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in this issue
Squadron News P. 1

Quality Cadet
Unit Award

Awards & Promotions P. 2

Calendar P. 3
Cadets P. 4

As of August 31st we have

Senior Members P. 5

completed another year of

Other News P. 6

eligibility for the QCUA.

And we wait . . .
I have been tracking our
progress this past year and

From the Deputy Commander . . .

Capt Jessa Erickson

to do better!

wonderful celebration of ALL of

Iowas many achievements dur-

I had a lot of time over my 3-day

am nothing but pleased

As the summer time activities

ing the past year. Yours truly will

weekend to reflect on how busy

with our efforts. Remember

slowly wind down, September

be there, as will your squadron

August was...

looks forward to the Youth Avia-

commander who will be serving

tion Day Camp and Fly Iowa

as MC. If you havent registered

that this is a SQUADRON

EFFORT, not just one per-

Our first cadet to attend an

son can make this happen

2012 in Atlantic, North Central

to go yet please do, wed love to

NCSA (he actually attended

Region Conference in Des

have a strong squadron pres-

so you all deserve a pat on


Moines and the SE Iowa Airshow


Front seat o-rides for cadets

in Burlington. Not only that, but

Brasher, Mood & Pelzer

two cadets are already set to

Wreaths Across America is in full

Back seat o-rides for cadets

promote once their time in grade

swing and well be ramping up

Murphy, Bean, Hohenberger

(TIG) is up, and several other

our sponsorship efforts, both indi-

and Baker

cadets are in prime position to be

vidually and as a squadron, as

Pilot check rides for SMs

able to promote as well.

we prepare to attend the annual

Johnson, Dimon & Murphy

begin a new year of qualification

wreath laying ceremony in De-

for the Quality Cadet Unit Award

cember. Be sure to be at the

we also look forward to schedul-

meeting to get your sponsorship

ing DDRx and AEX activities.

forms (and to turn them in), or

the back.
Starting September 1st we
begin a new year and I chal-

lenge you all to do better.

Dont forget to check back
here every month to see
how were fairing and how
you can step up and help
make a difference!

SM Johnson completed Officer Basic Course

THREE senior members

completed the Yeager exam

SM Josh Hansen promoted

to 2d Lt

As we

you can email me if you need

Thinking a little farther ahead

some blank ones to hand out to


your friends and family. If youre

not familiar with Wreaths Across

Cadets Pelzer, Hohenberger

October will see the Iowa Wing

America check out their website

and Hansen all promoted

Conference at Camp Dodge in

and ask us how we can honor

Des Moines. The conference

those whove given their lives for

Now I look to September and

planning committee is hard at

our freedom.

wonder how we can surpass our

work (I speak from experience!)

many accomplishments because,

planning great sessions and a

as you all know, we always strive

Thank you all for a great August!

Awards &

Ranking Up
and Levels

Youve worked hard and

have succeeded, now its

From cadets to senior members,

we are all given the chance to
earn promotions and succeed.

our turn to recognize your

Achievement #1 &
Promotion to C/Amn
Cadet Pelzer

Cadet PT BestsAugust Update

Achievement #3 &
Promotion to C/SrA
Cadet Hansen

Achievement #6 &
Promotion to C/SMSgt
Cadet Hohenberger

Promotion to 2d Lt
Josh Hansen

Special Activity Ribbon

Cadet Salvato

Search Find Ribbon

Cadet Salvato

Yeager Award
Josh Hansen
Jake Johnson
Brett White

Senior MembersSquadron Leadership Course

Best Uniform for August

Due to the large number of senior members in our

minimal fee (TBD) to cover course materials as well

Cadet Hohenberger

squadron, we have been given permission to hold a

as lunch on Saturday. Supper on Saturday will be

Squadron Leadership Course in Red Oak. Weve

our usual $5 for food and drinks during the cadet/

chosen to hold this class on October 20 & 21, 2012

senior meeting at the airport so please plan on that

to coincide with the 3rd Saturday meeting .

as well because we will be having an awards and

promotions ceremony too.

October is fast approaching and plans are being

finalized to make it a great experience for all senior

If you are interested in attending please fill out a

members who are able to participate.

CAPF 17 and send it to

As we get

closer and closer more details will be made available

so be sure to check our monthly newsletters as well
as our weekly meetings for announcements.
What I can tell you right now is that there will be a






























4 September Cadet Meeting

Emergency Services
Red Oak, IA Airport
11 September Cadet Meeting
CPFT & Testing
Red Oak, IA Airport

18 September Cadet Meeting

Aerospace Education
Red Oak, IA Airport

25 September Cadet Meeting

Leadership & Character Development
Red Oak, IA Airport


Special Events


1-2 SeptemberQuad City Airshow

7-9 SeptemberNorth Central Region

Conference @ Des Moines

8 SeptemberAviation Youth Day Camp

@ Atlantic

15 SeptemberFly Iowa 2012 @ Atlantic

21-22 SeptemberSE Iowa Airshow @


None this month

Cadet Promotions

Thoughts from your First Sergeant . . .

that you could split them up into

mander, and the whole squadron

flights, and have competitions. In

itself is teaching the cadets. It

On August 9, 2012 I went to my

order to perform these opportuni-

takes time, effort, and sacrifice to

very first Civil Air Patrol Meeting.

ties there has to be responsibili-

perform the responsibilities to

There were only three cadets

ties. Thats where First Sergeant

their best abilities. I wouldnt have

there counting myself, and now

comes in.

been able to be where I am now

C/SMSgt Luke Hohenberger

one year later, there are twelve

if it wasnt for the tremendous

cadets and more interested! That

As a First Sergeant you are en-

help of the sergeants, squadron

is a very large growth in one

countered with diverse responsi-

staff, and of course the wonderful

year! Since we have more cadets

bilities. The responsibilities con-

support of my awesome family.

that means there are more oppor-

sist of making sure that cadets

Some people may think that be-

tunities. For example, we had a

are passing their tests for promo-

ing a First Sergeant is just anoth-

cadet transfer from Georgia that

tions, excelling in drill, and having

er job or task, but I strongly disa-

has experience in color guard. So

the cadets serve the core values

gree. It is one individuals enor-

a new opportunity would be that

to their fullest! How well the ca-

mous duty, and it is a privilege

we could start a color guard. An-

dets perform as a squadron re-

and I am honored to serve as a

other good opportunity when you

flects on what type of leadership

First Sergeant in the Civil Air Pa-

get a great amount of cadets is

that the sergeants, cadet com-


One of the requirements for

cadet promotions is a board of
review (BOR).

Most of you

have already been through this

is and hopefully will agree with
me that is a great chance to
identify both strengths and
weaknesses to better help you
prepare for the increased responsibilities that will come
with a promotion.
It is the cadets responsibility to
request a BOR and we ask
that a request be made no less
than one week in advance.
Requests can be made either
in person or via email once all

A Cadet PerspectiveColorado Encampment 2012

ber, I was required to come to the

Following the staff training we

encampment early to attend a

inducted a new year of basic ca-

This summer I was lucky enough

training exercise. For 4 days the

dets. Over the course of the next

to have the opportunity to attend

staff, both senior members and

few days we started to train and

and staff the Colorado Wing 2012

cadets, trained to become better

shape the cadets to become the

Summer Encampment. In March I

leaders and to standardize the

future leaders that they can all

was chosen to become a Flight

practices that would be taught to


Commander, and was selected

the basic cadets.

C/1st Lt Josh Salvato

for ECHO Flight.As a staff mem-

August Awards & Promotions night

other promotion requirements

have been met.

Read More

Cadet Resources
A Quick Reference for
Everything Cadet
News & Updates
Help for New Cadets
Information for Parents
Drill & Ceremonies
Upcoming Encampments
CAP Scholarships
Orientation Flights
Leadership Curriculum
Training Leaders of Cadets
Cadet Special Activities

Senior Member

Senior Members

The following is a list of

What keeps a good squadron on

its feet and prepared at all times
is a well trained and knowledgeable staff.

courses provided to all senior

members to further advance
their education and training
within CAP. Completion of
some of these classes is
mandatory to promote and
complete a level.
As dates become available for
the following courses we will
list them on our calendar as
well as below.

Professional Development
The 2012 Professional Development training dates

If youd like to attend any of the training courses you

have been announced!

will need to fill out a CAPF 17 and send it to the Iowa

Wing Professional Development Officer (Capt Cindi

Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC)

Squadron Leadership
School (SLS)

Wachholz) as well as the course director.

when: TBA
where: TBA

is required for the Benjamin O.

All courses being conducted by the Iowa Wing have

billeting arranged for at Camp Dodge for a VERY

Davis Jr. Award (Level II).

Squadron Leadership School (SLS)

reasonable rate.

when: October 20 & 21, 2012

Available online, sign up here.

where: Red Oak, IA

If more than one squadron member would like to go

and carpool, please see Capt Jason Erickson about

Officer Basic Course

Corporate Leadership Course (CLC)

is required for the Benjamin O.

the use of the CAP vehicle

when: TBA

Davis Jr. Award (Level II)

where: TBA,

For more information on what the courses entail and

what to expect, please chat with your squadron Pro-

Available online, sign up here.

Unit Commanders Course (UCC)

when: TBA

Corporate Learning
Course (CLC)

fessional Development Officer (Capt Jessa Erickson).

where: TBA

is required for the Grover Loening

Aerospace Award (Level III).

Important Updates . . .

Available online, sign up here.

Forms & Regulations Updates

Unit Commanders
Course (UCC)

The following duty positions are

is advised for those wishing to

serve on the Command Staff.

Training Leaders of
Cadets (TLC)
is recommended for ALL senior

Help Wanted!

CAPPR 210-1CAP Historical Program

CAPR 174-1Property Management & Accountability

open and needing to be filled . . .

CAPR 39-2CAP Membership

CAPR 100-1Communications
CAPP 214Communications Specialty Track


Cadet Programs Officer

Recruiting & Retention Officer
Aerospace Education Officer
Public Affairs Officer
Leadership Officer
Drug Demand Reduction Officer

members in a cadet or composite


ICUT release

If youre interested in any of the positions listed

Officer Basic Course (OBC) release

above, please let Capt Jessa Erickson know.

Links You NEED

to Know About!

By the Numbers . . .
Capt Jessa Erickson

Squadron Links

Senior Members



Level I12/13

Achievement 111/12

OPSEC25/25 100%


Achievement 26/12


Southwest Iowa Composite

1st Technician Rating3/13

Achievement 35/12

Intro to CAP Safety24/25

Squadron Website

Office Basic Course5/13

Wright Brothers5/12

Aircraft Ground Handling14/25

Level II3/13

Billy Mitchell 1/12

Basic ORM11/25



Congratulations to those who have completed requirements to help us reach our goals of 100% for the categories above, we cant thank you enough! If you are missing anything weve listed above, or anything else
found in the Training Matrix excel spreadsheet found on our SharePoint portal, please help us out by getting
them completed ASAP! If youre not sure what to do, dont hesitate to let me (Capt Jessa Erickson) know
and I will be happy to be of assistance.

I am EXTREMELY proud to an-

place) and 16 Certificates of Merit

Writing for Media/VolunteerNow

nounce that the Iowa Wing has

(third place).

been honored with two MajHowell

Capt Jessa Erickson

(Certificate of Merit)

Balsem Public Affairs Exceptional

For a complete listing of all

Achivement Awards winners this

awards (for which the North Cen-

Social Media


tral Region did VERY well this

Capt Jessa Erickson (Award

year), please check out this arti-

of ExcellenceSWICS Fa-

cle .

cebook page)

affairs work generated between

Jan. 1, 2011, and Dec. 31, 2011,

Writing for Media/Newsletter


were received, resulting in 11

Balsem awards (first place), 20

IA-003 Squadron Member

Facebook We post photos, notes about upcoming
events (including meeting can-

Iowa Wing Brings Home 4 Balsem Awards

More than 90 entries of public

Squadron Calendar

1st Lt Betsy Becker (Award

of Excellence)

Awards of Excellence (second

Capt Jessa Erickson (Award

of ExcellenceIowa Wing

cellations), important news,

etc. so be sure to Like us so
you can keep up.
Wordpress In addition to
our new social media venue, weve also instituted an
online blog via a Wordpress

Wing Links
Iowa Wing Website
Wordpress Check out
this site for information on

August 2012 o-rides & check rides

scheduled events, what the

other squadrons are doing,
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Misc. Links
American Red Cross
First Aid app for iPhone
Photos courtesy of SM Theresa Hohenberger

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