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Pipe coating

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Plant applied Pipe Coating has been conducted since the 1940s with the application
of bituminous based asphalt and coal tar enamel. Coatings have developed
considerably since then, maintaining the non-shielding of cathodic protection systems
and more suitable to pipeline protection in all environments, higher resistance to
elevated operating temperatures and the more aggressive fluids being pumped.
External pipe coating is for the purpose of corrosion protection alone with the
exception of concrete weight (negative buoyancy) coating (CWC Coating). There are
many different types of coatings which can be applied, depending upon pipeline
location and operational temperature when in service.


The main types of external pipe coating applied are; Three Layer Polyethylene, Three
Layer Polypropylene consisting of primer layer (predominantly FBE (fusion bonded
epoxy powder), an adhesive layer and HDPE (high density polyethylene) or PP
(polypropylene) top layer.
Multi layer coating where up to 7 layers are utilized comprising a 3 layer PP coated
pipe with additional layers of solid PP, PP foam and outer shield for deep water
installations requiring a higher thermal insulation.
Stand alone FBE or Dual Layer FBE, ARO (abrasion resistant overcoat) mostly for
Polyurethane and PUF (expanded polyurethane) pipe coating is used where a higher
thermal insulation of the line is required and for water lines, can be used as standalone or in conjunction with an FBE primer layer with PUF applied, a top layer of PP
or HDPE for increased damage protection.
Asphalt enamels and bitumen coatings for landlines or in conjunction with concrete
coating for subsea lines.
Neoprene coating (Polychloroprene) for riser pipes.
The main types of internal pipe coating are also dependent upon the media it shall
transport. For natural gas pipelines internal flow efficiency coatings are used in place
to improve the flow efficiency of the pipeline.

Second type of liquid epoxy internal coating is purely for corrosion protection. Most
pipelines used for transport of water, aviation fuel, oils etcetera are coated with two
component high build or anti-corrosion coating.

Additional internal pipe coating types used are internal FBE sometimes in combination
of a phenolic primer prior to powder application to enhance the coating performance,
these coating s are also used for water and corrosive media transportation. Internal
cement mortar lined pipes are used predominantly for waste and potable water.
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