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Modules of Builder plus

This Module simplifies the process of enquiry / lead follow
follow-up, helps your Presale, Sales, Post Sales team to build strong

and an everlasting relationships with existing

sting and prospective customers resulting into better Sales.
Track real-time flat bookings and availabilities across multiple offices as well as across multiple sales counters during the
time of project launch or crowded hours. Booking screen gives a complete picture of the flats available, booked,
tentative and blocked for investors. Also finance modules integration with leads and contacts ensuring smooth bookings
process resulting hassle free purchase for buyer. Post sales Customer care activity can be managed for better customer
satisfaction. Staff Dependency / person dependency
dependenc is reduced. Buyer can appreciate builder new staff for resolving
issues without delay results into customer delight.

Builder Plus allows you to understand income and plan expenses and monitors profitability, provides comprehensive
coverage of all financial activates ranging from Accounting to reporting, in real time and in documented version. It take
care of your account receivable, amount payable, general ledger, debit note, all present govt taxes and interest
The duration between booking and possession / allotment is generally 2 to 3 years.. Due to builders sales or support
staff changing, the consistency and
nd transparency in the buying process may get impacted. But Builder Plus helps you
overcome this problem with complete customer & sale details stored in the system as hundreds
hundreds of customer related
documents like Sale deed or agreement, reminder letter, demand letter, possession letter / allotment letter, payment
receipts can be generated at a click in a span of seconds, with an accurate calculation of TDS, WCT, FBT, VAT and Service
Tax etc.

Our unique filter system helps you generate macro level report as per management need, besides report scheduling
option fetch timely reports within scheduled interval without any human interference. So staff dependency cannot
hamper reporting system. Real time reports
ts giving real time picture of your organization allowing you to monitoring
distance business.

This module helps you track all inventory stock across all sites & storage. Gives real time records of available damaged,
returned, internally transferred as well as stolen inventories. Based on materials requirement & generating and
processing purchase orders,, helps you place timely orders & cut down excess ordering. Maps challans & bills with all
remarks Helping accounts department to make the right payments. Notification system attached will verify accuracy &
validity of purchase invoices against orders and goods received with the help of unique id no for each document Indent

Contractor / Vendor Management

Builder Plus gives you complete freedom to stay away from your desk for exploring new land & technology for your
forth coming project. It allows you to monitor your construction site also from distance easily & effectively. With
predefined schedule you can have your contractors performing the daily task, vendor giving timely supply. This
softwares intelligence helps you to understand the factor mattering the delay for project completion as well as identify
the best of the contractors & vendors for your next project.
This a consolidated data master / Library storing all sort of documents used by builder organisation for routine
processes like Sale deed / agreement , reminder letter, demand letter, possession letter / allotment letter, payment
receipts, documents required for registration & all others.
Preparing, updating, sending and storing documents are a very complex process. Documents are often lost or
misplaced. Documents are created automatically and stored securely. Can be accessed from anywhere globally.
User Management
Based on the workflow your organisation, to streamline your organisational process and manage escalation of
responsibilities, this module defines administrative rights of each user. It has a ability to identify and control the rights
of users logged into the system. Depend on hierarchy view, add, edit, delete, import or export data, this rights can be
given to the respective officer. Designing of rights can be in a way to keep all departments function separately still
coordinate to give you expected results.
We are sure that given an opportunity to demonstrate this module to you, will help us to explain more feature & benefits
of these modules.
Our upcoming modules would be
BI (Business Intelligence)
Project Management

Land Management
HR & Payroll

We are sure that using Builder Plus would definitely be a perfect decision & troubleshooting experience for your real
estate firm. Let it be a small or big organisation, let it be a small or your dream project, at one or multiple location, you
will have their complete detail at your finger tip now.
Do feel free to call us for free demo of Builder Plus
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