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(15/08/2006) The entrepreneur Myriam Fefer is strangled in her home.

that time Marco Antonio Bracamonte, Ariel and Eva's father said his
daughter would be involved in crime and Liliana Castro benefited death.
(January 2009) Police Argentina reveals to the press that the Colombian
Alejandro Trujillo Ospina confessed to the murder of Peruvian entrepreneur.
Eva Bracamonte Fefer and Liliana Castro Mannarelli are delivered to justice
ordered after his capture.
(13/10/2009) The judge Lorena Alessi Janssen requested the provisional
arrest of Alexander or Alexander Trujillo Ospina, alleged murderer of Fefer
(27/4/2010) The Colombian hit man Alexander Trujillo Ospina arrived in Lima
extradited from Argentina. Hours later, he is held in the Miguel Castro
Castro, Canto Grande.
(28/1/2011) Trujillo Alejandro Ospina declared before the head of the
Criminal Court 50 of Lima hired anyone to kill the entrepreneur Myriam Fefer
and that what happened was an accident when he entered his house to
steal. He denied knowing the brothers Bracamonte and Liliana Castro.
(29/08/2012) An audit firm Myriam Fefer determined that there was an
imbalance and could not prove any payment to Trujillo Ospina murderer.
(11/09/2012) Eva Bracamonte and Liliana Castro left the Penal Women
excess forcible detention. You were detained for 36 months without trial, so
they changed the regime of house arrest in different houses.
(21.09.2012) Prosecutor ratified the order of 35 years in prison for Eva
Bracamonte and Liliana Castro and Trujillo Alejandro Ospina, who should
also pay civil damages of S / 900 000.
(5/10/2012) and Eva Bracamonte Trujillo Alejandro Ospina presented their
closing arguments of defense in the Lurigancho prison.
(15/10/2012) The Second Criminal Division for Imprisoned Defendants
sentenced to 30 years of prison to Eva Bracamonte Fefer to be considered
the intellectual author of the murder of his mother, Myriam Fefer. Liliana
Castro was acquitted and the Colombian hit man Alexander Trujillo Ospina
received 35 years in prison.
(22/07/2013) The judiciary confirmed in a statement that the Permanent
Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court quashed the sentence of 30 years
in prison Eva Bracamonte, who in October imposed the Second Criminal
Court for Inmates in prison for the murder of his mother, Myriam Fefer.
(27/09/2013) The President of the Permanent Criminal Chamber, Javier Villa
Stein, ordered the release of Eva Bracamonte.
(07/28/2013) Eva Bracamonte left the Chorrillos women's prison amid great
expectation. She came to his house in San Isidro, where his mother was
killed Myriam Fefer. It gave no statements.
This day the trial continues eva bracamonte, where new key witnesses