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There are multiple types of sales scenario that eCommerce system can combine

depending on a companys sales approach towards their customers.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)


In a Business-to-Consumer E-commerce environment, companies sell their online

goods to consumers who are the end users of their products or services. Usually,
B2C E-commerce web shops have an open access for any visitor, meaning that
there is no need for a person to login in order to make any product related enquiry.

Business-to-Business (B2B)


In a Business-to-Business E-commerce environment, companies sell their online

goods to other companies without being engaged in sales to consumers. In most
B2B E-commerce environments entering the web shop will require a log in. B2B web
shop usually contains customer-specific pricing, customer-specific assortments and
customer-specific discounts.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)


In a Consumer-to-Business E-commerce environment, consumers usually post their

products or services online citizens companies can post their bids. A consumer
reviews the bids and selects the company that meets his price expectations.

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)


In a Consumer-to-Consumer E-commerce environment consumers sell their online

goods to other consumers. A well-known example is eBay.

E Government E-Government / electronic government / digital government, or

online government. The terms refer to government's use of information and
communication technology (ICT) to exchange information and services with citizens,
businesses, and other arms of government. E-Government may be applied by
legislature, judiciary, or administration, in order to improve internal efficiency, the
delivery of public services, or processes of democratic governance. The primary
delivery models are 1. Government-to-Citizen or Government-to-Customer (G2C) 2.
Government-to-Business (G2B) and 3. Government-to-Government (G2G).
Government to Citizen (G2C) Government-to-Citizen (abbreviated G2C) is the online

non-commercial interaction between local and central Government and private

individuals. Many government entities in pakistan are making it more convenient for
the citizens to interact with them. For example 1. CBR offering services regarding
( Online verification Sales tax registration status Online
availability of tax returns 2. NADRA registration system ( NIC
registration process Bill Payment Kiosks Guidance notes Contact information
Complaints section for applicants Government to Business (G2B) Government-toBusiness (abbreviated G2B) is the online non-commercial interaction between local
and central government and the commercial business sector. The basic difference
between the G2C setup and G2B set up is that government is dealing with private
individuals (citizens in ase of G2C and commercial sector in case of G2B. For
Example, trade development authority of Pakistan, formerly Export Promotion
Bureau (EPB). (, providing Facilitation for exporters Exporters'
database Guidance on regulations Registration and complaints procedures
Government to Government (G2G) Another category of electronic commerce is
government to government E-Commerce. G2G form refers to Procurement
transactions between government to government agencies.