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SISTAG Absperrtechnik with WEY Knife Gate Valves, Butterfly &

Check Valves and Water Control Gates: Swiss quality worldwide
SISTAG Absperrtechnik is the first choice when it comes to regulating, diverting, blocking or
collecting liquid or gas fluid: in the industry , for water and waste water, in the chemical process
and the environment technology when long term quality is important and tailor made solutions
are required. As a manufacturer with countless years of experience, SIST AG offers its customers
the ideal synthesis of cutting edge technology , durability and economic efficiency: Flow control
technology that broadens ones mind.
The name and label entails responsibility . SISTAG and WEY are inseparably connected. This is
because WEY is SISTAGs trademark, and all products which bear the name WEY are exclusively
manufactured by SISTAG, with the utmost care and precision for the longest durability .

For all forms of water found in nature:

Certified flow control technology
Whether in cities or in the countryside, in the air or deep underground: wherever water flows,
SISTAG will provide stable conditions. Butterfly valves ensure the supply of drinking water .
WEY knife gate valves and water control gates are integral components in modern waste water
treatment plants, in flood protection and stop log systems, which safeguard people, animals and
objects from the forces of nature.

Waste water treatment in St. Gallen, Switzerland

Flood protection in Alf, Germany

SISTAG valve products are so ruggedly designed and technically balanced that they function day
and night faultlessly. Low maintenance. Cost efficient. Since we, as a manufacturer , not only
know our products thoroughly, but also all about their practical application possibilities, we provide
comprehensive advice to our customers and offer them actual operative solutions: from the
planning stage to the start-up phase and for decades of operation. W orldwide with Swiss quality.

Fish pass in Barthlemy, Switzerland

Solutions with system for the industry, environment and energy:

ready for all kinds of media
SISTAG develops WEY flow control valves for the most demanding requirements in particularly
sensitive applications: in the paper, food and chemical industries, in power plants, in the oil
production industry and in gas scrubbing systems. For this reason, SIST AG products satisfy all
criteria of the most important standards as well as the PED (Pressure Equipment Directives),
ATEX (Atmosphere Explosible) and those related to personnel and process safety . Unique knife

Pulp & Paper plant in Perlen, Switzerland

Biomass processing in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

gate valve features be it the W EY sealing system with bi-directional leak tightness, jamming
latitude and the highest level of functionality ensures safer and more efficient handling,
even with the most difficult media. SIST AG shut off technology handles anything: from waste or
ashes to marmalade, cellulose or cement, from abrasive to chemically corrosive substances.
Trouble free. For decades.

Steel Works in Ijuiden, the Netherlands

Happy customers worldwide:

Thanks to high premium products and perfect service
Decades of experience have made SIST AG and WEY leading and worldwide recognized brands,
available across the world. Subsidiary companies and a large network of sales representatives
ensure that the SISTAG quality in regard to technology , consulting, installation and after sales

SISTAG strongly represented in Asia area

Waste handling on Cruise liner

service satisfy the high market expectations worldwide. SIST AG does not only want satisfied
customers, it wants happy customers. W e vouch for this with our name, and the results are
references of which we are proud.

Oil sand mining in Alberta, Canada

SISTAG a Swiss manufacturer

with a vision
SISTAG develops and produces at its own manufacturing plants in Switzerland and the United
States. Thanks to the most sophisticated infrastructure and highly trained specialists we are
continually improving our products and introducing new ones into the market. Our sales personnel

In-house design

In-house production

and engineers travel the world visiting customers and thereby offering what puts us in the lead:
control technology that works.
We cordially invite you to contact us.

In-house quality assurance

The WEY product range:

Complete thanks to tailored solutions
Our product program is not only extensive: it is complete. Request s which go beyond
our product-range, will be designed according to customer requirements or supplemented
with trading-products. In addition, we place great value on international standards.
Whatever is manufactured by SISTAG includes all appropriate certificates.

Regular third party audits

SISTAG sets benchmarks:

For products, operation and support
SISTAG guarantees first class product quality , for the highest level of operating safety and sets
standards in every day operations. SIST AG Absperrtechnik is proven for decades, built for
decades und intended for demanding customers. Supply ability and delivery date adherence are
for us as self-evident as giving obliging care to our customers.

On time deliveries and services

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