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When a fabrication drawing is sent to procurement, what is done with the drawing?

How to search for items on stock? What are off-cuts and how are they important?
Practice nesting of plates for FC7/ FC8
When an NCP shape is sent to workshop, how is it sent to FC8? Why are excess
widths important?
What are different types of freight and what are their limitations?
How is production planned in workshop?
How is production time and cost controlled?
What can be improved in the current system?

The drawing is sent from the design office to procurement.

The procurement technician then proceeds as follows:
The drawing in whole is analysed, so as for the technician to understand what is being
The Drawing nomenclature is then analysed and each components availability is
checked in the stock list (in Reflection Software).
For parts made of steel plates, the shapes are prepared to be cut in FC7/FC8 machine,
which are flame cutting machines. Their plasma flame is used mainly fir cutting out
required shapes.
The Flame to be used is determined by using the Oxycoupage table
Nesting of NCP

A standard plate drawn in AutoCAD

They may vary as (6000 x 2400, 1000 x 2400, 2440 x 1220)
They are divided into many 400 X 400 sections (offcuts)
Shape placed on it in Autocad, with much care and precision so as to economise on
space used. This process is called Nesting of plates.
Offcuts that contain any section of the shape are marked with a cross in magenta

The NCP shape is sent to Magic tool Software

The shape is sent by network cables to FC7/FC8 machines for cutting of the required
shape and quantity
There, the workshop technician extracts the shape and programs the FC7/FC8
machine to cut.
Places the standard plate
Sets the machine to cut the required shape
Most used flame is the plasma flame Plasma cut
Excess widths?
10mm is normally left between NCP shapes so as to 12mm as a further safety left by
the procurement technicians as a further safety
This is done to accommodate for the flame width, so as the next part to be cut is not
damaged by the flame.
Storage of excess metal sheets:
Excess metal sheets of 1m or more are stored, and others are discarded.
Flat rack

Route of a drawing
Proposal Design Projects Procurement Workshop
Controlling production time:
Project compared to any past similar project and production time noted to get an
Supervisors in workshop control time and quality.
Priority to manufacture is given according to deadline.
An excel sheet is opened containing the list of all employees. From there, those who
currently have been assigned some work and those not are sorted out.
A schedule of operation is then made on all received drawings, and proposal quotes
the time taken.
Controlling cost:
Production time determines cost of labour
In terms of material cost, the supplier whose delivery time is the shortest is the best