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Questions on Prehistoric Art

1. There are 2 distinct periods of Prehistoric history they are:

Paleolithic ( Old Stone Age) and Neolithic ( New Stone Age)
2. Prehistoric means : Before written history
3. Describe the characteristics of Paleolithic Society.
No permanent shelters, hunters and gatherers, rough stone
tools, no
4. What style of art did Paleolithic man create?
Naturalistic and Realistic
5. What functions did art serve in this peoples lifestyle?
Magic and Religious
6. How is the Neolithic lifestyle different from the Paleolithic
permanent shelters, some metals: bronze and copper,
7. How is Neolithic Art different from Paleolithic Art?
Neolithic places more emphasis on ideas and emotions, fact
replaced by
Symbol. Neolithic art is more stylized.
8. How is Neolithic Art like modern art?
Neolithic art is more interested in showing emotions and ideas
than reality just like modern art.
9. Art has a life cycle describe it. Be sure to use this aid in
understanding the other movements and periods we will
Youth: primitive, experimental with a linear character
Middle age classical, it becomes more realistic and natural
Old age/ becomes very extreme and stylized