers and messaging

Primary and secondary offer. Is the primary offer is clear action? Secondary action
gives other reasons to engage, e.g. Find out or Learn More?

Sell/inform/entertain balance. Is the balance right, especially for e-newsletters?

Offer consistency. Is the way the offer is communicated consistent and evolving between subject line, headline, lead copy, main body, close and landing page

Brand-messaging. Is the brand positioning correct? Is tone-of-voice on-brand

CRABS check Chunking? Relevance? Accuracy? Brevity, Scannability?

Copywriting check

Is the tone-of-voice appropriate for the audience? Is it on-brand?

Is the copy reader-oriented and conversational you versus we?

Is the copy convincing for the audience? Are they understand me words used?

How well is the balance of features and benefits expressed? Can you prove them
through testimonials and figures?

Dynamic content

Images downloading. Is every image downloaded / pulled from server? Alternative text

Links and landing pages availability. Have you tested all links in both HTML and text

Conditional content. Is dynamic content inserted correctly for all personalized variants?