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Make the most of your energy



Make guests happy

Boost the bottom line

Pampering your guests is your priority. Hotel

guests expect to be welcomed with a pleasing
ambiance and efficient service, whether
they are checking into a luxury resort or an
economy hotel. A positive experience means
that a guest will return.

Hotels are complex facilities with large

fluctuations in occupancy: reception areas,
restaurants, conference rooms, offices,
housekeeping, fitness centers and spas all
have different requirements. And each guest
chooses their own settings inside their room.

Schneider Electric solutions are an active part

of the design of your hotel and ensure a level
of comfort that fits your guest expectations.

Schneider Electrics experience and

continuous dialogue with hotel decision
makers are the foundation for our solutions,
from simple stand-alone applications to fully
integrated systems. All this is accomplished
with respect for the environment.

While guest satisfaction is your goal, operating

efficiency is a close second. Operating costs
in hotels are traditionally high partly due to
environmental and security requirements
and this means increased energy use.

So you can concentrate on guest satisfaction

while boosting your bottom line.

What impressed me most is the willingness and ability to

customize their products to meet our requirements. Such high
degree of customization is only possible when the company treats
this as part of their philosophy. I suspect that the organization
processes and the products are premeditated to fit this purpose
from the beginning.
Vincent Marot

The Director of Projects, Europe of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.

Hotel Solutions [3]

Creating a unique atmosphere in a hotel is the aim of every hotel designer.

The guests impression begins in the hotel lobby, continues in the public
spaces like restaurants, conference rooms, shops and spas, and is centered in
the guestroom. Comprehensive lighting and environmental control fashions a
perfect experience for your guest in their room.


Design an experience
Build the reputation

Matching the right features to the right setting

and accommodating future upgrades is the
essence of an appealing design.

Schneider Electrics products are developed

and implemented in close cooperation with
leading international hotel designers and have
received an impressive record of awards.

Innovative design and technology solutions

from Schneider Electric enrich an experience
thats appreciated by guests at hotels around
the world.

Hotel Solutions [5]

In a hotel, the little things make all

the difference. Schneider Electrics
focus on comfort offers guests the
experience they dream about.


Redefine comfort
Create the mood

Would your guests appreciate the relaxing

convenience of switching off the lights right
from their bedside? Maybe they do not want to
be disturbed. Or perhaps they want their room
to be cleaned. No problem. All your guest has
to do is push a single button in the room.

To make it even easier, you can select

predefined scenes so that your guests just push
a button for each occasion. When the sleep
button is pressed, for example, the lights in the
guestroom are set to a night configuration, the
curtains are closed, the temperature is reduced
and the door bell is deactivated.

Technology is a big part of life in your hotel.

Schneider Electric offers intuitive solutions so
guests can adjust room setting from the TV
and connect their own devices like computers
and MP3 players. Modern travelers can create
the right mood for work or entertainment.

Hotel Solutions [7]

Ensuring the security of your guests, your staff

and everyone who enters your hotel is a vital function.

At the same time, security shouldnt call attention to itself, so
the best hotel security solutions are all-inclusive, seamless
and unobtrusive. Schneider Electric lets hoteliers minimize
risks with discreet security solutions that offer convenience
and simplicity for you and serenity for your guests.

Secure people
and property
Safeguard the serenity

Monitoring each hotel entrance and exit with

closed-circuit TV can act as the starting point.
Layering a digital video management system
to handle all of these images is next, from
guest areas to restricted employee areas to
conference rooms to casinos.

In restricted areas, employee card access

and intrusion-detection adds an extra level
of security. Access control for specific floors
via the elevator provides even more peace of
mind. Best of all, guestroom door access can
be integrated into your hotels security solution.

Emergency lighting and exit signs guarantee

the safety of your guests when the standard
lighting fails and prevent from movement of
panic in the event of serious problems by a
clear marking to the emergency exits.

By integrating each of these multiple layers

of the security solution into a building
management system, you can monitor and
control all of your hotel facilities from a single
integrated system.

Hotel Solutions [9]

Achieving energy efficiency

and integration in your hotel by
working with Schneider Electric,

without sacrificing guest

comfort, empowers you to reduce

costs and collect the rewards.


Reduce operating costs

Collect the rewards

How much can energy-efficient solutions save

a hotel? Imagine a sensor in every guestroom
connected to the building management
system: it allows preset adjustment of lighting
and temperature when the guest is away.
Since more than 30 percent of a hotels energy
is used in the guestroom, the potential savings
are substantial.

Schneider Electric is a leader in energy

management. The electrical distribution of
your entire hotel can be managed through
our extended portfolio of products, from
medium- to low-voltage electrical distribution.
Each installation is designed in accordance
with local standards and regulations.

With intelligent solutions and energy audits,

Schneider Electric helps reduce your energy
bill and maximizes your return on investment;
HVAC and water heating are two typical
sources of savings.

Integration allows you to control all the

functions inside your hotel. Because our
systems are open, every control system can
be linked to every other system, including
those from other vendors. These systems
might include building management, security,
electrical, water, lighting and the IP network for
new and refurbished hotels.

Hotel Solutions [11]

Leveraging the deep commitment of our 112,000 team

members in 190 countries, Schneider Electric can work
with you around the world and around the clock.
In each country, you have access to call-centers, online
diagnostics and support services, a global e-catalog,
downloadable software and online information and training.
Schneider Electric is equipped to offer the best of the new
electric world to everyone, everywhere, at any time.


Schneider Electric
Everywhere, at any time

Schneider Electric teams work with you in the

field to provide the best solution and assist you
through the full project life cycle. Their goal is
to help you grow your hotel business every
day, in every way.

Schneider Electric delivers the benefits of the

latest innovations, like wireless or photovoltaic,
with up to five percent of consolidated
revenues invested in Research & Development
(R&D) annually.

The entire lifecycle of your hotel is supported

by Schneider Electric with our extensive
range of services that include design, training,
maintenance and upgrading, in addition to
engineering, audits and consulting.

As a signatory of the United Nations Global

Compact, Schneider Electric has made
sustainable development an integral part of
our strategy. Eco-design of products and
solutions that reduce CO2 emissions are built
in environmentally-friendly factories following
certified ISO 14001 standards.

112,000 employees

6,500 R&D people in 25 countries

 ocal presence in 106 countries

Close to 5% of consolidated revenue

invested in R&D

More than 200 factories

Hotel Solutions [13]

Some Schneider Electric


The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Hong Kong, China

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental is a five-star, luxury hotel designed for the
discerning traveler. This hotel offers some of the largest rooms in Asia, showcasing
the full spectrum of luxury and design aesthetics.
With Schneider Electrics intuitive lighting, control and management systems, the
Landmark Mandarin Oriental reaffirms its status as Hong Kongs most sought after,
award-winning hotel.
The solution from Schneider Electric has set the standard for all future Mandarin

Oriental developments throughout the world.

Hotel Hesperia Tower

Barcelona, Spain

Designed by the renowned British architect Richard Rogers in collaboration with

Alonso Balaguer, the Hotel Hesperia Tower is one of the tallest and most symbolic
buildings in Barcelona.
This hotel boasts a rooftop glass-domed restaurant offering panoramic views
above its 304 rooms and adjoining conference center.
To attain the level of comfort and energy efficiency requested by Hesperia,
Schneider Electric provided a full solution, including electrical distribution
(medium and low voltage) as well as HVAC and lighting control. These control
systems are managed from a building management system.

Hilton Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hilton needed to provide a comfortable, reliable indoor environment pleasing to even

the most discerning guest in this 382 room hotel with Danish-design features.
Schneider Electric worked closely with this hotel to design a building management
system that would both uphold Hiltons reputation and keep energy costs in check.
Since guest comfort depends greatly upon room temperature, Schneider Electric
focused on finding practical ways to link the building management system to guest
arrival and departure.
To accomplish this, the property management system (Fidelio) was integrated to
efficiently control energy costs in unoccupied rooms, giving busy managers and staff
more time to plan preparation of guestrooms for new arrivals.

Moon Palace Resort

Cancun, Mexico

Nestled amidst 123 acres of lush tropical foliage, this secluded resort offers
2,103 luxurious rooms and suites. With 13 restaurants, this resort includes two
beachside pools that are among the largest in Mexico.
On such a grand scale, energy savings is critical. Schneider Electric designed
a building management system that monitors the site, optimizes its use of air
conditioning and controls the lighting. Each room is equipped with an occupancy
sensor and a balcony door sensor that control energy use.
These Schneider Electric solutions have been successfully implemented in five
other Palace Resorts.


Whether you are in New York, Stockholm, Singapore or Monaco,

Schneider Electric solutions are a favored guest at hotels around the globe.

Are you ready to add your Hotels name to this list?

Best Western Savoy, Dsseldorf, Germany

Regent Hotel, Singapore

Kempinski Grand Hotel, Heilingendamm,Germany

Grand Hyatt, Singapore

Radisson SAS Hotel, Cologne, Germany

Meritus, Mandarin, Singapore

Radisson SAS AquaDom Aquaree, Berlin, Germany

The Westin, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hotel Ritz Carlton, Berlin, Germany

Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Le Meridien, Paris, France

Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi, Malaysia

Le Ritz, Paris, France

Regent Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Seaside Plaza, Monaco

Sheraton Grande Laguna, Phuket, Thailand

Le Meridien, Barcelona, Spain

Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sol Melia Hard Rock Hotel, Madrid, Spain

Sheraton Bali Hotel, Bali, Indonesia

Hesperia Tower, Barcelona, Spain

Novotel Semarang, East Java, Indonesia

Le Meridien, Lisbon, Portugal

Fonte Fino Hotel, Philippines

Le Meridien, Porto, Portugal

Mandarin Oriental, Manila, Philippines

Austria Trend Hotel, Vienna, Austria

Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong, China

Le Palace Hilton, Geneva, Switzerland

Disneys Hollywood Hotel, Hong Kong, China

Radisson Edwardian Mayfair, London,

United Kingdom

Conrad, Hong Kong, China

Crown Plaza Heathrow, London, United Kingdom

Mvenpick, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Intercontinental Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Spa Hotel Rantasipi Eden, Nokia, Finland
Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel, Oslo, Norway
JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel,
Bucharest, Romania
Radisson SAS Bay Point Hotel, St Julians, Malta
Park Hotel, Lake Bled, Slovenia
Hilton, Durban, South Africa
Sandton Sun Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa
City Stars Centre, Cairo, Egypt
Kempinski The Dome, Belek, Turkey
The David Intercontinental, Tel Aviv, Israel
JW Marriott, Islamabad, Pakistan
Kempinski Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE
Crown Plaza, Dubai, UAE
Four Seasons, Doha, Qatar
Grand Hyatt, Muscat, Oman
Four Points, Sheraton, Kuwait
Four Seasons, Mumbai, India
Intercontinental, Mumbai, India

Royal Hotel, Macau, China

Howard Johnson Plaza, Shanghai, China
Sheraton, Xian, China
Sheraton, Chengdu, China
Hyatt Regency, Hangzhou, China
Park Hyatt, Seoul, Korea
W Seoul Walker Hill, Korea
JW Marriott, Sydney, Australia
Hilton, Adelaide, Australia
Novotel Atrium, Darwin, Australia
Lindermann Island Resort, Queensland, Australia
Sheraton Cordoba Hotel, Argentina
Cancun Palace, Cancun, Mexico
Ritz Carlton, Bachelor Gulch, Beaver Creek,
Colorado, USA
The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
San Francisco Marriott, San Francisco,
California, USA
Four Season Olympic Hotel, Seattle,
Washington, USA
Wynn Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
The Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Hilton Americas, Houston, Texas, USA.

Huvafen Fushi Resort, Maldives

Hotel Solutions [15]

Integrated hotel solutions from a leader in energy,

power, automation and security.
Schneider Electric delivers the industry experience, technical
knowledge, application expertise and market-focused product and
service solutions to help you manage the total life cycle of your hotels.
From new construction through daily operation, we can optimize the
reliability, safety and efficiency of your building systems.

The worlds leading manufacturer of electrical distribution,

power and control solutions, with operations in 130
countries worldwide.
Square D is one of the most trusted names in electrical
distribution, power and control from residential to
industrial construction.
Your single source for managing your building systems,
reducing energy costs, ending service headaches and
financing facility improvements.
Setting the standard for innovation in architectural-grade
lighting products for residential, retail and commercial
applications for more than 20 years.
Respected as a major product innovator, Pelco is a world
leader in the design, development and manufacture of video
security systems and equipment ideal for any industry.
As a global leader in critical power and cooling services,
APC provides industry leading product, software
and systems for home, office, data center and factory
floor applications.
Xantrex is a world leader in the development, manufacturing
and marketing of advanced power electronic solutions for
the renewable and mobile power markets.

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