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Medieval Take Home Quiz

Medieval Feudal Society

Doc 1: How this author's portrayal of life in the castle is different of those of Hollywood
movies are it says that the feudal class material side of life was rough and
uncomfortable whereas in Hollywood films it is portrayed that life was luxurious and you
lived a large beautiful castles with many rooms. In reality the castles had few rooms and
it wasn't until the revival of trade that the feudal class would live in luxury.
Doc 2: Why a knight would follow the rules of chivalry would be because chivalry is the
rules and virtues of being a knight. Why the author feels that chivalry was applicable to
the feudal society was because it was rules of battle and it seems that a lot of things in
that time period had rules and proper manners. What this account tells us about medical
values in general is that they were very into being fair and having things a certain way.
You were not allowed to attack an unarmed knight, you had to wait until he was ready in
his armor. It also shows that they were even courteous to their prisoners if they had
some form of nobility. Chivalry just shows that people in medieval times thought of
people with noble blood higher than a prisoner who was a slave.
Doc 3: What some of the problems of the problems that medieval armies faced while in
battle or attempting to organize one would be that many of the higher people in the
military were not highly trained in battle. Also there was not much military strategy
either. Most of the time when enemy came into sight they would charge and kill anything
in sight. Why the author is critical of medieval fighting techniques used during the
middle ages is the way there was no real strategy, skill or experience. It was mostly just
courage and insane luck.
Doc 4: The values of Chaucer's knight express is he was a gentlemen, was truthful,
honest, and generous. He also was courteous and he honored his nobles. What the
Middle English version of this poem is that one they spelt words very different than we
do in modern English as well as many words being mashed together but have the same
meaning of two modern day English words. This shows that all of our words origins
come Middle English but are slightly altered.
Doc 5: The medieval view of women is that they are not serious and should tend to the
men and the children. In the document it states, "that the lesser serve the greater"
meaning that the women are less than the men. What legal principal is being
established about the role of men and women is that women are meant to take care of
their husbands and children but not have any working duties like helping her husband
with business.

Doc 6: What the author is trying to say to women is that though marriage and raising
children can seem really rough it has its perks but it seems that in the document the
author is almost encouraging the reader not to get married so they will stay young and
beautiful forever. I think the author would suggest as a alternate lifestyle would be to go
to a convent or nunnery and devote their life to their faith.
Doc 7: The rules of courtly love are that you must be jealous to love, you must get
nervous and fluttery when your lover walks in the room, and love is not love unless it is
hard. The rules that apply to love today would be if you are ashamed of the person you
love than you shouldn't be with them. That many people get jealous when their
significant other talks to another person who could be a potential lover because they are
afraid losing them.
The Medieval Church
Doc 1: What the view of medieval society is expressed in the document is that society is
like a human body hand each part of society has their own job. According to this
document the most deadly sin would be greed.
Doc 2: Why Pope Innocences III believe that the church has more power than kings and
other rulers is that he believes that the church has set up two great lights much like the
Creator did. The two lights being the Pope rules over souls and the king rules over
bodies. It also said that the more closely a king was willing to follow the Pope's rule than
the greater his light would be.
Doc 4: Why the church needed protecting in the 11c was because the church was free
from obligations to a advocate so the church needed protecting. What they feared would
happen if they became part of the feudal system was because they didn't want to take
money from peasants or sell the land to other to other fiefs.
Doc 5: Why the religious life had such an appeal to this time in history would be that
many wanted to go on the journey of god and try to see if they can experience what
some have experienced before them. Also for many they wanted to devote their life to
faith. There were materialistic and spiritual reason for entering a monastery. One you
didn't need to be rich to be a monk or nun you could just go to the monastery and they
lived with only the bare minimum so for some that was better than nothing. The spiritual
aspect is some just wanted to become closer to god.
Doc 6: Why it can be said that a monastery and a medieval castle had some things in
common was they both contained a prison, a great dining hall as well as rooms for its

occupants. It seems that a monastery could also serve as a prison and a place to hold
Doc 7: How I would describe life in a medieval monastery is that it consisted mostly of
meditating and and church services with a little bit of work on the side. The difference
between the summer and winter schedule is that in the winter you do more sleeping and
work and less eating than you do in the summer.
Doc 8: The results of being excommunicated from the catholic church is you and
everything you own will be cursed. You will be cursed even when you are at you
Doc 9: How personal freedoms are limited by the church would be that if anyone
committed a crime or wounded someone depending on their social status would have
some form of punishment. This puts a limitation of personal freedoms would be you
cannot fault at all or you will be punished.
Royal Challenges to Papel Power
Doc 1: The powers claimed by Pope Gregory VII is that he has the power to dispose
emperors, that he can be judged by no one, and he has the power to release subjects
from their wicked rulers.
Doc 2: Why King Henry IV would care if he was annulled would be because he would
not be respected as king and no one would listen to him. He most likely would later be
over thrown.
Doc 3: Why the king is refusing to comply the bishop's wishes is the bishop asked if the
king could get his sergeants and bailiffs to compel all excommunicated persons and the
refused to do it because the king wanted to know then full sentence of each person and
judge whether it was fair or not. The bishop did not let him do so, therefore he refused
the bishop's wishes.
Doc 4: Why the Pope feels that kings are over stepping their limitations is because the
strive for forbidden things and give free reign to the pursuit of sinful gain. How Pope
Boniface VIII feel about the stance of Louis IX mentioned in document 2 is he would
think that it is not the kings place to know the reason why the are excommunicated in
the first place.
Doc 5: How the Pope tries to justify his position that the Catholic church is the highest
authority in the land is that the church has highest power then the former by church,

then the priest and then the kings and soldiers.

Doc 6: How King Phillip the Fair answered the argument of Pope Boniface VIII is that
the Roman Catholic Church does not have all the power but it is god who actually has
the power. How he is criticizing the Pope is he is saying that the Pope wants everyone
to think that it was the Pope who created this wonderful Kingdom rather than the people
of France and God.
Medieval Trade & Towns
Doc 1: The rights and privileges given to people living in this French town is you only
have to pay one tax for your house. You many come and go as you please. No person
shall be arrested or disturbed unless you committed a crime. How a serf can become a
freeman in the town is if they live there for a year they can go to their presiding officer
and set their case before them. Once approved they can abide there freely without
Doc 2: How a boy of very humble origins become a merchant during the early Middle
Ages is once old enough they would become a peddler for four years trading small
things around local areas. After the four year he would start going to bigger towns and
maybe take a few trips over seas. A little while after that a the merchant will start to
travel all over the world trading items with great value.
Doc 3: From the evidence presented in the document the conclusions I can draw
concerning trade during the Middle Ages would be that merchants from other foreign
lands and trade with smaller traders who will go to the smaller towns to trade.
Doc 4: Why it could be said a medieval guild was a trade monopoly is because there
was many merchants trading there. There were also many rules about what to trade
and how to trade it.
Doc 5: Some of the draw backs of living in a medieval town is the streets are dark and
filthy. There is no pavement and waste is thrown out the window of house as well as the
blood from the slaughter houses.
Medieval Philosophy
Doc 1: Why Abelard feels the need to question the writings of the Christian fathers is he
feels like they can be argued yes or no based on your opinion.
Doc 2: Why Saint Bernard thinks the the writings of the Church Fathers should not be

questioned is because that is what god told them to write so it should not be questioned.
Doc 3: How Thomas Aquinas proves the existence of god is the argument of motion, the
nature of efficient cause, the nature of possibility and necessity, the degrees that occur
in things, and the governance of things.
Doc 4: What university life for students in early 13c is that they must not drink and they
were required to to wear a specific outfit as well as donate clothes to the poor. The
professors have a a lot of power over their students as well.