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Does ALLAH (GOD), The Supreme Being "EXIST"?

June 29, 2013 at 4:50pm

If ALLAH is the Supreme BEING, the by definition He must EXIST! What does this m
ean? Well, according to the Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary, the word E
xist is defined as:


1. To have actual being or reality; be.2. To continue to live or be3. To be pres

ent; occur

The etymology of the word exist, is:

Exist (ex-sist) L., exsistere to step out, or step forth, to emerge or appear; ex
(out) + sistere (to cause to stand, to set, put, place)

If we believe ALLAH (God) exists:, where did ALLAH step out, step forth, emerge or
appear from? What did ALLAH (God) stand out from so that He could be said to exi
st? Can anything exist without having some form, by which its EXIST-ence CAN BE D

In order for anything to exist, it must necessarily, by definition, be observably

distinct from non-existence. To step out, or step forth, or to emerge or appear descr
s activity within a 3-dimensional context. Therefore, ANYTHING that exists must by
definition have a FORM. How could some thing emerge from 3-dimensional space and
not be 3-dimensional, itself?

If, then, ALLAH exists, what form does ALLAH have? What form do human beings respe
ct most? Can human beings accept that which is formless as superior to themselve
s? ALLAH is a material Being, the Supreme of Beings.

Does the Holy Quran attest to the fact that ALLAH exists as a material Being that c
an be seen with the physical eyes? Indeed it does, for example, Surah 53 verses
1-10 details ALLAHS *Appearance* to the Muhammad of the Holy Quran:

SURAH 53:1-10By the STAR when it goes down (or sets) Your companion is neither astra
y (or errs not) nor being misled (or deviates). Nor does he say (or speak) of (his own
) Desire. It is no less than inspiration (or revelation) sent down (or revealed) to
him: He was taught by One Mighty in Power, Endued with Wisdom (or Lord of Strengt
h): ***FOR HE APPEARED (IN STATELY FORM)***; while he was/is in the highest part
of the horizon: THEN HE APPROACHED HIM AND CAME CLOSER, And was at a distance of
but two bow-lengths or (even) nearer (or closer); SO DID HE (ALLAH) CONVEY (or REV
EAL) THE INSPITAION (or REVELATION) TO HIS SERVANT (conveyed) what He (meant) to con
vey. (Misture of Yusef Ali and Maulana Muhammad Ali translation)

A careful reading of the above Surah demonstrates that the Person (or BEING) tha
t APPEARED unto Muhammad was ALLAH, Himself! How do we know? Because it teaches us t
hat the Being who taught Muhammad was THE LORD OF STRENGTH and ONE MIGHTY IN POWER. No
t only that, but it describes Muhammad as the SERVANT OF this One Who Is Mighty in
Power. It is interesting to note that Yusef Ali writes in parenthesis that this Be
ing Who appears to Muhammad came in Stately Form. Of course, Yusef Ali and most ortho
dox Muslim believe or teach that this person that appears to Muhammad was the Ange
l Gabriel, but then they would have to answer the question of why Muhammad is be
ing described as this persons servant. Was Muhammad the servant of Gabriel? Emphatic
ally No! To this regard, Maulana Muhammad Ali righty states in his footnotes tha

t the Person or Being that appeared to Muhammad was A;;AH, Himself.

Footnote: 2374:

It is not really correct to take the One Mighty in Power as meaning Gabriel. The One
Who taught him was God Himself as plainly stated elsewhere: The Neneficent has t
aught the Quran.

When we cross-reference the above Surah (53) with Surah 81, we read the followin

SURAH 81:19-25Verily this is the word of a most honorable Messenger, Endued with P
ower, with rank before THE LORD OF THE THRONE, With authority there, (and) faith
ful to his trust. And (O People!) your companion is not one possessed; And witho
ut doubt HE SAW HIM IN THE CREAL HORIZON. Neither doth he withhold grudgingly a
knowledge of the Unseen. Nor is it the word of an evil (or accursed) spirit.

Again, it is clear from the above Surah that the Person of BEING Whom Muhammad saw w
as ALLAH, here being described as THE LORD OF THE THRONE. The Angel Gabriel was/is
not The Lord of the Throne. This title is exclusively referring to ALLAH. It is u
p to the Orthodox Muslims to show that there is another referent in this passage
but they cannot!

Now that We have established that ALLAH APPEARS in visible FORM to His servant, MUHA
MMAD. We now must establish that He (ALLAH) would come or appear to him (Muhammad)
in the WEST (the West being America).


When we refer back to Surah 53, it teaches us that, He (ALLAH) and His Messenger
(Servant), Muhammad were drawn together in the Highest Part of the HORIZON.

Where is the Highest Part of the Horizon?

If we just had a degree of knowledge of the astronomical science behind verse 1,

we would know where ALLAH taught His Last Messenger Face to Face. According to th
e book entitled, Teach Yourself Astronomy, by David S. Evans; pg. 7 (1954), it say
s that a star (sets) due WEST on the horizon.

The HIGHEST PART OF THE HORIZON is in THE WEST. It is from this vantage point where
ALLAH (God) revealed to His servant (Elijah Muhammad) what He revealed. (53:7)