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5 Tips to get Motivation in SPM

Have you ever wonder, how did the Top Student get motivation in SPM? You do can
achieve great result in SPM through some tips and tricks. Everyone has unlimited
potential that havent been discovered. Why top students can succeed in the studies
but not you? Because they apply the 5 Tips to get motivation in SPM as stated below.
Tips 1 Set a goal to get motivation in SPM
You will only be consistent to work hard for your SPM when youre motivated by
dynamic purposes. Think about your future after SPM and the ambition that you want
to achieve, why spm is so important to you? You can set the goal into short-term goal
and long-term goal.
In short-term goal:
Tell yourselves what to do after school today? Practise on Mathematics objective
question? Revising a chapter of Biology? Or, finishing a whole set of SPM Trial
By doing so, you may find yourselves easily to achieve these goals in studies. Thus,
this would keep you motivated for SPM!
In long-term goal:
Give yourselves a schedule to achieve in 2 weeks or 1 month, like completely
understanding the whole Form 5 Additional Mathematics in 3 weeks. Also, define
your true purpose and evaluate your purpose by considering questions, such as: What
I really want to do? and How can I achieve that?
Having a true purpose and knowing what it is will be the rocket fuel to get motivated
and help you stay motivated during SPM!
By combining the short-term goal and long-term goal for SPM, this is the example:
You are a science stream student in SPM, you wish to be lecturer in future, but you
still have yet 4 months to sit for this Big examinations. Therefore, its important for
you to get motivation in SPM! How? What you need to do is, today, you are going to
finish a set of Sejarah Trial Paper from Kedah (this is a short goal for SPM).
Tomorrow, you should finish practising the Prinsip Perakaunan Trial Paper from
Pulau Pinang (another short goal to achieve in spm).
After that, you have to totally understand the whole Form 4 Sejarah topic in 2 weeks
(a long goal to achieve in SPM). By doing this, you would find yourselves achieving
your dreamt result gradually. Then, keep motivating yourselves, your lecturers days
would be there soon!

Tips 2 Be Passion for motivation SPM

I believe most of you would feel stressed or bored during the period of SPM.
However, you can change that when you start building a passion in certain subjects.
You can start with your favourite subject during the revision. What is your favourite
subject? Mine would be Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.
Then, have an idol in your life who is passionate with his or her career. Have you ever
met someone who is passionate about what they do? Is Nichole Ann David passionate
about squash? .You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough.
Always tell yourself you can get 10 A+ in SPM!
If you arent passionate about the things that you are doing, you cant get motivation
in SPM. Feeling hard to you? No, its not. Its just you havent find your favourite
subject in spm.
Unfortunately, there are many people walking this planet who do not have any passion
about what they are doing. They had given up their dreams. Passion is the motivation
in spm that drives you to excellence and superior results.
Tips 3 Be a non-stop learning machine in SPM
Learning is what most students and adults will do in the 21st century.
Every day, you must be willing to reinvent yourself. Because the shelf life of
knowledge is so short in the society, the knowledge you know doesnt last very long.
Especially, the introduction of HOTS and KBAT question in SPM since the year of
Reading and continuous learning will separate you from the rest of students. You will
be able to perform better in SPM KBAT question and that is very motivating.
Remember, dont ever study your SPM last minute, it wont guarantee a good result
for you!
Tips 4 Practice long term thinking
Most people who are successful in life have long-term thinking. They plan and have
long term goals, I believe a lot of students practise that in SPM too! They can clearly
articulate those plans and act with an eye toward the long term. One CEO in Japan,
Masayoshi Son, not only has a ten year plan, but a 300 year plan!
Practicing long term thinking will keep you motivated. You will know your next move
and targets. You will look at all of the decisions that youve got to make, and you will
decide the answers based on the long term.

Tips 5 Reward yourself as motivation in SPM

When you set goals, and achieve them, it is absolutely essential to reward yourself for
the hard work. For example, if you achieve a 8As in mid-year examinations, threat
yourself a feast or an album of your idol. However, dont ever buy yourself a PS4,
that wont gain you motivation in SPM.
One of the keys to get motivation in SPM is seeing tangible results for your efforts. If
you are really working hard and doing what you should be doing, at some point, you
will get tired of doing it. Especially if you cant see any progress in Trial SPM, or you
feel like you arent improving in SPM. It is important to learn how to create selfincentives to help drive your motivation for spm. So, reward yourself from today if
you are really doing something awesome.
If you apply these tips for motivation in SPM, keep going!
Remember, set a goal, keep passionate, learning continuously, practise long-term
learning, then, reward yourself when you achieve your goal in SPM! By applying the
tips, you would keep motivated in SPM!
Stay positive and good luck for SPM! How do you keep yourself motivated in spm?
Comment below.
7 Ways to Improve SPM Objective Paper
Have you ever thought that, you should start to improve your SPM objective paper
result? In our SPM examinations, objective questions stand up to 20 or 30 %. Subjects
like Mathematics and Prinsip Akaun do require us to get high marks on objective
question. One student in Twitter told me that she always get low marks in Paper 1 of
Sejarah. This seriously affects the overall grade of her paper. Hence, I would like to
tell you the 7 Ways to Improve your Objective Paper result in SPM.
#1 Answer All the Question
You must always try to answer all the question, even if you really not sure about the
real answer. In this case, just try to circle the answer which is most possible. Maybe
you can really get a few more marks because of that. I do really saved my A+ in
Sejarah Paper before this! I guessed correctly for two unsure questions, and, that got
me a 90 marks in the sejarah paper.
However, if you just leave the answer blank, you would gain nothing.

#2 Understand the Keyword

Understand what the question wants. For instance, read through the question asked in
Mathematics or Sejarah paper. Then, highlight the keywords found in the question.
You can easily check back your selected answer later on, by just reading the keywords
highlighted. Furthermore, you can avoid careless mistakes made in the SPM or Trial
SPM examinations. This improves your efficiency in answering the objective
#3 Choose the Best Answer
Make sure you have picked the best answer for every question. We do really undergo
few times of dilemma in just one paper, if we prepare our examinations last minute.
Whats more, the KBAT or HOTS trend comes out in the year of 2014, which requires
us to think more. So, better think twice before choosing the answer, especially in your
#4 Do not Spend All Time in One Question
What if, you really cant pick the most suitable answer for each question? I used to
spend a lot of time to answer one question, if I am not sure about it. I regretted once I
failed to finish the whole Biology paper. Hence, I found a more effective way to
answer my Science paper before SPM. Skip those hard questions first, then return for
them after you have completed the whole paper. This tip can ensure you to finish the
SPM paper on time! Whats important is that, you wont left out any questions again!
#5 Manage your Time Wisely
Time management is a crucial part to excel in your SPM or Trial SPM. Lets see the
chart below:


Time Given

Average time per


Sejarah Paper 1
Mathematics Paper 1
Prinsip Perakaunan Paper 1
Science, Physics, Biology,
Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah
Ekonomi Asas
English for Science and
Pengetahuan Sains Sukan

1 hour
1 hour 15 minutes
1 hour 15 minutes

1.5 minutes
1.9 minutes
1.9 minutes

1 hour 15 minutes

1.5 minutes

1 hour 15 minutes
1 hour 15 minutes

1.9 minutes
1.9 minutes

1 hour

2 minutes

1 hour 15 minutes

1.9 minutes

Surprised? You have only less than 2 minutes to answer each question. So, how
should you spend your time with care?
We spend most time to answer Mathematics Paper 1, make sure you divide the time
into 3 parts. First, finish all the question you are confident with it. This part would
take 30 to 35 minutes. In the second part, answer those questions which are more
difficult, which should only spend about 15 to 20 minutes. Also, spend 10 to 15
minutes for reviewing the answer.
By applying this method, you would find it easier to get your paper done.
#6 Check your Answer
Check your answer at least twice before the end of paper. For example in
Mathematics paper, we always make careless mistakes, like adding or subtracting
wrongly. This is a deadly error to be made in big exams like SPM as a lot of marks
would be deducted due to this. Remember, check through the question and your
answer again before hand in the papers.
#7 Checking Details is also a way to Improve SPM Objective Paper
Do remember, check your OMR paper also. OMR paper is the one you use to blacken
the final answer. Make sure you have blacken all of the answers correctly. Once in a
while, you would find that, you have blacken B in OMR paper but the answer in
question paper is A. This is a serious mistake to be avoided.
Remember, make sure your Name, I/C and Angka Giliran are provided correctly on
the paper.
Although the ways to improve SPM objective paper result may seem trivial, make
sure you have applied these steps in your examinations.
You would see some improvements throughout your SPM examinations. Wish you
Good Luck.
Are you using the ways above when answering the objective question? Let me know
by commenting below.
6 Tips to Prepare SPM Last Minute 1
SPM is around the door, some students asked me about the tips to prepare for spm.
Therefore, here are some tips for dealing with SPM exams last minute. Hopefully
these tips can really help you in the coming Percubaan SPM or SPM.
#1 Do Not Study Last Minute for SPM

Though this post is about how to study last minute, remember, try your best to avoid
burning midnight oil to study. Why? This is because you might feel sleepy in the next
morning while sitting for the Percubaan SPM. Subjects like Mathematics, Additional
Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry which need a lot of calculations require a fresh
mind to brainstorm of the answer.
Whats more, since the year of 2013, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia is coming up
with the KBAT or HOTS question in SPM. You would really need to stay refresh in
order to answer these questions.
#2 Keep Calm and Do Not worry
You need to keep calm and do not worry. You wont get anything when you are
feeling anxious. You would end up too depressed about the result and cant remember
what you have learnt. Its better to plan what you going to study next for the coming
SPM examinations. Follow the plan step by step.
#3 Focus on your study
Put your mind to the whole learning process. Do not be too nervous about the lack of
time to prepare for your SPM examinations or Percubaan SPM. Memorize the
important point only and this will help you to score with flying color in exam and it
will make your brain works actively.
Even if you try to calm the anxiety you experience it during SPM, but eventually the
feeling will haunt you again. Now if this happens, try to divert yourself from your
study table. Then, start to do some light activities like stretching your body. Next, sit
down and continue your learning. This way will help you to ease the stress during
preparation of SPM.
#4 Believe you can Score in SPM
Always tell yourself that I Can Do It in SPM. Slowly, you will gain more and more
confidence in answering the spm questions. Also, write your target A+ on a paper and
paste it on your study table. Each time you see this, you will motivates yourself. I
used this method before too! Definitely, this method boosts my confidence to score in
Motivation is the most important things to help us improve our results. We do easily
give up to revise for our SPM sometimes. This study tips for SPM would be the most
effective one to you, it would keep you hardworking for all the time.

#5 Rest More

During the study you feel tired quickly. Take time to relax your brain completely. You
are encouraged to get up and had a little walk or take a short nap. Continue your
studies after that, you would feel refreshed. A reminder for you, try your best to avoid
stay up late. We need a fresh mind to answer question during SPM, you wont want
your marks get deducted by careless mistakes.
#6 Focus More on SPM Important Chapter
Right now, you only had time to study the important chapter only. Do not use too
much time on less important chapter. Select 5 to 6 important chapter and understand it
more. For example, before every year of SPM, school teachers or tuition teacher
would try to analyst those past years SPM question. You would get a list of what
would come up in this year SPM exam. If you really running up of time, then try to
focus on those Soalan Ramalan SPM.
The above methods do really help me in all of my Form 4 and Form 5 examinations
but every student do have your own way of study.
By trying the SPM Tips above, you would see improvements in your examinations.
How do you prepare for your SPM and Trial SPM examinations last minute? Are you
using the methods I mentioned above? Or if you have another great study tips, do
comment below and let me know.
How to Memorise Things Better in SPM
Tips to Memorise Things Better in SPM is always a Hot topic being discussed
among students. Lets reveal the ways to memorise knowledge easier now!
In this competitive world, scoring good result in SPM is not an easy task .
Memorising is an amazing technique. You would use this technique for your whole
life. Brain is a great invention by God just like the nucleus in a cell. Without brain,we
cant control ourselves such as memorising, doing homework, learning new
knowledge and so on. Our brain is divided into two part, the left and the right part.Our
left part of brain is responsible for language,strategic,communication,scientific
skill,calculate and control our right hand. While our right brain is responsible for 3D
shape in our mind, arts,imagination and control our left hand.
So, how can we memorise things better in SPM? Lets follow the tips one by one.
1# Keep discussing and sharing the knowledge that you know with other people.
According to the scientific investigation, those people who like to share knowledge
with other people memorise things better. For an example, teachers who teach us, they
share knowledge with us. From them, we can notice that they can memorise things

better than we do. But why? Because they share knowledge with us. Knowledge is
prime that can civilise this world. Keep in mind the more knowledge you share, the
more things you can memorise. Amazing right? You can try this skill by having
study group with your friends. Group studying can also motivates us in SPM! One
thing that you need to know is we have to listen to the others opinions and their
knowledge. If we keep talking,we only can know the knowledge that we already
knew. I would like to give a piece of advice, listen and sharing are two most important
things in this world.
The man who listen well is gold, the man who speak well is silver and for those who
can do both are DIAMOND!
2# Frequently Write and Rewrite notes helps Memorise Things Better
Sticky note is very useful nowadays. You can write the notes you know on a piece of
stick notes. Paste it on your wall and your wardrobe. Everytime you enter your room
or taking out your clothes before you bath, you can have a look of your notes that you
have written. The more times you repeat this step, the more you can memorise. When
you are learning something new, you can always let the stick note be your best friend.
Write down whatever you know on that piece of stick note. Read the stick notes
overtime before you go to bed. You can stick the stick notes in a book, and you can
bring them everywhere. Simple right? But the most important thing is frequently write
and read them.
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So, plan the stick note as your best buddy to
memorise things better for this coming SPM!
3# Prepare some tests for yourself
Test is not an exam, you can do the test whenever you want. Test is just to make sure
that you still remember the things that you have memorised. Our brain got one part
which we call it as cortex. This part is same with the computer storage, it can store
many information that you want. Try to imagine that you have the ability copy and
paste. Fabulous right? The cortex of our brain is destined to undergo evolution. You
can have your test, after you have memorise something. Prepare a paper for yourself
and write all the things that you have memorised without checking books. One day,
you will be really amazed what your brain can memorise things better and you dont
have short term memory loss anymore. Theres some tips if you want to study for last
A man doesnt know what he knows until he knows what he doesnt know.
4# Visualize your Knowledge
Visualized contents are proven to be absorbed by students faster than plain text or
words. Try visualize what you have learnt, to memorise things faster. By how?

Heres some examples, the facebook page, Kapur Puteh have turned complicated
mathematics notes into simple images.
This simple image could help our brain to absorb new knowledge by 200x faster than
plain text. Also, try to watch some videos on Youtube to memorise things better. I
personally suggest Y=mx+c on youtube, if you want to improve your Additional
Mathematics and Mathematics.
Dont go through life, grow through life. We are human and we are high intelligent
organism in this world. Memorising can be easy if you apply these techniques.
Remember dream bigger. If you got a dream, you got to protect it. Dont believe I
cant do something. You can do more than you think because human spirit has
unlimited power. In a nutshell, apply these 4 ways to Memorise Things Better for
SPM now!
If you got any other ways to memorise things better, please comment below.
Score SPM A+ with Law of Attraction
What is the law of attraction? How can it help you to score SPM with more A+? Law
of attraction is not a spell that you use which instantly materialize your want. Theres
a quotes always tells us that If you strongly believe that something should happen, it
will certainly happen. Its just like a miracle, all you need to do is to work harder and
harder like soldiers who fight for their glory.
1) You must know the things that you exactly want.
2) You must begin a thought process for it and begin vociferously asking the universe
to make it happen.
3) You must then visualize a situation that you already in, what are you craving for
and you must know live in reality.
4) You must not attach ourselves to what might happen. You must only think about
having it. There is no time for apprehension.

1# Balancing the inner self and outer self.

Our inner self is our consciousness. In order to score A+ in SPM, you need to think
you can do it and you are the only person who believe you can do it. It is the way we

think and behave. Our outer self is characterised by our action. The actions we act like
doing exercises and memorising details from textbook. The more you action , the
higher the probability for you to score spm with flying colours. The way we act and
implement our thought processes is how our outer self functions.
In order to help yourself to score SPM with more A+, you need to learn how to
create the balance between our inner and outer selves. It is vital that we put into action
what we think. You must trust you can do it and then start to take actions to achieve
what you are longing.
If you just think about getting excellent result but you dont take any action, you will
fail. If want to score well in physics, then start to practice on this SPM 2014 Physics
Paper. Yes, if your thought and belief are strong, the universe will begin aligning itself
toward making things happen. But now, it is depend on you. If you dont even lift a
finger, things arent going to happen. This is just simple. Now, you have to put your
outer self into action. This is when the positive energies that have been created start
taking shape and things begin happening.
2# Mindset and management help you to score SPM well.
Personal development is extremely crucial to score spm well. If you want to improve
your result, believe in your inner strength. Then, get motivation for SPM.
First you need to know that SPM is your war or race, you need to finish it by your
own. This is your way! And its going to be fantastic! Every journey begins at the first
step . Your first step is to work on you. You must set your mind that if other people
can score well in SPM, i also can do it. Believe in yourself.
You need to manage your time to study for SPM and time to relax or play.When you
are studying, you need to focus like the laser focus on the iron. If you are not focus
enough, you cant finish something that you have planned. So mindset and
management of your time are very important. Youre taking a leap of faith into a wild
territory that changes every single day. You are one drop in shifting sea. In order to
stand out, you need confidence and personal development.
Time management is important for our SPM paper 1, it do really help you to score
SPM with flying colours.

3# Dealing with your failure.

At some stage along the way you will encounter failure in your studies. Let us
explore why failure is actually a crucial step towards success in SPM. When most
people think of failure their heart skips a beat. Failure is our best mentor in disguise. It
guides our way to success. Failure is the mother of success.

If I find 10000 ways something wont work, I havent failed. Im not discouraged
because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. (Thomas A.Edison)
Look at Edison, he knew that he would meet failure again and again. However, he
kept persisting, the rewards would be more than worth it. As children we were not
afraid of failure, we learnt how to walk ,how to talk and so on. Only as adults, we
develop an aversion to failure. You must change this state of mind if you want more
A+ in SPM.
When you face failure, ask yourself about these points:
1) Do I need to strengthen my resolve further in order to score SPM well?
2) Am I not talking the correct actions or enough actions?
3) Do I need to change my strategy in revision?
When you meet failure ,you need to review the goals that you wrote down earlier
again. Strengthen you desires and this will get you through difficult times. Remember,
even you failed your mid-year exam, doesnt mean you cant excel in your SPM.
4# Improve your future.
Successful people are always people with foresight. It is imperative for us to
understand this and improve our lives not just for today but also for the future.
Chances are giving for those who are preparing well to score spm with more A+.
Every person having everything we need. You must attract the situations that will
allow you to profit at everyones benefit. You need to stick to those friends who have
positive energy and help you to score SPM with excellent grades.
It is our responsibility to make our thoughts create positive change. It is our
responsibility to take action and be receptive to the ideas that we are going to make
the world grow. The people who are persist enough can change the world because
they believe what they can do while others only do something possible. Impossible to
possible is possible for us if we dont give up. These ideas began with the thoughts of
those who believed the world could be a better place.
We all have the ability to score SPM. This will be same as you can move forward to
score spm with excellent result . We cannot sit back and hope for some bright future
that never quite arrives . We must work together to score SPM well now. We have all
the tools we need.

Dont look back unless theres a good view. Dont lose hope. Dont give in and dont
give up. Theres an answer for everything. You have made this far and you should
refuse to give up. Everytime you fail, you fail better. Its not about how hard you can
hit, its about how hard you can get hit and stand up, fight again. SPM is created not
for helping you, it is like an opponent. It can take you down. So, as a human, we are
to live not to exist. SPM, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!
Hope you can achieve excellent result in this coming SPM! Comment below and let
me know your thoughts.
Tips to Focus SPM Exam Better
SPM is getting nearer now, have you focus spm more than before? If you are still
relaxing at this time, better push yourself from now. As requested by @NaniesRoslin
on SPMSoalans Twitter, this post would a guide you on The Ways to Stay Focus on
1. Set study goals to get focus on SPM
First things first; start with the basics and set your study goals. Ask yourself why SPM
is important to you. To graduate from secondary school is definitely, but you should
think further. What are you going to become in the future? A doctor, or an engineer?
No matter what, SPM certificate is the first key to open your bright future. Knowing
your objectives completes half the job.
2. Make a study timetable
Once you know what you want, the next step is to prepare a weekly study timetable.
Set a routine for everything. Your timetable could include the time you should go to
bed, the time you should have your meals, and most importantly the time you
should spend on studies. There is no hard and fast rule and you should of course allow
some flexibility depending on how things go. But establishing a routine is essential,
and do try to stick to your study timetable as best as you can.

Your timetable should include every subject you are going to revise in SPM. Change
your timetable every week. This could prevent feeling bored to stay with the
timetable. Try your best to follow the timetable and allow some time to take a short
break. This short break may help you to focus SPM revision better.
3. Learn to say no
Now, I am not asking you to give up all your social activities, but you have to take
some bold steps. First, start from your mobile phone. You should begin to cut down
the time spent on social network now. Stated by David Jr. the author of, we Malaysian student spent average 3.3 hours on social media a day.

You can finish 1 chapter of Sejarah, if you spend the 3 hours on studies.
If someone is asking you to chat, when you are studying, tell them youre busy and
let them know when would be a better time. Again, you can tell them your timetable.
In short: learn to say no when you know you really should. Dont be afraid being
outcast by your friend, they would understand you need to focus spm now.
4. Eliminate distractions
Have you ever tried to watch the television while youre studying? I bet you did once
or even more. So, what have you remember after that? Nothing, I could say. There are
a lot of distractions around you when you are trying to stay focus to your spm. Shut
down the television, radio, and your smartphone. According to the report done by
University of California, any tiny noise could easily affect our concentration. Read the
article here: . Therefore, try to eliminate those noise around you to focus SPM studies
In fact, I would check my phone if theres any notification, even though I am
studying. This could waste a 5 to 10 minutes for me to scroll through facebook or
twitter. Therefore, the best way to focus SPM is by shutting down your phone. Food is
also a great distraction when we are studying for SPM. Avoid eating high calories
tidbits, and carbonated drinks. These food and drink would make you feel sleep
during the revision. You can replace them by some fruits or raisin.
If its possible, you can try to lock yourself in the room. This is the best way to
eliminate all distractions to focus spm better.
5. Stay focused on your priorities
Self-help is the key here. No one else is going to stop you from doing what you want,
but youre the one who will face the consequences if you fail to score well in SPM.
Remember, you still have less than 100 days when you read this post.
What is your priority in SPM? You want to Improve your SPM Paper 1 result? You
want to strengthen your weakest subject? Focus on your priorities first, before you
move on to next revision for spm. For example, you want to revise Sejarah and
Mathematics today. What you should do is that, focus on one of the subjects first.
Never try to study both at the same time, you would end up learning nothing.
What I do to stay focused is keep a diary with me. I have written all my study goals
and priorities in it and when I have spare time (while waiting for the bus and before
going to bed) I take a thorough look at them. You could do the same, or even paste
some posters on your rooms wall.
6. Boost your motivation

As we have written the previous post, motivation makes you focus SPM for more.
You can achieve better result through self-motivation. Read 5 Tips to get Motivation
in SPM, to learn how it can help you focus SPM better. Motivation gives you much
energy to strike for your A+ in spm. You may write down your aim on a paper, then
paste it on the wall or your study table. This makes you to focus SPM revision all the
way until the examination day.
Follow these study tips and stay focused on your goals, and you should find focus
spm studies is an easy task. How do you concentrate for SPM? Comment and let me
know below.