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26TH MARCH 2015

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The Deputy Chairperson Health Committee of the Council

Cllr Cecilia Phiri and all Councillors present
Acting CEO Dr Alfred Chanza
Mr Joseph DeGabrielle and Mr Marcel Chisi representing
Director of Health and Social Services and all directors
Chief Executive Officers present
Invited Guests
Members of the media
Ladies and Gentlemen
Good morning!
I am delighted this morning to preside over the launch of this very
important project which will transform the sanitation situation in our
beautiful Blantyre City.
Blantyre City Council is today pleased to announce that it has secured
$2,638,272 (about K1.1 billion) grant from Bill and Melinda Gates
foundation for a three-year sanitation project to be implemented in the
City. This success is based on good results achieved by this
partnership in managing market toilets, developing pit latrine
emptying services, and in treating fecal sludge. While important
achievements, these results are still on a small scale, and with this
grant the Council aims to scale up these services Citywide.
The project will be implemented by a partnership of three
organizations namely the Blantyre City Council, the Malawian NGO
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AYISE / Blantyre Waste Concern and the Netherlands based NGO

WASTE; advisers on urban environment and development. The
project involves public and private sector participation through
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which will ensure a win-win
arrangement for the residents of Blantyre, the private sector and the
It is noted that among the challenges facing Blantyre City to be
addressed with this project are insufficient number of useable public
toilets, many private and public toilets that are full of fecal sludge,
overflowing toilets especially during the rainy season, collected fecal
sludge being dumped haphazardly into the environment, pollution of
rivers and streams and unhygienic and unhealthy living conditions.
The project, therefore, was designed based on the Blantyre City
Councils motto Taking the City back to the people. It aims at
bringing a clean City back to a healthy population by 2018. We want
Blantyre City to achieve the following results:
a significant reduction of open defecation;
the Citys population accessing clean public toilet in markets,
bus stations and neighborhoods;
residents that have access to pit emptying services that are safe
and that offer value for money so that overflowing toilets no
longer pollute neighborhoods and rivers
a reduction in the illegal dumping of sewage by upgrading and
increasing the number of sludge treatment sites
and a reduction of sanitation related complaints to the Council.
In the preceding years, the Council was providing sanitation services
to its population through the Department of Health and Social
Services. However, since the passing of the Sanitation Policy and the
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Public Private Partnership Act, the private sector is also involved in

the provision of services to the population. These services include the
emptying of pit latrines and operation of market toilets. This
development compliments the decision by the Council to broaden
participation in service delivery by including the private sector. The
role of the Council would be to create an environment that would
encourage investments by the private sector to provide these services
as a business and to ensure that these services are provided to a good
Ladies and Gentlemen,
To achieve the clean City by 2018, the Council with its partners
would ensure that 100 public toilets have been upgraded or built and
that it has entered into Service Level Agreements with service
providers to operate and maintain these public toilets to acceptable
standards based on user fees.
The Council would also want to ensure both public toilets and
household latrines are always usable and never full of sludge, as the
City creates an enabling environment where the private sector
purchases modern, hygienic and efficient latrine emptying equipment.
It is will also upgrade five Fecal Sludge Management
(Treatment/Disposal/Reuse) sites that would be operated under
agreements with the private sector or semi-government organizations.
The project is designed in such a way that the investments in
equipment and public toilets are shared between the Council and the
private sector. The investments by the project funds are meant merely
to kick start these investments. In fact, the Council has already
significantly increased the 2015 budget allocation to improve
sanitation in the City in order to fulfil its obligations.
Blantyre City Council is grateful to have received such a prestigious
grant worth such amount from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
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and is appealing to different stakeholders including residents and the

business community to come forward to participate through
investments as we improve sanitation in our City.
It is our hope that the implementation of this project which will
increase sanitation facilities will help all of us to change our attitudes
and mindsets especially when it comes to use and protection of public
Once all the procedures are finalized, people would be able to see
changes on the ground.
It is now my singular honour and privilege to declare the Sanitation
Project officially launched.
I thank you for your attention.

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