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Camp David Summit With Israeli Leaders and Palestinian Leaders in that summit here is

what should be discussed:

1. The Palestinian Leaders should denounce Hamas, and also the

Palestinian people should also denounce HAMAS

2. Israel should pledge to help out Palestinians Rebuild Gaza, rebuild the infrastructure, houses, bridges and also
Israel should unite Gaza with Hebron as there did with Judea and Sam-aria and allow the Palestinians to
work, go to school.

Israel is a first world country and it should deliver Aid to Palestinians,

food aid, medical aid and financial aid.

4. Just like the deal Israel has with Jordan, Israel has the power and means to deliver and supply clean water to
Iran (Persia) should stop supporting and funding HAMAS immediately
and the Palestinian leaders should not and refuse to allow their country to
be a tool and a puppet of Iran and if Iran keeps on supporting Hezbollah
in Lebanon and HAMAS in GAZA then The US Government should
respond with tough sanctions.
6. If the Palestinian leadership and government denounce HAMAS and terror acts, the United States will also pledge
$2.5 Billion Dollars in Aid to the Palestinian people to help them build their cities and infrastructure
7. For Full Israeli Control of Jerusalem Israel will give Visas to Palestinians
to go and live, work and send their children to school and also the United
States will also extend their Visa waiver program to Palestinians to come
and live in the United States.

8. The Christian nation of the United States and its good friend the Jewish State of Israel agree together to
fund Clean Energy Projects for Palestine helping them to fight climate change, drought, famine and hunger and
provide Clean energy to Palestinians.

The United States and Israel agrees on the right of return for Palestinian

10. The United States and Israel agree in partnership to help build up a strong Palestinian Government and

Defense Forces that will help the government fight terror and protect its people from groups such as
11. The Israel Government should fund Charter Schools for Palestinians in Palestine
eliminating the need for UN brainwashing schools that brainwash the Palestinian
Children to hate the Jews, and to be killers and seekers of salvation by death this is
the 21st century such behavior should be condemned and not condoned Escepially by
an Organisation like the UN which was created to prevent conflicts and not increase
them by sparking up flames to a already burning fire.
12. Rehabilitation of Palestinian refugees, Respect for Israeli sovereignty and strategic
cooperation with Jordan.

13. Allow the Palestinians to become citizens of Jordan which would become a
Palestinian state The Palestinian refugee camps would be dismantled, and the
Palestinian refugees would be fully absorbed into their host countries. Israel, the
United States and the international community will allocate resources for the
completion of the exchange of populations that began in 1948 and the full
rehabilitation of the refugees and their absorption and naturalization in various

P.E.A.C.E. Plan

Promote Israel and Palestinian reconciliation

Equip Palestinian servant leaders Assist the Palestinian poor Care for the Palestinian sick Educate the next Palestinian generation
Working to address Spiritual Emptiness escepially amongst
Palestinian Mothers who send out their Children to be suicide
bombers, this things must be condemned not condoned
Egocentric Leadership From the Palestinian government,
Israeli government, Synagogues, Mosques and Churches

Fight Extreme Poverty in the Palestinian Areas

Fight Pandemic Diseases in the Palestinian Areas

Fight Illiteracy and lack of education in Palestine

a public sector of effective governments

a private sector of effective businesses

a social sector of effective community organizations, including

faith-based organizations