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1. What is called ability of doing work by a body?

a) Work
c) Energy





21. What is light?

a) Vibration of a particle c) Elastic matter

b) Power
d) Force
b) Form of energy
d) Particle with
Which one is the unit of Energy?
22. What kind of wave is light?
a) Watt
c) Newton
a) Mechanical
c) Electromagnetic
b) H.P
d) Joule
b) Longitudinal
d) Sound wave
Which one is the S, I unit of heat?
23. What type of reflection takes place in smooth
a) 00.42
c) 4.2
a) Regular
c) Diffused
b) 42
d) 746
b) Parallel
d) converged
What is heat?
24. The ray which falls on the reflector is knows asa) One kind of energy
a) reflected ray
c) incident ray
b) Gives sensation of hotness
b) normal
d) point of
c) Gives sensation of coldness
d) Above all
25. The angle on incidence is always equal to which one?
What is called the temperature at which
a) Angle of refraction
c) Angle of
water can co-exist as ice, water and water vapour?
b) Angle of incidence
d) Angle of normal
a) Curie point
b) Triple point
c) Absolute temperature
d) Dilute point
How many scales are available to measure temperature?
a) 2
c) 3
b) 4
d) 5
The value of freezing point in Fahrenheit scale is
a) 0F
c) 0C
b) 212F
d) 32F

8. Sound wave is one kind ofa) Mechanical wave

b) Magnetic wave
c) Electromagnetic wave
d) Chemical wave
9. Wave transfers- from one place to another.
a) Pressure
c) work
b) Power
d) energy
10.Crest and trough forms in which type of wave?
a) Longitudinal wave
b) Transverse wave
c) Magnetic wave
d) Chemical wave
11.How many types of wave are there?
a) Two
c) Three
b) Four
d) Five
12.The time required for one complete vibration is called
a) Frequency
c) time period
b) Phase
d) amplitude
13.What is the unit of time period?
a) S
b) Ms-1
c) S-1
d) Hz
14.1 Hz = 7
a) 3.14s-1
b) 2s-1
c) 1s-1
d) 1s-2
15.Which is the S.I unit of frequency?
a) Hz
c) Pascal
b) Cycle
d) None
16.What is produce due to the vibration of a particle?
a) Sound
c) Chemical energy
b) Light
d) Heat

17.What is Echo?
a) Refraction of sound
b) Rarefaction of sound
c) Reflection of sound
d) None
18.What can determine the depth of a well by using which one?
a) Reflection
c) Refraction
b) Echo
d) Refractive index
19.Using ultrasonic waves which animal can fly in darkness?
a) Dog
c) Spider
b) Bat
d) Rat
20.What is the speed of sound at 0C?
a) 350ms-1
b) 308ms-1
c) 356ms-1
d) 332ms-1