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Analyzer: the global standard in drive test post-processing

Analyzer is a desktop solution for drive test post-processing supporting network optimization, acceptance and validation. It is in use at
over 230 operators, including 25 of the top 30.

Multi-vendor and multi-technology: ensuring support for all

data sources now and in the future
KPI reporting: sophisticated management quality KPI reports
for acceptance of network improvements
Spotlight automated analysis: embedded workflow automating identification, analysis and diagnosis of the most common issues
Ease of use: map-centric visualization organized around an
engineers most common tasks
Data services analysis: embedded workflow specifically focused on the issues impacting user experience of data services
2G, 3G and LTE: comprehensive support for GSM, GPRS, CDMA,
EVDO, UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE across all chipsets, devices
and test equipment
Indoor: support for all indoor test equipment, enabling validation of the indoor network and its interaction with the macro
Configurability: streamlining the testing of new technologies
and services and enabling engineering team to share expertise

Flexible KPI definition: our event and query engines allow virtually
any KPI to be built from network and service measurements. The
ability to define and measure a rich set of KPIs is essential to acceptance reporting.

Spotlight automated analysis

The Spotlight module provides KPI reporting, automated troubleshooting and radio coverage analysis. Engineers can solve and
report on more problems faster by eliminating time-consuming data
manipulation and manual deduction.
Call event explorer: provides engineers with the identified cause
and diagnosis of failure events. Engineers can drilldown to analyze
issues in more detail.

Multi-vendor and multi-technology

Actix is unique in actively supporting all major logging tool vendors
across all radio technologies. Analyzer normalizes this data so engineers see a consistent view irrespective of the logging tool used.

KPI reporting
Library of KPI reports: engineers can quickly view validation and
acceptance reports that establish the coverage, quality and capacity
achieved during rollout.
Microsoft Excel integration: simple integration with Excel enables
reporting and spreadsheet analysis. Engineers can quickly create
report templates that can be shared with their colleagues.

Radio network analysis: provides verification of RF conditions


Coverage and overshoot analysis

Pilot pollution
Neighbor list analysis, including IRAT
LTE Interference analysis

Ease of use

Indoor analysis

Analyzers visualisation capability allows engineers to analyse complex data in an intuitive and effective way.

Analyzer geo-references all collected RF measurements and events

and overlays them with an image for visualizing the layout of the
venue. Sophisticated KPI reports can be generated to automatically
evaluate the readiness of the in-building network ahead of launch.

Drive data and events can be plotted on maps, charts and tables,
and all views are fully synchronized.

Data services analysis

Analyzer enables engineers to identify and diagnose the cause of
data service issues.
It covers the entire session,
correlating service performance with the underlying
network measurements. This
enables engineers to establish
whether the cause of poor
service performance is due to
radio quality or congestion on
the core or radio network.
IP packet inspection: Analyzer
provides full IP layer decode
and session analysis to provide full inspection into the IP traffic layer. This allows KPIs to be built that cover jitter, packet loss, retransmission and other measures of IP performance.

2G, 3G and LTE

GSM / UMTS: Analyzer continues to provide leading capabilities
optimizing GSM and UMTS networks.
HSPA+: Analyzer supports the latest HSPA+ features including dualcell, MIMO and 64QAM.
LTE: Actix is maintaining its leadership in mobile network analytics
and has been used in over half of LTE rollouts worldwide.
Analyzer supports all the latest LTE logging formats, enabling the
collection and analysis of key LTE network measurements, including
IRAT, Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) and Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

Analyzers configuration capabilities enable expert engineers to

define new KPIs, events and analysis to stream-line the testing of
new technologies and services. They can also share
their expertise with the
broader engineering team.
Analyzer has many layers of
events, queries, KPIs, reports, screen layouts and
state views.

About Actix
Actix is the world leader in mobile network analytics and optimization. Founded in 1991, today Actix has offices in the U.K., Germany,
U.S.A, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Brazil and Dubai.
In 1997, Actix developed the world's first multi-vendor desktop solution, Analyzer, for mobile network analytics, which is the current de
facto global standard.
In 2007, Actix delivered another world first, a mobile network analytics and optimization platform supporting hundreds of users,
called ActixOne. This optimization platform encompasses multiple
solutions to assure network rollout quality, improve customer experience in the RAN and optimize multi-vendor 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

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