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Leaders Who-What-How? Am I? Why?

Let's start off with the first question, 'Who is a Leader?' jawaban singkatnya a
dalah: Leader is someone who can influence others to achieve a common goal.
Tidak ada yang salah dari definisi ini, karena ini hanya merupakan gambaran umum
akan pekerjaan seorang pemimpin, dan tidak jarang kita bisa mengambarkan seseor
ang dari apa yang mereka kerjakan.
Nah yang selanjutnya ini baru agak panjang 'What makes a Leader?' Dari apa yang
gw pelajarin dari buku matakuliah, buku bacaan lain, dan pengalaman serta pengam
atan pribadi, menurut gw ada 3 hal
yang membuat seorang leader, pertama kualitas diri orangnya sendiri, ' someone w
ho can influence others to achieve a common goal' pasti ada kualitas diri dalam
orang tersebut yang membuatnya 'stand out'
dari orang lain, menurut gw ada 5 kualitas/karakteristik yang harus ada di semua
pemimpin yaitu:
1. Integritas : Kalau kita tidak bisa percaya dengan
orang yang menentukan arah kita berjalan, kita akan enggan untuk berjalan ke ara
h yang ditunjuk oleh orang tersebut.
2. Antusiasme : Seorang pemimpin harus memiliki antusiasme, kalau mereka yang me
megang kendali tidak semangat dengan apa yang akan dikerjakan, bagaimana orang y
ang berada di posisi bergantung pada orang tersebut
3. Kehangatan : Pemimpin harus bisa mempengaruhi orang yang dibawah kepemimpinan
nya, seseorang yang dingin dan jauh tentunya sulit untuk bergaul dengan orang, a
palagi untuk mempengaruhinya
4. Ketenangan : Nothing ever goes EXACTLY how you plan for it, but the ones capa
ble of 'surfing through the storm' holds all
5.Tegas tapi adil : Sesuai dengan peraturan-peraturan yang ditetapkan di awal, a
pabila pemimpin lembek dan mudah memberi pengecualian maka banyak kesalahan akan
terulang, tapi dalam hal lainnya tetap fokus pada poin 'Kehangatan'
6. Fleksibel / Mudah beradaptasi : Dapat menggunakan bermacam-macam jenis leader
ship sesuai dengan orang-orang yang dipimpin dan situasi yang ditangani
Hal kedua menurut gw, yang memisahkan antara 'Leader' dan 'Follower' adalah sup
erior knowledge in the field they are leading in, ini berakar dari kalimat 'Auth
ority flows from the one who knows'
Pertanyaan yang juga mungkin dari kata 'What'='What does a Leader do?' Kalo menu
rut gw, Leaders analyse and handles the needs that are in working groups, which
-To achieve the task
-To be held together as a team
-To respond to people's individual needs
Also, a leader should:
a. Set Objectives
b. Plan
c. Communicate
d. Organize
e. Monitor and Evaluate
But not do it all at once, because 'Leadership is the art of knowing which of th
em is required and doing each function well.'
This 'art' has three stages, Awareness, Understanding, and Skill. And a Leader m
ust master this 'art' to be truly called a Leader in my book.
Another question that's possible (So many possibilities!) from "What" is "What d
o leaders make?" Not what they accomplish, because that's pretty obvious, but wh
at do leaders make on their way to accomplish the goals that have been set,
that is 'Effective Teams', for me an Effective team is one that: Has clear reali
stic objectives, Shares a sense of purpose, Uses resources efficiently, Is open
towards each other, Constantly reviews progress, Builds on experience, and Does
not fall apart when there are problems.
The last part in the trilogy question "Who-What-How" "How does one become a Lead
er" and my answer to this is 3 words, Experience, Learn, and Practice.

Another question might be "How does a Leader lead?" Leader leads with different
styles, ranging from autocratic(directive, command-giving, little to no particip
ation in decision making from team members)
all the way to democratic or free-reign (teams are given problems, and are told
to solve them in their own way), different situations and followers need differe
nt leaders, but in non-chaotic situations the average person
would love to have some responsibility in their hands and so will prefer a more
democratic style of leadership (based on a research, i forgot from where tho, wi
ll look up again later). But Leadership styles is something that cannot be taugh
because: 'Leadership is the most personal thing in the world. For the simple rea
son that it is just plain you.'
Well i guess that sums up the first part of the Essay.
After describing all the things that defines a leader, the question is "Am I?"
To that i answer boldly, loudly, and without hesitation "Yes I am" I've actually
only come to realize this after i joined the MSS, before that i was someone tha
t was always afraid of responsibility
and to think of all the opportunities that came my way, the way other people saw
me as a Leader, getting appointed to be the head of the debate club, class pres
ident, head of the group, school representative, some i was able to evade from
but some i was stuck with and i did not feel pleasure in doing so, but after not
being sought out as a leader so much compared to back when i was in junior high
and high school, and after bearing responsibilities even when i am not in the l
eader position
gave me the courage, and even a little bit of longing for the chance to Lead aga
in, thanks to MSS i have realized I am a Leader at heart.
Why do you ask? I carry a big heart, one that cares for many others, also a ster
ling mind filled with ideas, knowledge, rules, and a sense for justice, that is
to follow the rules, and with the compassion i have for others i have a sense to
treat every person in each situation differently, a passion to develop and be d
Secondly, i am learning to utilize Edward de Bono's 'Six Thinking Hats' where ea
ch hat represents different way/perspective of thinking.
A brief explanation:
White Hat
Thinks Facts and Numbers
Red Hat
Thinks of Emotions and Feelings
Black Hat
Thinks the Risks and Negative outcomes
Yellow Hat
Thinks Constructive and Positive
Green Hat
Thinks Creativity and Alternatives
Blue Hat
Thinks to Control and Organize
Utilizing these 'hats' to it's fullest potential can unleash the best, most effe
ctive ways to solve a problem, even in ways most people wont even think about th
Third, I have set myself to higher and higher standards each day, a desire for c
ontinuous improvement, one that translates into a high (but reasonable) standard
for the team, thus giving better results.
Fourth, Like my answer in the previous section, leaders are made from experience
, learning, and practice and by the chance i was given in MSS as a SLC it has de
veloped me and there is no room to shrink back, only better leader skills as i g
et the chance to step forward in the position of one.
Thanks for reading my essay, maaf campur-campur bahasanya, i type in whatever la
nguage my mind is thinking, for i am not a man that is capable of expressing mys
elf to the fullest through text, YET. (I can and will learn)
Gw mau mengakhiri essay gw dengan quote tentang leadership dari seseorang leader
pada masanya dia menjabat sebagai 'British Military Commander' dia ikut berpera
ng dalam PD I dan II, dan pernah juga menjabat sebagai 'Governor-General of Aust

'Leadership is of the spirit

Compounded of personality
And vision
Its practice is an art
Management is of the mind
More a matter of accurate calculation
Of statistics of methods
Timetables and routines
Its practice is a science
Managers are necessary
Leaders are essential'
-William Joseph Slim