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Ascension Of the Lord

Stepping Aside
We usually think of faith as an attitude of trust and belief on our part: We trust
God’s word and believe its message. The Ascension is perhaps the expression of
a different faith. God’s faith in us. God-become-human could have remained on
earth and done everything required for the coming of the kingdom.

Instead, Jesus removed himself physically from the earth, making room for his
followers. He trusted them, he believed in them, he had faith that, once they were
filled with the Spirit, they would work effectively for the coming of the kingdom.

It remains for us to go into the whole world and proclaim the good news to all creation. It is
our task to relieve suffering, to end war, to remove ignorance, to heal wounds, to
eliminate divisions, to promote understanding, to spread love, to cause justice.
We must tackle the problems of the world, and Jesus has stepped aside, so to
speak, so as not to get in our way.

Why do you stand here looking up at the skies? Get busy! There is work to do!

Gerald Darring

“Christ’s redemptive work, while of itself

directed toward the salvation of men, in-
volves also the renewal of the whole tem-
poral order. Hence the mission of the
Church is not only to bring men the mes-
sage and grace of Christ, but also to
penetrate and perfect the temporal
sphere with the spirit of the gospel.”

Vatican II, Decree on the Apostolate of the

Laity (1965) 5

May 4, 2008
Some καιρός / kairos thoughts…
καιρός / kairos—Greek—time—viewed as an occasion rather than an extent

His memory a
of light in
dark tunnels

His life
a damp night

His words dry

seeds Prayer List
lying on rock Pray the rosary for world peace, Avis Cox, Fr. Clarence Biggers, Gladys and Ben
Kramkowski, Rita Moenk, Doug Bearden, Sarah Snider, Thornton/Lynch
family, Ryan Amsberry, Annie & family, Connie, her mother & family, Blake,
but if we Erik, Campbell family, Jonathan & family, Sharon & family, Will, FMS, Cap.
Corp., Patrick & Brittany, Broughman family, Fannie Crowder & family, VAL,
break Father Ingram’s father & family, Karen’s mother, Cheryl Mobley & family,
William Hudson, Robert, Walter, Danielle, Christopher, Barbara, Katherine,
our earth Nicholas, Kaylin, Kasie, Mary Beth & family, Mary Ann Mahoney & family,
Donna & family, Ann Chancellor & family, Sheila & family, cancer patients &
and families, military & families, Brandon, Plantation Villa residents, Don, Mrs.
Carpenter, Mr. & Mrs. Rooks, Katherine & family, Mr. Dunn, Mr. & Mrs.
bury His seed Barlow, Jane & family, Scott & family, Diane & Peter, Michele & Gary, Lucy’s
father & family, Bobbie, Joan & family, Karl’s mother & family, Bernard &
and Anna, June & family, Tina & family, Belinda & family, OLM family, Kat,
Delgratia & family, Mr. Gomez & family, Sara’s mother, Dr. Lynch & family,
water it Rob/Allie & family, Chuck & family, Frank & family, Liesa & family, mother of
Dr. Petros, Dr. Issa & family, Odessa, Anita’s mother & family, Ruby, Ruby’s
and mother & family, Davies family, Katie & family, family of Angie, Ann & family,
Gretchen & family, Eileen, Scott & family, Robert, Flavia & family, Tony’s
wait and family, Roy & Martha Wright, Roy, Alice Swygert, Alan, Nard, Tony, Glenda,
watch Nelson, J. Bob, Munn, Vogt, Wolfe families, Russell & family, Ola, Gene Wilson
& family, Jane Brock & family, Janet Kramer & family, Elayne & family, Winnie,
Phil & family, Tony, Stan, Emily & family, Ruthie & Ed, Mr. Bergin & family,
Karen, Bernard’s father, Russell & family, Mrs. Sanseverino & family, CC
His seed in us Center, veterans & families Jessie Emmett, Mark, Michael’s mother, Carrie,
VAMC, Rambo’s mother & family, Josephine Mary, Mary Anna, S. Paul, Tony, J.
will W. Wilson & family, Jason & Kim, Josie, Kelly, Gail, Mickey’s family, Jon &
Janet Cook & family, Karen’s cousin, Mike Aguado & family, Carl & family, Dr.
grow— Lopez & family, Dr. Vanapalli & family, Dr. Nair & family, Garrett & family,
family of Duffie, Aaron Christian, Marina & family, family of Zach, Bettie &
J. Janda Poem from family, Gary & Sharon Creed, Barbara Carl, James & Phyllis Wham, Dan
Kessler, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Fry, David Hempen, Steve Kirkland, Michael Cofer,
Buddy Brasher, Lana Adams-Tidwell, Kathy McGhee, Michael & family, Berger
family, Mendez family, Ikai family, Joshua Moser, Stephanie Christian, Carolyn
This day the church celebrates the great mys- Williamson, Chris B., Joey Milani, Edna & Joe ,Henry & Anna, Peggy Cable,
Claude Rickman, Leonard & Mary, Patricia Finch, Kathy Weaver, Tom Sullivan,
tery and paradox—the Lord Jesus, our Mes- Connie Graham, Anderson family, Chris Stahler family, Barbara Zebertas,
Frances Homsey, Gus Kneidinger, Steven, Mary Jo Shamas, Frank, Mary
siah, leaves us in order to be closer to us. We Ondovchik, Ann Rudy, Chad Nostrant, Heidi FitzGerald, Ed Schaffer, Lynn
are to be witnesses to his life and works; this is Smith, Dames family, Randy Taylor, Brian Strickland, Anne McCormick, Amy &
family, Lil Jones, Julian Campbell, Russ family, Pat Reeves, Rita Andrae &
the basis of our tradition. He will be with us al- family, Justine, Joyce Pearson, Joyce McKimball, Megan & Harold Roberts Sr.,
Mike, Gina, Joe Powell family, Carlo Dellaquila, Katherine Catti, Maria Beck,
ways; yes, to the end of time. Today marks the Justino Prado, Ray Leidner, Josh Kelly, Joanna & Michael Spataro, Stephanie &
Mark Fletcher, Elaine Cole, Elysa Cole-Ali, Eric Hawthorne, Leroy & Lynn
beginnings of the church’s outreach in continu- Burrows, Shirley Walton, Marie McDemmond, Anthony Morgan, Robert S. &
ing the work of the Christ to the ends of the family, Louis Talbot, Wright family, Ellie Doane & family, Jeremy & Erica
Granier, Michael Coates, John Crowe, Raymond & Virginia Jones, Jackie
earth and to the end of time. May we recognize Eubanks, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kirk, Fabe Rochon, Mrs. Mulvenna, Mrs. Bass,
Ella Mae Boone, Ana Maria Molano, Alvaro & Farlos Penogos, Erwin Molano,
the hope his call holds, the rich glories given to Rick Long & family, Caron Pierre & family, Carol Layton, Valerie Panter, Paul
Jerrell, Helen Anderson, Macallen FitzGerald, Alphonso Boone family, Earline
us and his power exercised for us, his family. & Charles McPherson, Marsha Phillipe, Bobbie & Clarence Freeman
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