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Squadron News P. 1

Quality Cadet
Unit Award

Awards & Promotions P. 2

Calendar P. 3
Cadets P. 4
Senior Members P. 5

As of March 31st we have


5 of the 9 possible crite-

Other News P. 6

ria ( we need a minimum of 5

to earn the award).

Its Popcorn Time Again!

Dont forget, we ALL can work

towards this goal, and heres

Have you achieved the

Have you had at least 1
front seat o-ride?

time for our annual Noble Popcorn fundraiser again!

Wright Brothers Award?

Thats right boys and girls, its

This year our usual lineup of

caramel, cheddar cheese,
cinnamon, English Toffee,
French Vanilla, and cranberry

Have you been to an

twist will be joined by two new



Have you completed at

...BBQ and white cheddar

least 2 DDRx activities?


Have you renewed your

CAP membership?

The large Cedar Creek bags

Senior MembersHave

will be selling for $4, the 1

you taken the Training

gallon (re-usable) containers


will be selling for $10 and the 2




gallon tins will be selling for


If you said no to any of these,

ask me how you can say yes!

All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards funding

our squadron and its missions.
Dont forget that the turn in day
will be Tuesday May 22nd, so
go sell your heart out!

Awards &

Ranking Up
and Levels

Youve worked hard and

have succeed, now its our



From cadets to senior members,

we are all given the chance to
earn promotions and succeed.


Promotion to Capt
Todd Bean

Best Uniform for April

Cadet PT BestsApril Update

Cadet Hansen

Senior MembersOfficer Basic Course

Ive been throwing around an idea lately and even

the material together and help each other through it.

brought it up to a few of you. For those that I havent

had a chance to chat with about it heres your oppor-

Before I can work on the logistics of this idea I need

tunity to let me know what you think

a headcount from you senior members as to who

would like to participate.

Right now Im tentatively

The Officer Basic Course is a completely online

thinking of starting this in August or September, so if

course that CAP offers and you have 3 months to

youre interested please shoot me an email and let

complete it at your own pace. Having already com-

me know.

pleted it myself I know much I wish I would have had

others to bounce ideas off of and to learn all this
great material with. So, heres my thoughtId like
to see if we can arrange to have all senior members
needing this course to enroll at the same time, that
way we can utilize some of our meetings to go over































1 May Cadet Meeting

Emergency Services
Red Oak, IA Airport

5 MayFLM Training @ Red Oak

6 MayRed Oak Fly In

19 MayWings Over Whiteman Air Show

8 May Cadet Meeting

CPFT & Testing
Red Oak, IA Airport

19 & 20 MaySLS @ Camp Dodge

20 MayCherokee Fly In

15 May Cadet Meeting

Aerospace Education
Red Oak, IA Airport

21 March Meeting
CANCELLED due to other activities/events

22 May Cadet Meeting

Leadership & Character Development
Red Oak, IA Airport

29 May Cadet Meeting

Parents Night
Red Oak, IA Airport


Special Events



Howard Viner

New Squadron Handbook is READY!

By now you should have received

lar, #4Your First Training, di-

ments can be found towards the

the new squadron handbook, but

rects you right where you need to

back of the document in attach-

if not please let me know and Ill

go in order to complete either

ments 2-14. Here you can chart

get that sent to you right away!

Level I (as a senior member) or

your progress through your pro-

the majority of your achievement

gram and keep up to date with

1 (for cadets) requirements.

your next promotion require-

NEW MEMBERSPlease take

special note of section one as the


information contained there will

NOT SO new membersPlease

help get you started. In particu-

note that all levels and achieve-

Cadet Promotions
One of the requirements for
cadet promotions is a board of
review (BOR).

Most of you

have already been through this

is and hopefully will agree with
me that is a great chance to
identify both strengths and
weaknesses to better help you
prepare for the increased responsibilities that will come

What Are Other Squadrons Doing?

with a promotion.

Check out this link to see what

Cedar Rapids Senior Squadron

C/Capt Felix Knutson was ac-

the Burlington Composite

and Burlington Composite

cepted to the Air Force Academy.

Squadron is up to.

Squadron recently held a Squadron Leadership School (SLS).

The East Iowa Cadet Squadron,

It is the cadets responsibility to

request a BOR and we ask
that a request be made no less
than one week in advance.
Requests can be made either

Drew Dudley: Everyday Leadership

We have all changed someones

is not a characteristic reserved

life -- usually without even realiz-

for the extraordinary.

in person or via email once all

other promotion requirements
have been met.

ing it. In this funny talk from

TEDxToronto, Drew Dudley calls

Click Here to watch

on all of us to celebrate leader-

this great video!

ship as the everyday act of improving each others lives.

Drew Dudley believes leadership

Iowas 20th Spaatz Cadet Receives Award From Congressman

I am pleased and privileged to have been
able to attend the presentation of the
Spaatz Award to C/Col Adam Waccholz
by Congressman Tom Latham on April 28,
The presentation was held at the Jordan
Creek Town Centre during an Academy
Day event and was a great chance to
spotlight the importance of CAPs Cadet
Program to aspiring youth looking to join
the military.

Cadet Resources
A Quick Reference for
Everything Cadet
News & Updates
Help for New Cadets
Information for Parents
Drill & Ceremonies
Upcoming Encampments
CAP Scholarships
Orientation Flights
Leadership Curriculum
Training Leaders of Cadets
Cadet Special Activities

Senior Member

Senior Members

The following is a list of

What keeps a good squadron on

its feet and prepared at all times
is a well trained and knowledgeable staff.

courses provided to all senior

members to further advance
their education and training
within CAP. Completion of
some of these classes is
mandatory to promote and
complete a level.
As dates become available for
the following courses we will
list them on our calendar as
well as below.

Professional Development
The 2012 Professional Development training dates

If youd like to attend any of the training courses you

have been announced!

will need to fill out a CAPF 17 and send it to the Iowa

Wing Professional Development Officer (Capt Cindi

Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC)

Squadron Leadership
School (SLS)


is required for the Benjamin O.

Squadron Leadership School (SLS)

Davis Jr. Award (Level II).

when: May 19-20, 2012

Wachholz) as well as the course director (TBD

when we know well let you know).
All courses have billeting arranged for at Camp
Dodge for a VERY reasonable rate.

where: Des Moines, IA

Available online, sign up here.

If more than one squadron member would like to go

Corporate Leadership Course (CLC)

Officer Basic Course

when: June 23-24, 2012

is required for the Benjamin O.

and carpool, please see Capt Jason Erickson about

the use of the CAP vehicle

where: Des Moines, IA

Davis Jr. Award (Level II)

For more information on what the courses entail and

Available online, sign up here.

Unit Commanders Course (UCC)

what to expect, please chat with your squadron Pro-

when: September 22-23, 2012

fessional Development Officer (Capt Jessa Erick-

where: Des Moines, IA

Corporate Learning
Course (CLC)


is required for the Grover Loening

Aerospace Award (Level III).

Important Updates . . .

Available online, sign up here.

Forms & Regulations Updates

Misc Updates

Unit Commanders
Course (UCC)

is advised for those wishing to

serve on the Command Staff.

CAPR 50-3CPPT Student Training

CAPR 60.-1CAP Flight Management
CAPR 190-1CAP Public Affairs Program
CAPR 50-17CAP Senior Member Professional Development Program

Training Leaders of
Cadets (TLC)

is a component of the Cadet

CAPR 76-1CAP Member Movement via Military Aircraft

Programs Officer Specialty Track

CAPR 77-1Operation & Maintenance of CAP


CAPR 1-2Personally Identifiable Information

Ops QualsDrivers License Module Launch

Drug Demand Reduction funds are now available for ALL CADET UNITS!

Upcoming Subordinate Unit Inspection (SUI)

Links You NEED

to Know About!

In the coming months we, as a

cording to the regs. During this

ly ever knows their job to a T,

squadron, will be preparing for a

preparation time we will be going

thats why we need to work to-

subordinate unit inspection (SUI).

through each duty position to

gether and help each other out.

This inspection is meant to be an

make sure we have someone

Southwest Iowa Composite

educational experience to help us

assigned and that that person is

Squadron Website

all make sure that were running

informed and knows how to do

our squadron efficiently and ac-

their job. As always, no one real-

Squadron Links

Squadron Calendar
Facebook We post pho-

Mark Your Calendars!

Both the squadron and Wing cal-

tos, notes about upcoming

events (including meeting can-

New to the calendar:

endars have seen some updating

lately so be sure to check them,

SAREX on July 7th @

cellations), important news,


etc. so be sure to Like us so

Flight Line Supervisor (FLS)

you can keep up.

as well as the weekly meeting

training on June 2nd

agendas, out so you can stay up

location TBD

Wordpress In addition to

SAREX on June 9th @

our new social media ven-

to date on all the fun stuff thats

going on this summer!


ue, weve also instituted an

online blog via a Wordpress

Ever Thought About Going to an Encampment?

If youve ever wondered what it

ment in June and one senior

courage EVERY single cadet to

would be like to go to an encamp-

member is heading off to Ne-

apply! Even if youre brand new,

ment, nows a GREAT time to

braskas Encampment at the

this is a great opportunity to learn

find out!

same time.

the basics and get a heads up on

The summer months are ripe with

While it is too late to apply for the

your next promotion(s).

encampments all over the US.

Minnesota Encampment, (basic)

If you need help getting your ap-

Currently we have one cadet set

cadet applications for Nebraska

plication packet completed be

to go to the Colorado Encamp-

are still be accepted and I en-

sure to let me know!


Wing Links
Iowa Wing Website
Wordpress Check out
this site for information on
scheduled events, what the
other squadrons are doing,
and other cool stuff. If you

Walk the Line

havent already, but sure to

During our 3rd Saturday meeting in March members

posts directly via your email

participated in the Foggy Goggles DDRx activity

where they were given the chance to put on simulation drunk goggles and complete tasks ranging from
walking a straight line to catching a ball thats being
thrown to them. Afterwards members sat down to
discuss the various repercussions of drug &
alcohol use.

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