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presents the Fall 2015

Time: 12:30 3:30 p.m. on Fridays
Location: Devlin Hall, WSU main campus
Cost: $50 each ($5 WSU students) or $299 for 9 sessions

*(does not include Oct. 16 session)

SEPT 18 The Employee Factor

OCT 23 Legal Essentials for Entrepreneurs

Sept 25 Serial Entrepreneurship

OCT 30 Everything You Need to Know

About Local SEO

Instructor: Gaylen Chandler

 How to attract, retain and dismiss employees while giving and receiving feedback. Learn
how to build team consensus and the benefits
of using temporary employment agencies.
Instructor: Jonathan George
 For most people, entrepreneurship is not a
one-shot game: if you believe you have a great
idea, build it and it can either make you rich or
make you retool. Set yourself up for a startup
career path and become a contributing member
of your community.

OCT 2 From Mind to Market

Instructors: Jim Wolff, Brian Brown, Chris Rempe

 This program will help entrepreneurs,
innovators, and small businesses bridge the gap
between research and development and commercial deployment including prototype
development, automation and manufacturability.

OCT 9 What Can You Do Today to

Win a Government Contract?

Kansas PTAC-Scott Knapp and Dave Krones

 Learn how to expand your sales opportunities into the government market and the
registration process for becoming a government contractor including the requirements
for DUNS and the use of NAICS.

OCT 16 Develop a Winning SBIR/STTR

Proposal All day 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
$75 (lunch included)*

Instructor: Jim Greenwood

 Learn how to prepare a competitive Phase I
proposal for SBIR or STTR funding. Focus will
be on reviewers expectations in a high quality
proposal, the common mistakes, government
accounting and developing federal cost

Supercharge your success.


Instructors: Anna Ritchie and Richard C. Stevens

 Learn about employee basics and best
practices, company formation and financing,
including entity selection, taxation and
protecting intellectual property.

Instructor: Matthew Rupp

 Marketing is a continuously changing
environment. Understand how Google impacts
your business through an online presence.
Learn how to take control of your website
traffic and improve your rankings.

NOV 6 Executing Your Path: How to Stay

Motivated and Get Results

Instructor: Jill Miller

 Self-motivation is essential to move forward
and achieve ones purpose. This workshop will
help you learn creative time management
skills and achieve success through goal setting.

NOV 13 Necessary Evils (Taxes & Labor

Regulations): The Importance of Planning
and Compliance

Instructors: Cindy McSwain, Shawn Sullivan,

Bruce Stubbs, Jerry Capps, and John Trowbridge
 Learn how to make sure your business
complies with the necessary tax and labor
regulations to stay in good with the authorities
and get tips on how to minimize the cost of
taxes and regulation through effective planning.

DEC 4 Using and Understanding Analytics

Instructors: Julie Martin
 Many kinds of analytics are available to you
today Google Analytics, email stats, social
media insights all offer a zillion data points.
Learn whats important to your business and
where to find opportunities
for improvement.

Phone: 316-978-3000