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Mentalism: The Science of You and me

When people hear the word Mentalism theyd immediately associate it with words such
as magic, telekinesis, telepathy and other supernatural phenomena. Unlike What others are
teaching what mind power is, real mind power comes when you have the ability to do whatever
you want, when you want it, however you feel like doing it, and nothing can stop you. In reality,
its when you become successful. Mind power isnt wishing, willing or imagining its being.
Psyche force has this thought incorporated with it. It will spread convictions around the
profound openings of your psyche consequently from infection to ailment without you needing to
put much thought into it. One can likewise make convictions to manufacture positive results to
happen as the force reliably keeps on growing. This is the key perspective to brain power, it
helps the individual and this makes them dispense with their shortcomings and proceed onward
to encountering a considerably more "fortunate" life for the last time.
Every mans consciousness is constantly changing, is trapped at the knife-edge overlap
of past and future, reacts rather than acts, is incomplete and partial, eternally seeks itself, for
since the mere state of being throws no light on that state, consciousness learns of itself
through reaction to outside stimuli. If a man comes to believe he is unsuccessful, it is because
he carries the impression he has been unsuccessful, and this conclusion, once adopted,
inescapably molds him into the shape of the thing he believes, locks him in a prison of his own
The magic by which a man becomes free is imagination. By training himself to cast up
mental pictures of the thing he desires, by resisting sensual stimuli, even envisaging the exact
opposite, he tends to assume a factual position in accordance with his vision, for his vision then
becomes his experience, rather than the sensual stimuli that moved him before. Consciousness
always assumes a form to suit its knowledge of itself, and where such knowledge breaks
beyond the limits imposed by sensory experience, man begins to grow into the image of the
Secret Self.
Here are few examples of possible mind power strategies:

Reverse Thinking
The Universal Power

Despite of the exaggeration the media has given us with our mental ability we must stick
with the idea that though our mind is very powerful it cannot control external forces other than
our body, which if we manipulate fully using our mind then we can use in order to control the so
called external forces.
Claim: Mentalism is the highest form of human power