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ITW Pastors Resource Pack: Index of materials:

1. Introduction: An overview of who we are and how to use our materials.

2. How to Study the Bible: How to learn all you can from God’s most precious Word! And teach others the Inductive
Bible Study Method!
3. How to Prepare Sermons and Bible Studies: All that you need to be a great expositor of God’s Word and develop
and lead your own informative and challenging Bible Studies.
4. Develop your Walk with God: How to grow in your faith and spiritual maturity and teach others to do so too!
5. Understanding Faith: How to know what real impacting faith is, develop it further and then teach it to your
6. Discipleship: What is discipleship and turning your people into real growing and impacting Christians.
7. Holiness: Understanding who God is and how we are to approach Him.
8. Fasting: How to fast and grow further in your faith and get your congregation to do so too.
9. Love Study: What is real love, what it is not and how to live it and teach it.
10. Pride: What God hates that destroys churches and pastors the most! Know it and be on guard!
11. Character: Learning and developing authentic Christian Character, its understanding and implementation!
12. Forgiveness: What is forgiveness how to model and teach it to glorify our Lord and build quality relationships.
13. Suffering: Understating why bad things happen and how to grow through them, and encourage others to do so too.
14. God’s Will: What does God want me to do with my life and how to teach it to your church.
15. Spiritual Gifts: Teaching your congregation how to define and develop their God given gifts and abilities.
16. Understanding Doctrine: Who is God and what we are to know about Him.
17. Worship: What is the history and reasons why we do Church the way we do and how we are to praise and please our
Lord and Savior.
18. Stewardship: What is the history and reasoning to give to God, what is tithing and how to develop a stewardship
program for your church.
19. Satan: Who is Satan and what can he do to me, how can I defend myself from him. What is hell?
20. Names of God: There are over 100 names of God in the Bible that tells us all about His Character and Purpose.
21. Hospitality: Discover the quintessential way to build and grow your church and make people welcome.
22. Book of Ages: Understating the Bibles relevance and impact on society.
23. Evangelism: How to share your faith and develop an evangelism program.
24. Romans: A complete 50+ lesson series on understanding the book of Romans and doctrine.
25. The Passion: Understating what Jesus did for us on the Cross (Reading this article as a “reader’s theater” while
showing the Film “The Passion of the Christ” is a powerful evangelism method)!
26. Conflict: How to prevent and resolve problems and conflict in your church.
27. Leadership: How to effectively and Biblical lead your church, develop a church growth program, solve problems, build
your congregation, and train your leaders!
28. Matthew: A complete 90+ lesson series on the book of Mathew for Bible study, small groups and sermons.
29. Understanding and Responding to Islam: What is the root of terrorism? Does Islam teach peace, or does it teach
Jihad? How to respond to Muslims!
30. Prayer: Learning to develop an effectual personal prayer life and a church of prayer!
31. Small Groups: How to Start and lead Small Groups in your Church with His power and purpose!

Plus: Into Thy Word Inductive Bible Study cheat sheet: A quality handout to tuck in your Bible to help you get more
out of His Word.

There are over 500 studies in this pastor training pack; this gives you over 5 years worth of sermons and Bible
studies! And you can further divide them up to extend them even more. Plus all the material and tools to develop your own
quality sermons and studies!

What is it that you need? We are here to assist you in your spiritual formation and help you lead and pastor your
church. If there is something you need that we do not have, let us know. We may already have it, or we will develop it for
you. Over 90% of our studies and curriculums are researched and developed from requests from pastors all over the
world including India, Pakistan, Russia, China, Kenya, Mexico, United States and
many more!

Copyright © 2004
More training materials are in the works for you!
R. J. Krejcir Ph.D., Into Thy Word Ministries Pasadena, California