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Net Banking
Credit Cards Online
HDFC Bank NetBanking internet site

Businesses operating as banks today may be insurance companies, auto manufacturers
offering their own loan services, or retailers with branded low-interest credit cards. In a
global marketplace characterized by rapid deregulation, mergers and acquisitions,
pervasive wireless computing, and a proliferation of companies offering services that
once were solely the domain of banks, no bank can afford to stand with its existing
business model.
Around the world, banks are facing new challenges in their battle to compete
As ease of entry increases, competition to provide banking services will constantly grow
and change. Business and residential clients will be more independent in their selection
of services, especially with the creation of online banking services, where they can easily
select the packages best suited to their needs. Customer attraction and loyalty will be
increasingly hard-earned, while operational costs and time to market will need to be
reduced and closely controlled.
Need for e-commerce banking solutions
On top of these developments, the exploding volume and complexity of transactional
data that banks must manage and use effectively is straining the capabilities of many IT
infrastructures to operate profitably.
Increasingly, the goal of leading banking institutions is to offer the global market a
diversified range of financial products and services via a single e-commerce portal.
Broadly defined, e-commerce is all the transactional commerce conducted electronically
between businesses and other businesses (B2B), between businesses and their endcustomers (B2C) and within an enterprise, over the Internet, extranets and intranets.
Many industry analysts foresee an accelerating growth in e-markets frictionless
global networks that link multiple buyers and sellers together to provide high-volume
commercial transactions with high security, dynamic pricing and significant cost savings.
In the area of pervasive computing, IBM estimates that by 2003, there will be 2.6 billion
network access devices worldwide, including cell phones and hand-held computers.
Whatever the forecasts, it is clear that e-commerce is coming, and the financial markets
will reward those firms that best exploit the power of the Internet.
But in the intensely competitive networked banking marketplace, the demands of ecommerce go far beyond simple interconnection. Competitive demands have made clear
the need for banks to stay at the cutting edge of e-commerce technology so they can
provide high levels of service all the time, anywhere, over any communications channel.
Banks need e-commerce systems that are integrated with the entire chain of back office
and business decision processes for optimum flexibility, responsiveness to changing
market requirements and profitability. The time for advanced e-commerce is now if you
dont want to be left behind by your traditional and new competitors.

To achieve and maintain an edge on its competition, a bank needs an open e-commerce
platform that can:
Integrate new e-commerce applications with existing applications to optimize IT
investments and save on reprogramming and management costs
Provide the power and scalability to handle multiple workloads, shift resources to
match changing workloads, handle unpredictable peaks, and grow with your business
Provide rock-solid security and advanced services availability for transactions all the
time, around the world absolute essentials for competitive banking
Exploit the value of your customer and market data by deploying business intelligence
(BI) and customer relationship management (CRM) software to help you better
anticipate, understand and respond to customer wants and needs
Unify your enterprise management chain with an open server platform that integrates
purchase and sales processes with information on customers and product offerings for
more timely, targeted and personalized customer service
Integrate future technologies and new ways of doing business with customers

HDFC - Net Banking

NetBanking is HDFC Bank's Internet Banking service. Providing up-to-the-second
account information, NetBanking lets you manage your account from the comfort of your
mouse - anytime, anywhere.
Introducing a simpler way to register for NetBanking
Say goodbye to long queues and paper work. Presenting one more reason to register for
NetBanking, You can call the PhoneBanking numbers in your city to register for
What can I do using NetBanking?

Our industry leading service provides a host of features at your finger-tips:

View Account Balances & Statements
Transfer Funds between accounts
Create Fixed Deposits Online
Request a Demand Draft
Pay Bills
Order a Cheque Book
Request Stop Payment on a Cheque
And lots more
Why should I use NetBanking?

Internet Banking is the most convenient and powerful way to manage your account.
NetBanking is Real Time, giving you up-to-the-second details on your account.
It can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, giving you complete control over your
There are no queues to stand in, or turns to wait for. With NetBanking you are in
HDFC Bank's NetBanking service is secure. Using industry-standard technologies
and infrastructures, our service gives you peace of mind.
So next time you think of visiting your branch, switch on your PC instead.
What do you mean that the transactions are "Real-Time online"?
We have designed the NetBanking service in such a way that it takes your requests and
acts on them immediately. All transactions that will affect your balance (except Demand
Draft request) are done automatically by the system. For example, Fund Transfer, Stop

Payment instruction, Fixed Deposit request. All the balances that are displayed to you
are as of that instant and would cover transactions done by you over any of our
How will I know that my transaction has been completed?
The NetBanking system does one of the following, depending upon the transaction you
have requested:
Displays the information requested
Accepts your instruction and displays an appropriate message to the effect or
gives you a transaction reference number which you may use to refer to your
transaction in all future communication regarding the same
Displays an appropriate message on why it cannot complete your transaction or
asks you to try again

Features &
How do I transfer

HDFC Bank brings to you Visa Money Transfer - a facility through which you can
now transfer funds to any Visa Card (debit or credit) within India at your
own convenience through HDFC Bank's NetBanking facility.
Key Benefits

Transfer funds from your account to any Visa Card (debit or credit) within
Convenience at its best - No queuing up at Bank branches or waiting for your
DD to be delivered at your home/office!
Transfer money at "negligible cost'' in much faster, safer & easier way!
Transferring money - a simple and convenient process

Process for doing the transaction if you are registered for Third Party
Funds Transfer:
Log on to NetBanking page on
Enter your Customer ID and Password
Go to Third Party Funds Transfer and select Visa Money Transfer

Enter Transfer details- Sender and Recipient Information

Confirm transaction
Credit to beneficiary's card
Your account will be debited online, and the funds will be sent to the beneficiary
Bank within 2 working days using the Visa system. The Beneficiary Bank will then
transfer the funds to the beneficiary's card account.
Your account will also be debited for a transaction fee. Please note that w.e.f. 1st
August 2005 a nominal transaction fee of Rs 20/- (plus taxes) will be applicable
per Visa Money Transfer transaction.

Features & Benefits

Prepaid Mobile Refill on
Recharge Online
Prepaid Mobile Refill
through SMS
Prepaid Mobile Refill on

HDFC Bank offers Prepaid Mobile Refill, which allows you to recharge your prepaid mobile phone
anytime from anywhere and pay directly from your Bank account. Avoid hassles of withdrawing cash or
searching for a retailer for buying the recharge card..
You can avail of this service in three convenient ways:
Prepaid Mobile Refill on Internet
Prepaid Mobile Refill through SMS
Prepaid Mobile Refill on ATM

Prepaid Mobile Refill on Internet

You can now recharge your Prepaid Mobile phone right here on the HDFC Bank website.

Enjoy Convenience of:

Recharging your prepaid mobile phone from the comfort of your home or office anytime.
Paying directly from your Bank account - avoid the hassle of withdrawing cash from an ATM or
To avail the facility, customer has to go to the recharge page and do the following steps:
Select Mobile Operator Name, enter Mobile Number, Amount for Top-Up
Confirm payment by logging into NetBanking using your Customer ID and IPIN (NetBanking
Depending on the recharge option chosen, your phone will be recharged in a few seconds.
Within seconds you will get an SMS confirming the refill for the asked amount!
What's more, this service is absolutely FREE to you!
Where can I access this service ?
Operator Name



Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya

Pradesh, Mumbai,Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh (East),Uttar
Pradesh (West), West Bengal


Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka,Kerala,

Kolkata, Mumbai, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh (East), Uttar Pradesh
(West), West Bengal

Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala,
Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh (East), Uttar Pradesh (West)

All India

Reliance India Mobile

Prepaid Mobile Refill through SMS

You need to be registered for this service. But don't worry, no long forms to be filled! Just walk in to an
HDFC Bank ATM and do the following:
Select 'Prepaid Refill/Bill Pay' option
Select 'SMS refill registration'
Enter your 10 digit mobile number and confirm
Within seconds you will receive an SMS confirming your registration. The SMS will contain a code
number, the syntax of the message that you need to send for getting a refill done and the number to
which the message needs to be sent.
What's more, this service is absolutely FREE from HDFC Bank! You only have to pay the regular SMS
charge for your SMS request.
Simple and convenient, isn't it? So now a refill is just an SMS away.
This service is currently available across select regions / ATMs.

Prepaid Mobile Refill on ATM

To avail of Prepaid Mobile Refill at ATM, just walk in to a HDFC Bank ATM and do the following
Select 'Prepaid Refill/Bill Pay'
Then select Pre-paid Refill
Enter the 10 digit mobile number and confirm

Fill the amount you want your card to be re-filled for

Within seconds you will get an SMS confirming the refill for the asked amount!
What's more, this service is absolutely FREE from HDFC Bank! You only have to go to the ATM and use
your card.
Where can I access this service ?
Operator Name



Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya

Pradesh, Mumbai,Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh(East), Uttar
Pradesh(West), West Bengal



Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka,Kerala,

Kolkata, Mumbai , Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh (East), Uttar Pradesh
(West), West Bengal
Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala,
Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh (East), Uttar Pradesh (West)

All India

Reliance India Mobile

Bill pay
Now, you have the luxury of paying your telephone, electricity and mobile phone bills at
your convenience through the Internet, ATMs, your mobile phone or telephone - using
BillPay, a comprehensive bill payments solution.
What's more you can check the bill amount before you make any payments ensuring you
always pay the right amount. BillPay has made all your bill payments easy.
Key Benefits

Convenience at its best - No queuing up at collection centres or writing cheques any more!
A variety of payment modes available - ATMs, NetBanking, MobileBanking and PhoneBanking
Payments can be made right up to the due date.
Check your bill amount before you make any payments - ensuring you pay the exact amount you wish
Receive discount from specific billers on payments made through BillPay. Discounts will be provided in
the next month's bills.
Location Biller Name



0.5% discount on bill amount, subject to a maximum discount of Rs. 250

per bill

Mahanagar Gas 1% discount


1% discount subject to a maximum discount of Rs. 250 per bill

Please note: these discounts are offered by the billers as per their internal scheme.

Which Bills can I pay?

We have tie-up with over 80 Utility Companies across India.

Using BillPay, you can pay your bills for 5 different electricity consumer numbers, 5 different phone (landline
+ cellular) numbers and 5 different insurance policy numbers - via ATM, NetBanking, MobileBanking and
Mobile Phone bills
Electricity & Telephone bills
Insurance Premium
Subscription / Renewal of your VSNL Internet Account

Credit Cards Online

HDFC Bank NetBanking service is now available for Credit Cards also. Now using your
HDFC Bank Credit Card has become more convenient and time saving. You can now
access your Credit Card account from home or office or even while traveling. With
NetBanking you can view your card account information and do much more just at the
click of a button. Currently the following Credit Cards Netbanking features are available:View

Account Information
Unbilled Transactions
Credit Card Statement
Download Card Statement (upto last 6 months)
Request for

Autopay Register (Only for HDFC Bank account holders)

Autopay Deregister
Statement on E-Mail
Credit Card ATM PIN
Register New Card
Deregister Card
Update Contact Details
Credit Card Payment (Only for HDFC Bank account holders)
The following details are displayed on the screen
Total Credit limit
(This the total credit limit assigned to you at the time of card setup)
Available Credit limit
(This is the credit limit available to you as of today and is exclusive of total
outstanding amount - Billed and Unbilled)
Available Cash limit
(This is the cash limit available to you as of today)
Total billed amount
(This is the total amount billed on your last statement)
Payment due date
(This is the payment due date for your last statement)
Minimum Amount due
(This is the minimum amount due as per your last statement)

Total unbilled amount

(This is the sum of all retail transactions - both debit and credit, done by you after
the last statement date.)
Total outstanding authorizations amount
(This is sum of all the retail transactions done by you but not appearing under
Total unbilled amount and the non-retail transactions after the last statement date
which are authorised by you and are yet to be billed to your account. It includes
the Cash-on-Call principal amount, EMI amount, Cash withdrawal, and Balance
Transfer amount which is outstanding on your card account.)
Reward Points balance - Last Statement
(This shows the total rewards points you had accrued till the last statement date)
Rewards Points balance - Current
(This shows the total reward points you currently have in your card account)

What is Autopay facility?

Autopay is a facility which takes care of the payment of your Credit Card bills. If you
register for Autopay facility, your Credit Card statement outstanding amount will be
debited from your HDFC Bank account automatically on the payment due date every
month. The payment will get reflected in your Credit Card account on the next day.
What is statement on E-mail? How useful is this?
This is a service wherein your monthly Credit Card statement will be sent to your
office/residence Email ID in PDF format once you register for this service. You will
continue getting the physical statement also. This is very convenient and time saving for
you. You need not wait for the physical statement and you can make your Credit Card
bill payments basis this E-statement.
Can I change my contact details through NetBanking?
Yes, you can change your contact details through NetBanking. Having your latest
contact details would help us to serve you more efficiently.

OneView is a revolutionary service from HDFC Bank that allows you to manage multiple
accounts in different banks through one single online interface.
If you are an HDFC Bank customer and have one or more accounts with Citibank, ICICI
Bank, HSBC India, Standard Chartered Bank then OneView is just right for you.
Features & Benefits

No need to individually log on to internet banking of every account. Just log on to

One View and manage upto FIVE accounts in different banks.
Remember only ONE password.
No charges whatsoever - Enjoy this convenience, absolutely FREE!
How secure is OneView?

OneView gives you the world class banking security and technology sophistication
you'd expect of HDFC Bank, with features such as:
Robust firewall protection makes it nearly impossible to break through.
All information is transmitted using advanced 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
encryption technology.
Automatic time-outs ensure that your account details are not viewed by others.
You can only view your accounts and cannot transact, so your money is absolutely
How do you benefit from OneView?
Take a look at the numerous advantages it ensures:
You get a single view of multiple online accounts that you and your family hold
with HDFC Bank, Citibank, ICICI Bank, HSBC India, Standard Chartered Bank
You can see all transactions made on your accounts
Get a summary of your fixed deposits at-a-glance
It's easier to decide from which account to make payments and investments
Managing your accounts is simpler; no need to log on to, and get information
from, different websites
You pay nothing whatsoever - it's absolutely free!
You can add up to five bank accounts at one time. Currently, these five bank accounts
have to be from HDFC Bank, Citibank, ICICI Bank, HSBC India, Standard Chartered
Bank. You can add or delete accounts as and when you choose to. Alternately, if you do
not enter the password of one of the Banks, the data for that Bank will not be displayed.

Now you can get regular updates on your bank account on your mobile phone or
email ID.
Just register for our InstaAlert service and receive updates on your account as and when
the select transaction happens - all this without visiting the branch or ATM!
You can register for any or all of the following alerts:
Debit transactions greater than Rs. 5,000/ Rs.10, 000/ Rs. 20,000/Rs. 50,000
Credit in account greater than Rs. 5,000/ Rs.10, 000/ Rs. 20,000/Rs. 50,000
Account Balance below Rs. 5,000/ Rs.10, 000/ Rs. 20,000/Rs. 50,000Weekly account balance
Salary Credits*
Utility bill payment due Alert**
What is InstaAlert?
HDFC Bank InstaAlert is a facility through which you can receive latest information about
your banking transactions on your HDFC Bank Account. These could be event or
frequency based alerts. Alerts for which you are registered with the bank are sent either
via an SMS on your mobile phone or through an email to your mail id or both.
How often will I receive the alerts?
Depending on the type of alerts selected, you will receive the alert(s) when the particular
event happens. However, in case of the Weekly account balance, the alert is sent once a
How do I register for InstaAlert?
You can register for InstaAlert online by logging on to NetBanking. Alternatively, you can
fill an InstaAlert application form and drop it at the nearest HDFC Bank branch.

What can I do using MobileBanking?

Our MobileBanking service provides a host of features at your finger-tips through SMS:
Get your balance details
Obtain your last 3 transaction details
Request a cheque book
Stop a cheque payment
Enquire cheque status
Request an account statement
Get Fixed Deposit details
Pay your bills*
How does it work?

MobileBanking works through a set of text messages (SMS). With SMS you can perform
a wide range of query-based transactions from your mobile phone, without even making
a call.
All you need to do is to type in the specified code for the transaction as a text
message and send it to 676712.
You will receive the response in the form of a text message on your mobile phone
screen within a few seconds.
What is MobileBanking?
MobileBanking is a service that allows you to do banking transactions on your mobile
phone without making a call , using the SMS facility.
How do I avail of this service?
If you are opening an account with the bank, you can apply for MobileBanking through
the account opening document.If you already have an account with the bank, you can
apply for MobileBanking through the combined Direct Banking Channels form. You can
download the form and call for a sales representative. Alternatively you can fill this form
and hand it over to your nearest branch.

How does it work?

MobileBanking works on the 'Text Messaging Facility' also called the SMS that is available on mobile
phones. This facility allows you to send a short text message from your mobile phone instead of making a
phone call.
All you need to do is type out a short text message on your mobile phone and send it out to 676712.The
response is sent to you as an SMS message, all in the matter of a few seconds.
This message travels from your mobile phone to the SMS Centre of the Cellular Service Provider, and from
there it travels to the Bank's systems. The information is retrieved and sent back to your mobile phone via
the SMS Centre, all in a matter of a few seconds.

What are the eligibility criteria?

HDFC Bank has launched this service in association with various Cellular Service Providers in different
You need to be a subscriber of the Cellular Service Provider with whom the bank has tied up (with
SMS facility)
You need to have a Savings/Current/Fixed Deposit Account with HDFC Bank to be able to use this

You can enjoy the following benefits at any of our over

1695 ATM across India:

24-hour access to cash - Withdraw up to Rs.10,000/- per day on your ATM Card
and up to Rs. 15,000 on your Debit Card. The fast cash option saves your time by
providing the cash in denominations of Rs.500/-.
View Account Balances & Mini-statements - Get details of the last 9 transactions
on your account with the mini-statement, along with your balance.
Order a Cheque Book / Account Statement
Transfer Funds between accounts - You can also transfer money from one of your
accounts to another. Both accounts must be linked to your ATM Card and Customer
ID. A maximum of 5 Saving and 5 Current Accounts can be linked.
Refill your Prepaid card - If you are an HDFC Bank Account holder and a prepaid
customer, you can now refill your prepaid card with our Prepaid Refill service. Know
Pay your utility bills - Pay your cellular, telephone and electricity bills through the
ATM using BillPay, a comprehensive bill payments solution. Know more about
Deposit cash or cheques - You can deposit cash or cheques into your account and
the ATM will immediately print a receipt for the same.
Change your PIN - You can conveniently change your PIN (given at the time of
opening your account) whenever you wish.
Learn about all our other products - Simply select a product and all the information
you require will be displayed on the screen.
Global Network HDFC Bank ATMs are a part of the VISA International Plus ATM
Network and the MasterCard International Cirrus ATM Network, and can be accessed
by all domestic and international MasterCard, Cirrus or Maestro and VISA Electron
cardholders for cash withdrawals and balance inquiries.
We have also partnered with American Express to offer their domestic and international
cardholders the benefits of cash advances from any of our ATMs. See which cards can
be used at our ATMs.
How can I use the "Funds Transfer" option at the ATM?
In order to use the Funds Transfer option, you must have more than one Savings (single,
either or survivor) or sole proprietorship Current Account with the bank. You need to
make a request at any of our branches or on PhoneBanking to link your accounts to your
card. Once the accounts are linked to your ATM Card, you can use the Funds Transfer
How do I use my ATM?
To use the HDFC Bank ATM, just follow these easy steps:

Insert your card into the slot provided.

Select the language in which you want to be led through the transactions. Most
ATMs offer you the options of conducting your transactions in English and Hindi.
At some locations, you will be able to select between English and the regional
At the prompt, enter your PIN. Press the "Enter" key.
Select the transaction you wish to conduct (eg: withdrawal/ balance inquiry).
Select the account type. If you are using a Credit Card, select the "Credit" option.
If you are making a withdrawal, enter the amount you wish to receive.
Confirm that the amount is correct.
Collect your cash, card and receipt.

Your phone is now your bank!
When you dial in to PhoneBanking, a voice prompt will guide you through the various
transactions. You may also talk to a Phone Banker, who will provide you with the
required assistance.

Avail of the following services via PhoneBanking:

Check your account balance - Get up-to-the-second details of your Savings or

Current Accounts and your Fixed Deposits. You can also get the details of the last 5
transactions on your account, or have a mini statement of last 9 transactions faxed
across to you.
Enquire on the cheque status - You can use PhoneBanking to check on the status
of cheques issued or deposited from anywhere in India.
Order a Cheque Book / Account Statement - Just call PhoneBanking and get your
Cheque Book or latest Account Statement delivered at your doorstep.
Stop Payment - Stop payment of a single cheque or a series of cheques, 24 hours a
Loan Related queries - Get details of the outstanding loan amount, enquire about
your loan account, request for an interest certificate and repayment schedule, etc.
Just call PhoneBanking in your city and dial 4 to speak to our PhoneBanker
Open a Fixed deposit or Enquire on your Fixed deposits / TDS*# - Talk to our
PhoneBanker to easily open a Fixed Deposit over the phone, by simply authorising a
transfer of funds from your Savings Account.
Transfer Funds between accounts*# - You can also transfer money from one of
your accounts to another. Both accounts must be linked to your Customer ID. You
can transfer amounts upto Rs 1 Lac in a single day.
Pay your bills - Pay your cellular, telephone, electricity and HDFC Bank Credit Card
bills through PhoneBanking using BillPay, a comprehensive bill payments solution.
Know more about BillPay.
Report loss of your ATM / Debit Card / ForexPlus Card - If your ATM / Debit /
ForexPlus Card is lost, call any PhoneBanking number to deactivate your card(s).
Learn about all our other products - Get details on HDFC Bank products &
services by talking to our Phone Banker.
Enquire about latest Interest / Exchange rates - Get latest Interest rates on
Deposits and Foreign Exchange rates by talking to our Phone Banker.
Request a Demand Draft / Manager's Cheque #** - Call PhoneBanking and get a
Demand Draft / Manager's Cheque delivered to your doorstep.

What is the difference between a Customer ID Number and a Telephone

Identification Number (TIN)?
The Customer ID Number and the Telephone Identification Number (TIN), are two
separate unique numbers. The Customer ID is a unique number given while Account
opening. This is communicated to you in the Welcome Letter.
The Telephone Identification Number (TIN), is a four-digit number also called as a
Phonebanking password. You need to use the TIN along with the Customer ID Number
in order to access A/c information through PhoneBanking. The Telephone Identification
Number is sent to you in the welcome kit.
We suggest that you keep both the numbers confidential.