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Frontier Capstone Critical Theory & Media Literacy

Design and/or Create a Game, App or Lesson Plan

Due July 31st

After your group has reviewed a MOOC, or TED-style educational video you are now ready to move from a researcher
and consumer of information to a teacher and producer of information. However, each method for moving information
(each medium) has built-in strengths, biases, limitations and other logistics. As a group you must decide which type of
Learning Experience best suits your project. (informal vs. formal, online vs. face-to-face, collaborative vs. one-on-one, etc.)
As a group you will deliberate upon, and then describe the design of the Game, App or Lesson Plan, and then describe how
it could be created, distributed and how data on the learning outcomes could be gathered.
As an individual, you may be able to use some of the content for your written paper at the end of this semester.
As a group complete all three sections below. As a group, write a 250-500 word essay completing each requirement.

A) Create six Learning Outcomes (use the in-class worksheet for brainstorming & research)
Based on the research from your Annotated Bibliography, decide what specific Skills, Knowledge,
Attitudes and Tools you would like the users or students to have made progress toward after they
have shown reasonable mastery of the Game, App or Lesson Plan.

Two of these Learning Outcomes must be Perennialmeaning they have endured in the field for over 50 years,
and will still be relevant 50 years into the future. These are the topics that we address in the Humanities and
Critical Theory part of this course.
Two of these Learning Outcomes must be Evolvingmeaning they have come about in the last 25 years or so, as
your field has changed along with society based on new technologies, social progress and other innovations. These
are the topics that we address in the Media Literacy part of this course.
The other two Learning Outcomes should be linked directly to an idea, quote or data set in your groups research
and cited to the page number from a source in your annotated bibliography.

Describe each Learning

Outcome in three to four
sentences. Give a citation
to any idea that your
group has taken from a
written source.
Remember to keep your
Learning Outcomes
within the S.M.A.R.T.
Criteria, and use
concrete, specific and
imaginative descriptions
B) Decide which Learning Experience will best brings across your Learning Outcomes: a Game, an
App or a Lesson-Plan. Using McLuhans tetrad, answer each of
the questions about the medium or media you are planning to

What human trait or experience does the medium enhance?

What pre-existing technology, method, system, or medium does this
medium obsolesce?
What technology, method, system or medium that was previously
obsolesced or abandoned does this medium retrieve?
When fully utilized or pushed to its extreme, what will the medium
reverse into?

Answer each question two to three sentences. Consider the

context as part of the medium: Lesson Plan for college course,
Board Game for recreation, Smartphone App for social media
networking, etc. Remember, media are environments.

C) Describe your chosen Leaning Experience and Media in detail. Using the checklist/rubric for your
selected media as well as the ideas from the MOOCs and TED-style videos Rubrics as a guide for
evaluation. Decide on the following ideas for your Game, App or Lesson-plan.
Game Design:
Mechanics/Learning Curve, etc.
Narrative/Plot, Etc.
Graphics/sthetics, etc.
Topic Framing

App Design:
same as above with
Integration into Mobile Device
Balance for Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants
Narrative/Plot, etc.

Lesson Plan Design:
The Big Picture & Objectives
Engagement & Stickability
Links to other topics
Assessment & Differentiation
Activities (at least three) & Homework/Follow-Ups

Create a written
Description of your groups
selected Learning
Experience addressing at
least six of the categories in
two or three sentences
each. Assign a numerical
value from 4 (highest) to 1
(lowest) in each category for
how well you believe your
Game, App or Lesson plan
can achieve your stated
Learning Outcomes.
Lastly, in four or five
sentences describe how
your groups Game, App or
Lesson Plan could be
created, distributed and how
data could be gathered.

Working as an individual, keep your notes on your worksheet. Follow the instructions of your groups
coordinator. Provide your written input to your groups writer.
Working as a group, write your observations and assessments as a single Evaluation Essay (250-500
words). Submit* a single Document for your group to Blackboard. Bring a copy to the class meeting
on July 31st.

Worksheet for Game, App or Lesson Plan

Learning Outcomes:
(Skills, Knowledge, Attitude, Tools)

#1 [Perennial]

#2 [Perennial]

#3 [Evolving]

#4 [Evolving]

#5 [Citation]

#6 [Citation]

Media Effects:
(McLuhans Tetrad)





For Game Design

For App Design

Integration into Mobile Device
Balance for Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants
Narrative/Plot, etc.

For Lesson Plan Design