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Executive summary/abstract

The purpose of this report was to explain different quality and qualification that an entrepreneurs
should have and how those qualification and quality makes them famous in Bangladesh.
Research for this report included a review of current famous entrepreneurs via using internet and
interviews with three famous entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. The major findings indicate that
while there is a need for some quality and qualification for being successful entrepreneurs in any
country, such as Determination, Hard work, inspiration, intelligence, Responsibility for society
etc. While it is clear that quality and qualification will vary in different entrepreneurs, this report
recommends that to be successful entrepreneurs each and everyone should have following type
of quality and qualification.

Hard work
Observe existing obstacles
Proper utilization of limited resource
Self motivated etc.

It is not easy to give a particular answer to the question: Why do people want to start and run
independent businesses? Different answers may come from different people. Some people may
start a business just because they love independence and hate to tolerate bossing in the jobs.
Some may not have the capability and qualification to do a job and as job is not available to
them, they go for independent businesses in order to survive. Some may have some special skills
and love challenges to run an independent business. Several motivational factors like need for
affiliation, need for power and need for achievement (McClelland, 1961) are also responsible for
going for an independent business. Murthy, et al (1986) found that entrepreneurs are motivated to
start a business because of the factors like ambitious factors, compelling factors and facilitating
factors. Whatever may be the reason, it can be said that in most of the times of the history of
human civilization, there were entrepreneurs who did independent businesses and this trend of
history still continues. For the last few decades in all over the world, entrepreneurs are regarded
as value adding people to the society.

Akij Uddin

The eminent industrialist Sheikh Akijuddin, the owner of multiple Akij industries. He was the
son of Sheikh Mafijuddin and Matina Begum of Phultala Sub district of Khulna district.
Mafijuddin was a wholesale businessman who traded in paddy, rice, coconut and other products
of day-to-day use. He used to supply these goods from Noapara of Jessore to various parts of
North Bengal. He also supplied labors to Jessore. Although young Akij was admitted into school,
he was keener to know how his father ran his business and details related to their business. His
businessman father was thrilled to see the son take interest in what he was doing and began
grooming Akij on business techniques. However, this period did not last for long as Akij left
home and went away to Calcutta because his father had scolded him.
In Calcutta, he faced severe financial hardship initially but managed to pull through and used his
business skills and expertise to start getting returns on small businesses. He later went away to
Peshawar where he learnt the local language and engaged himself in more business. After the
Second World War, Akij returned home with an amount of 10,000 Rupees, which was a very
good amount of money in those days. His parents were very happy upon his return.
Unfortunately, they did not live long enough to see Akij flourish as an extremely successful
businessman. Akijuddin married Shakara Khatun at the age of 20.

Spirit of the brave Men:

History of Akij Group stretches back to later part of the forties. The founder late Mr.Sheikh Akij
Uddin realized to do something for this country is to do for its people.He made a sense how to
develop & customize whatever growers are grown likeTobacco, Jute etc. Akij Group consists of
several companies with diverse activities and different products.
At the age of only 13 years in 1942 teenage Akij left his favorite madhyadanga for the seek of
career. This naughty teen come out of his home with only 16 taka in his hand to find where there
is no shortage of food, clothing, shelter, or treatment. He then moved to Kolkata a Big city. In the
end, akij find out his address in the rail station. He spends his days in uncertainty. At one time he
met with the owner of Zakaria hotel in shyaldah . He gives him a shelter in his hotel. Akij then
started ferrying orange and lemon. But at then he passes his days in poverty. Doing business as
this type at one time he made some money approximately 10000 taka. He came back home after
the Second World War. At that time his father was died which made his life more difficult.
At 1952 Akij started a business of Biri (hand rolled cigarette) with the help and consult of his
friends father the owner of biddhu Biri Bidhu Vushon. By the year 1962, he had 250 workers
working in his company. Here he gain success and started his own shop. But it is bad fate of Akij
that the shop was burnt by fire. But Akij stand up again. He again built his store with the help of
local merchant. And that was the rise of his prosperity. Akij never looked back. He then
established todays big Biri factory Akij Biri Factory in navaronpur in upozila phultala in
After this initial accomplishment Sheikh Akijuddin set up other business units which were also
A significant segment of his investment has been in jute. The impressive Akij Jute Mills is
situated in Nowapara, Jessore, which is an ideal place for such an investment. It is a jute
producing district and export of jute yarn is facilitated by smooth land communication, as well as
the water communication. By 1997, Akij Jute Mills was producing 3000 metric tones of yarn and
the bright journey of Akij Jute Mills had begun. In 2003, Akij Jute Mills produced 9174 metric
tones of thread. Akij Jute Mills exports its produce to Germany, Belgium, England, U.S.A,
Turkey, Japan, Korea, Iran, China and Indonesia.
Akij Uddin ensured state of the art machinery and dirt and dust free production environment so
that his workers were comfortable and contributed efficiently to the success of Akij business
He Passed away on Oct 10 at 11 a.m.
Akij Group- At a glance:

The emergence of Akij group is fabulous. History of Akij Group stretches back to later part of
the forties. It can be a great example of how perseverance, determination & hard work aid an
ordinary common person to be uplifted as an extra-ordinary entrepreneur.
In its early years, the Group started in modest way with jute trading, earning highest amount of
foreign exchange. In the second phase, the Group went into manufacturing handmade cigarettes
popularly known as Bidis. This sector gave a real boost to the revenue earning of the Group as
well as making a substantial contribution to government exchequer. With the passage of time, the
Group undertook new ventures and presently there are 15 wings of industries under its shadeAkij Cement Company Ltd.; Akij Computer Ltd.; Akij Corporation Ltd.; Akij Food & Beverage
Ltd.; Akij Institute of Technology.; Akij Match Factory Ltd.; Akij Online Ltd.; Akij Particle &
Hard Board Mills Ltd.; Akij Pharmaceuticals Ltd.; Akij Printing & packaging Ltd.; Akij Real
Estate Ltd.; Akij Textile Mills Ltd.; Akij Zarda Factory Ltd.; Ad-din Hospital(Philanthropic).;
Dhaka Tobacco Industries(Cigarettes).; Dhaka Tobacco Industries(Leaf).; Navaron Printing and
Packages Ltd.; S.A.F Industries Ltd. & Akij Gas Company Ltd. Akij Group is also involved in
socio-cultural activities.
This high-flying group is contributing to the nation's economic growth and ceaselessly creating
job opportunities to various professionals. The Group has been operating a sizeable orphanage
free of charge in district town. It has also acquired a modern mother & children hospital
previously owned by Save the Children (UK). The hospital is being operated as a non-profitable
concern by Ad-Din Welfare Trust.

Self motivated person: He is a self motivated person because of the following Self motivated
person: He is a self motivated person because of the following reason

Franchising and full fill customer requirement as they demand. Provide quality product to
their customer. Franchising and full fill customer requirement as they demand
Provide quality product to their customer.

Risk taking ability: As we know he has different segment of business in our country such as
realstate, navana batary, aftab automobikes, navana furniture, toyota etc. Without having risk
Taking ability it is quite difficult to spread his business in different segment.


One of the interesting characteristics of Bangladeshi entrepreneurs is that most of the successful
entrepreneurs are pious and they have a keen respect for religion. They are God-fearing people.
May be, because of their religious nature it was also found that these people are truthful, reliable,
simple living, honest and sincere. It can be said that the behaviors of the entrepreneurs are guided
by the social and cultural environment of a particular country.
In case of Bangladeshi successful entrepreneurs, it was found that most of them had poor
educational backgrounds and found that most of them left home at a very early age. A reason
behind this difference may be the socio-economic environment of Bangladesh. It was also found
that though these successful entrepreneurs in Bangladesh did not have good educational
background, they had the need for high achievement. It may be inferred from these facts that as
they had this need and did not have enough qualifications to go for a highly paid job, they moved
towards self-employment and got success.

From the discussion it can be identified that the research results on several issues related to
Bangladeshi different entrepreneurs has different quality and qualification in many cases. The
different socio-economic, cultural and political environments of the country may be responsible
for that. For obvious reasons, this issue got immense importance to the researchers. As in past
there were so many researches on the issues like characteristics of Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and
problems and prospects of entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. More and more studies should be
done on this topic as this is a burning issue of the country at this moment.