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What is Beakerhead?
Beakerhead is an annual program that culminates in a five-day citywide spectacle that brings together
the arts and engineering sectors to build, engage, compete and exhibit interactive works of art,
engineered creativity and entertainment. It is original to Calgary and to Canada, and is a large-scale
Each year in mid-September, Beakerhead transforms Calgary with student contests, mechanical
sculpture gardens, robot fashion shows, interactive street art, feats of engineering, larger-than-life
theatre, and spectacular performances! Beakerhead is a citywide, highly participatory event that
explodes in educational institutions, arts and culture venues, on the streets and in communities.

Opportunity For Media Partners
Beakerhead hit the streets and airwaves in 2013, with more than 40 events attracting more than 62,500
in-person encounters and more than 60 million national and international media impressions. Building
on the inaugural year success, this not-for-profit, charitable organization seeks media partners in print,
radio, online and broadcast media as well as printing and production partners, who will help to tell this
story in a highly engaging way across local, national and international markets.

In 2014, Beakerhead will take place from September 10 14.


ck out this two-minute video
What is Beakerhead?

Beakerhead is:

Important Dates
Early June, 2014 program line-up announcement
September 10-14, 2014 2nd annual Beakerhead

Where does it happen?
Beakerhead takes place in Calgarys major educational institutions, arts and culture venues, and on
Calgary streets and in surrounding communities.

Geographically centered in Calgary the creative, engineering and entrepreneurial hub of Canada
Beakerhead will attract and engage regional and international audiences.

Target Audiences: Local, regional, national and international
The audiences for Beakerhead radiate out from the central core of participants, including engineering
and technical professionals, educational institutions, professional arts, culture and entertainment
organizations, independent artists and DIY or maker community, and secondary and post-secondary
students and their families.

Local audience: With more than 65% of attendees originating from within Calgary and its
surrounding areas, a good proportion of the marketing focus is on creating the local appeal, call to
action and experience: looking to turn Calgarians into proponents of Beakerhead as it further
expands internationally in the years to come.
Regional and national audience: Includes visitors in Canada residing greater than two hours drive
from Calgary. This audience will be engaged in calls to action and to experience Beakerhead.
International audience: Includes US (north California, Washington, northern Montana, New York,
Texas), and UK/Europe (mainly Germany) tourists. This audience will be engaged in calls to action
and to experience Beakerhead.

Throughout Beakerhead, all Calgarians and non-local visitors will have free access to attend many
Beakerhead events during the September 10-14 week. They will also be encouraged to participate
hands-on in Beakerhead initiatives. A limited number of presenter programs are ticketed events (only
8% events in 2013 were ticketed events).

Who is Involved?

2013 Sponsors included: Government of Canada Western Diversification Fund, Suncor Energy, Shell
Canada, Travel Alberta, Government of Alberta Ministry of Tourism, Government of Alberta Ministry of
Culture, Calgary Stampede, Calgary Hotel Association, CISCO Systems, British Petroleum, WorleyParsons,
Devon Energy, Talisman Energy, ConocoPhillips, Chandos, Alliance Pipeline, First Calgary Financial, DIRTT,

#101, 1615 10 Ave SW, Calgary AB T3C 0J&7


ING Direct, Canadian Natural, MEG Energy, and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists
of Alberta (APEGA).

Programming partners included: University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, SAIT, TELUS Spark, City
of Calgary, Tourism Calgary, and the Glenbow Museum, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, EPCOR CENTRE
for the Performing Arts, Calgary Stampede, National Music Centre, Federation of Engineers Canada and
many more.

70 community partners and growing, including: festivals, associations, educational institutions, groups,
businesses and individuals throughout Alberta such as the Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation,
Canadian Space Society, Sien Lok Society, Maker Faire and many more. See

The Program
Examples of the events and programs spanning five-days are below:

Opening Ceremony: It wouldnt be Beakerhead if things didnt kick off with a big bang, right?
The 2014 Opening Ceremony will be an insane feat of community-created amazing-ness.
Beakernight: This citywide nighttime laboratory for science, technology and artistic feats. Its the
largest public event of the week, starting as the sun sets on the Saturday night of Beakerhead,
with surprising situations, from late-night galleries and laboratories to 3D projections, lasers and
fire, music and more.
Tremendous and Curious World of Beakerhead: A show you wont want to miss! This event
epitomizes the collision of things technical with things creative. In 2013, a musical astronaut
joined the worlds first robot band and many other headliners, creating: WOW!!! That event
was incredible! Amazing! The 2014 stellar line-up and tickets will be announced in early
summer. This is a benefit performance raising funds for (need we say, entertaining) science
outreach and STEAM school programs.
Four-to-Six: Take to the streets with live experiments, installations, performances, and parades
of engineered contraptions and art cars livening up streets during rush hour (4:00 pm to 6:00
Speakerhead: This extremely un-boring speaker and workshop series places famous and soon-
to-be-famous artists, engineers and technologists on soapboxes in public locales all over the city
during Beakerhead.
Strange Street: 2013 saw a 40-foot tall Raygun Gothic Rocketship installed as one of
Beakerheads main attractions. In 2014, the flagship public installation will be Strange Street a
delightfully bizarre series of pop-up structures to explore.
Catharsis Catapult Competition: Medical research may suggest (or may not) that it is perfectly
healthy to vent your frustrations from behind a massive team-built catapult. Upon doctors
orders (not really) the second annual Catharsis Catapult Competition will take place on Sunday,
September 14, 2014 in a much larger and public space! Teams of all stripes (and many stripes
up to 20 people per team) will be invited to apply.
Built in Your Backyard: This call out to backyard and basement inventors and designers to join a
show, dont tell forum for learning how people solve interesting problems by creatively
applying homespun science and engineering know-how.
Engineered Eats: Themed Beakerhead menus and molecular gastronomy dining events at
participating restaurants and bars (throughout the week). Cheers to Muse Restaurant, Taste,
Raw Bar, downtownfood, Candela Lounge, Charcut Roast House and Mango Shiva Restaurant
who treated Calgary in 2013.


#101, 1615 10 Ave SW, Calgary AB T3C 0J&7


Educational and outreach programs include:

Atomic 13 Ingenuity Challenge: An ingenuity challenge tailored towards students and schools,
based on the atomic element 13 in the periodic table. If you have memorized the periodic table,
then you already know that aluminum is involved. You can change yourself, and the world, by
thinking differently on a shoestring.
Beakerhead Summer Intensive: The Summer Intensive is a curriculum-linked credit course
presented in conjunction with the Calgary Board of Education and open to public and separate
school boards spanning Calgary and six school districts. Students are mentored by artists,
engineers, scientists, machinists, designers and technologists, who work hands-on with the
students to help bring their design ideas to fruition. The final collaborative project is publicly
presented during Beakerhead in September. This rigorous and rewarding education initiative
makes the students learning visible in an exciting and high-profile way.
Ignition Crew: This special crew of energetic ambassadors in grades 9 to 12 who will help fire up
the Beakerhead spirit. The Ignition Crew will get special access to Beakerhead events, meet the
makers and help build Beakerheads year-round educational activities.
Field trips and school visits: Beakerheads field trips to event week spectacles and classroom
visits by program presenters are designed to educate students about science, technology,
engineering and math by incorporating arts and culture. In other words, Beakerhead turns STEM
(science, technology, engineering, math) education into STEAM, by adding A for art and design.

Marketing Scope (end February early September 2014)
The execution of Beakerheads comprehensive marketing communications plan began in February and
focuses around three main pillars:
Surprise. WOW.
Give a taste.
Pique interest (remind) mental note.

Call to participate
Be a part of awesome. INSPIRE.
Begin the process of personal commitment.
Volunteer and make.

Programming Push
More to explore than originally thought.
From mental note to Its in my calendar.

Beakerhead at its core is an experience. It is a learning spectacle. Our goal with marketing tactics plan is
to embody the experience of Beakerhead in the creative, to elicit a reaction out of people by bringing
together art, science and engineering in a way theyve never seen.

In order to achieve this, we will use traditional media in non-traditional ways, focusing on building
engagement on social media channels as well as traditional above-the-line and event activities. Details
can be provided to the chosen Media Partners and further development of media-related activities
would be welcomed with chosen Media Partners.

Charitable Cause
As a charitable organization, Beakerhead seeks media partners who share the goals of education at the
crossroads of art, science and engineering.


#101, 1615 10 Ave SW, Calgary AB T3C 0J&7


RFP Timeline
February 18: RFP issued
March 6: Deadline to submit proposals
March 17: Selected partners notified

Selection Parameters
The selection of a Media Partner will include key factors/offerings such as:

Value of package proposed
Original or creative strategies
Breadth and depth of coverage both geographically and over desired campaign timing
On-air talent involvement in special events
Regular inclusion in e-marketing and social media campaigns
Participation in community programming as well as inclusion on any community calendars
Giveaways and/or contests
Demographic breakdown and any research support
Itemized list of deliverables, timelines plus specified values.
Specific commitments pertaining to the proposed deliverables
Post event analysis and report

This proposal is for partnership during the calendar year 2014.

Benefits of Media Partnership
The following is a list of benefits available to our Media Partner. Please build any desired into proposal.

On-site signage or presence
Title of featured event/area
Presence on Beakerhead website, Sponsors page
Right to use Beakerhead logos
ID on Beakerhead program guide and sponsor event signage
Rights to survey audience on-site
Spokesperson / access to personalities
Intro to co-sponsors / cross-promotion opportunities

Special Requirements
We understand that your media partnership requirement might be different from what we have to offer.
If you have any special needs or requirements regarding your partnership or promoting yourself at
Beakerhead, we are happy to discuss further to see how we may be able to accommodate.

Response Components
We request the below components be addressed within your proposal.

STRATEGY, ORIGINAL IDEAS: Specific thinking that creatively develops ideas and strategy to solve
problems and help achieve Beakerhead objectives. Were looking for the big ideas that really add
value to Beakerhead.

DETAILS ON PROPOSED IDEAS: What are the promotion and marketing opportunities and their reach.

FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITY: What is being offered to meet Beakerheads marketing needs?

#101, 1615 10 Ave SW, Calgary AB T3C 0J&7


OPTIONS AND ADD-ONS: These might be considered the nice to haves that are outside the current
scope or budget, but significant enough that you feel its important to explore.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Note any special or notable technical requirements for which you will have
to make significant accommodations.

COST: How are the costs broken down? Is it time/space and materials or based on project costs.

LIST OF DELIVERABLES: Clearly identify and outline which deliverables are guaranteed or not guaranteed

Please send all submissions to:

Michelle Htun-Kay
Marketing and Communications Director, Beakerhead


#101, 1615 10 Ave SW, Calgary AB T3C 0J&7