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Conductive Concrete

( Conducrete )
Properties and Applications
Cathodic Protection
AC Corrosion & Mitigation
Electrical Earthing

Company Profile
Conducrete Properties
Conducrete Applications
Cathodic Protection
AC Corrosion & Mitigation
Electrical Grounding

Case Studies

About SAE Inc.

Privately held Company
Design/Build Engineering firm with 20 years
experience in all areas of Electrical Grounding
10 years working in Cathodic protection
3 years AC Mitigation Design and Construction
Offices in Canada, USA and Mexico
Production Plant located in Canada

Oil and Gas Client List

Oil & Gas Client List

Major Telecom & Power

Client List
Bell Canada
Bell Mobility
British Telecom
Ericsson Communications Inc.
Rogers Communications
Sprint PCS
Canadian Broadcasting Company

Federal Department of
National Defense
Ministry of Natural Resources
National Aeronautics and
Space Administration ( NASA )
Ontario Provincial Police

Ontario Hydro
CFE (Mexico)
Santee Cooper
Transalta Utilities
American Transmission

Conducrete Properties

Conducrete Properties

Permeability to Water
Water absorption
Electrolytic Corrosion
Fault Current withstand

pH in situ

3.8 x 10 cm/sec
32.4% of mass
3.06 to 6.38 ohm cm
reduction of 86%
1686 V/688 amps
for 500ms

Cathodic Protection

CP History
Deep Anode Beds
Early prototype installed in December 2000 that
continues to operate
First commercial installation in Falfurrias Texas
November 2005
SAE receives patent Aug 25/09 US 7,578,910 B2

Current Project Installations

Ongoing Projects
El Paso Ruby Pipeline 16 deep anode beds 2011
Approved & Planned Installations
Desoto Gathering Co. 25 deep anode beds (Fall 2011)
Centerpoint Energy
4 deep anode beds (Fall 2011)
Southwestern Energy 3 deep anode beds (Fall 2011)
ADCO, Abu Dhabi
2 deep anode beds (Fall 2011)
Desoto Gathering Co. 30 deep anode beds (2012)

Total Installed CP Systems

In the next six months

End Effect Aging Phenomenon typical of
traditional anode cores is delayed until
very late in the AEL Anode lifecycle
Moulded Surround (95mm x 1825mm)
An advanced, specially formulated
carbonaceous conductive material
designed to resist corrosive environments,
water penetration and prolong the
operating life of the anode core
Boot sealing core
to cable

Resin filled
core interior
AWG #8 cable center
connected to core
MMO Tubular Anode Core

Dual Jacketed, Insulated AWG #8 Cable

Pre-cut to the length defined by the depth of the
anode in the EnvirAnode design

Conducrete Backfill
Sets and forms a solid seal that will not
Seals entire groundbed active zone to protect
ground water
Results in electronic transfer of energy into
the soil
Dissipates gasses into the soil that would
normally be vented to the atmosphere

Low Permeability
Limits the transfer of water
Permeability rates are equivalent to bentonite
clay seals
Protects the environment by blocking the
open paths to contamination of potable water
In comparison, coke breeze backfills are
granular and do not block free water flow

Hygroscopic Backfill
Water is continuously absorbed into the solid
Conducrete backfill
This allows the Conducrete backfill to ride
through dry periods better than coke breeze
In extreme dry down hole conditions a
casing down to the solid anode column can
store water to maintain the absorbed
moisture content of the Conducrete backfill

Low Carbon Loss Per Amp Year

Carbon consumption is half what is

published for traditional systems
Carbon consumption is managed in an
engineered manner to extend useful life
Life expectancy is twice that of a traditional

Current Density
The surface area of the conductive backfill
column is 10 times greater than the MMO anode
The current density at the interface with the soil
is 10 times lower than it is on the surface of a
25mm dia. MMO anode

The Environmental Benefits

Low permeability design inherently protects
underground aquifers by sealing against
contamination from surface and underground
water sources
Anode design effectively manages out gassing to
eliminate the need for a vent pipe
No anode bed environmental decommissioning
costs as the bed is originally installed as a sealed

Environmental Issues
Eliminating the vent pipe will eliminate these
concerns !
Note: Noxious gases and coke breeze deposits
from existing vent pipe

The Technical Benefits

Anode design and installation
practices unchanged and even
Anode design is based on measured
soil characteristics like resistivity,
moisture and salt content, and
current output requirements
Common anode bed installation
methods and equipment can be
Reduced learning curve to deploy
the new anode technology
Vent pipes not used
Overall benefit: same or lower
design and deployment costs

Surface Groundbeds
Similar to pre-packaged anode concept, but
superior as it is precast and does not have the
drawbacks of a canister anode
Ultra-low permeability highly conductive
AEL anode well suited for wet, high chloride

Summary of Benefits
Superior technical, environmental and financial
High performance electrical characteristics with an extended
Protection against the contamination of aquifers from surface or
underground sources a major environmental and landowner
Environmentally compliant design no vent pipe and noxious
gasses at the surface
Flexible and versatile CP tool suitable for new and retrofit anode
Elimination of future decommissioning costs and attendant
All factors contribute to excellent bottom-line performance and

AC Corrosion and Mitigation

Induced AC & AC Corrosion

AC potentials should be below 15 volts for
personnel safety
AC corrosion can occur even at AC potentials
below 15 volts (current density criteria)

Classic AC Corrosion Pit

Common ROW Today

AC Mitigation
De-Coupling Devices

AC Mitigation Installation
Typical Conducrete/copper wire
AC Mitigation electrode installation:
A copper core is encapsulated in the
Conducrete backfill
When set, the AC Mitigation electrode
becomes a single, solid conductor with a
large surface area able to safely
dissipate large amounts of current
The electrode system protects the
copper core from corrosion and
deterioration, thus extending the
operational lifetime by up to 10 times
The entire electrode sets up to provide a
mean strength of 3000 psi protects
against theft & vandalism

Electrical Grounding

Technical Services

Design, Supply and Install

Professional Engineering Support
Grounding System Audits
System Resistance (R-Value) Testing
Soil Resistivity Testing
Forensic Analysis
Educational and Training Seminars

How Conducrete Improves

Grounding Systems
Knits to the soil - better contact means
better grounding!
Extends the life of the grounding system
Conducrete sets solid and prevents systems
form theft & vandalism
Environmentally neutral

Horizontal Electrode

Horizontal Electrode

Vertical Electrode

Corrosion Test

Corrosion Test Results


New Copper

Copper without Conducrete

Copper with Conducrete

Corrosion Test Results

With Conducrete

Without Conducrete

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