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electromagnetic wave from the cell phone either it dangerous or not. Researches
who believe in the EM-illnesses connection have their critics. These skeptics
emphasize that there is no proven cause-and-effect link between EM exposure
and cancer. Philip Cole, MD, an epidemiologist (a researcher who studies the
occurrence and control of a disease) at the University of Albama, Birmingham,
emphasized this absence of proof. Without a proven connection, Cole asserted,
There is no relationship between EM waves and cancer in human beings, or if
there is an effect it must be of very low magnitude, even among people who are
moderately to heavily expose.
Other studies have focused specifically on the suspected connection
between EM exposure and cancer. In 1979, two University of Coloroda
researchers, physician Nancy Wertheimer and physicist Ed Leeper, pored through
childhood mortality records in the Denver area and correlated long-term
exposure to weak EM waves with a higher incidence of cancer. Seven years later,
Dr.Lennart Tomenius, a Swedish researcher, found the same relationship between
EM waves and cancer rates among the children in Stockolm. In 1982, Samuel
Milham, an occupational health physician in the Washington State Department of
Social and Health Services, noted in the New England Journal of Medicine that he
found more leukemia-realted deaths in men whose work brought them in contact
with EM waves.
However, Dr Carlo brought safety information cell phone where the EM
waves is not dangerous because according his research, a carrier wave oscillates
at 1900 megahert(MHz) in most phones, which is mostly invisible to our
biological tissue and doesnt do damage in short period. Thus, the gaps in their
research is only the different period of time the individual expose to EM waves
because the longer the period for being contact to EM waves, the higher risk the
individual can get health problem.
In previous studies, Pong Research is claims that it reduces up to 95% of
near-field intensity EM waves-as measured on the SAR scale. The Pong case
comes in a wide array of colour options, and the review unit came in the red soft
leather variety. This research same as this project where it used poly-wood and
leather to reduce the EM waves expose to individuals. Therefore, this project has

related to the literature where the cell phone emits EM waves and will give effect
in long term future, this project can minimized again the emitting of EM waves.
As a conclusion from the literature, there were researchers that states the EM
waves dont do damage to human body while the other argued that the EM wave
is dangerous. This is because the different period of time they used to prove the
experiment as the waves can be detected after long term future.