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Greatness be nothing unless it be lasting
Hero is a man of sky high personality with an exemplary character,
distinctive deeds and ingenious ideas. He must be a man of exceptional qualities
of heart and mind, unparalleled vigor, matchless genius and unique talent. He
must possess the charismatic qualities of an inspiring leader to lead his people
to their ultimate destiny despite whatever grave difficulties may hinder his way to

With his self less and sincere efforts, he can mould the fate of his people.
He is a man of determination, will-power, steadfastness and undaunted spirit.
His charismatic personality stimulates the energy, courage and enthusiasm of
the people and welds them into a nation. His words have power to inspire
devotion and dedication.
Muslim history is replete with great leaders of marvelous achievements,
but my favorite personality is our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
At the time of birth of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), the Arabs were sunk to a
very low state. They were fond of intoxicants, gambling and idol worship. They
buried their infant girls alive for fear of disgrace. Slavery was rampant throughout
the land. Not only Arab, rather the whole world was deeply sunk in the
transgressions, crimes and sins. That was the time when Holy Prophet
Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was born in Mecca in 570 A.D.
He was born an orphan, as his father died a few months before his birth.
He was handed over to Halima, the wet nurse, and he spent five years with her.
His mother died when he was about 6 years old, his grandfather who was his
loving and devoted guardian, died when he was 8 years old. He then passed into
the care of his uncle, Abu Talib, the father of Hazrat Ali (R.A).

This is confirmed beyond any doubt that his childhood and youth remained
very pure and clean in the corrupt and debased society of Mecca. He lived in
Mecca among the idol worshipers, but he never paid homage to an idol, never
ate of anything presented as offering to an idol. He never touched liquor, neither
gambled, nor took part in any of the frivolous activities of his fellow youths. It is
beyond the shadow of doubt that Almighty Allah safeguarded him against every

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kind of lapse. He arrived at his full maturity without the slightest stain on his

Carlyle has said:

All history is the biography of great man"

Holy Prophet had great love for God. This is why he used to spend lot of
his time in praying, and supplicating to God. He was not after material world,
rather he was in the search of his Creator. At the age of forty, when he used to
spend days in praying and fasting in cave named Hira, he received his first
revelation from God, through angle Jibrael.

The angle said:

"Read in the name of thy Lord who created. Created man

from a clot of blood."
(Holy Quran, 96: 2-3)
And the prophet started reading. The Holy Prophet of Islam was not a
super being, he was a human chosen by God for the guidance of human being.
The love of God was .oozing every moment from every word of his speech. His
every action was a witness that he had reached the highest point in the love of

Holy Quran says:

"And He found thee wandering in search for him and

guided thee unto Himself."
(Holy Quran, 93: 8)
Our Holy Prophet was always very patient in hardship and suffering. He
was never discouraged by adverse circumstances, nor did he permit any
personal desire to get hold over him. Throughout his life, he had to encounter a
succession of bitter experiences. After marriage, he had to bear the loss of
several children one after the other, and then his beloved and devoted wife
Hazrat Khadija died. He bore all these losses and calamities calmly and never
complained to God.

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During the journey of Al-Taif, to convey the message of God to people, the
fanatic youth started throwing stones at him and he was bleeding from top to toe.
At that moment, he just prayed to God:

"O, my Lord, unto you I bewail my weakness, inability

and disregard of mankind towards me.... If you are not
angry against me, then I do not care what befalls me."
The Holy Prophet was very serious in improving the condition of women in
the society and on securing for them a position of equal dignity and fair
treatment. When during any of his journey, women were also among the party,
he always gave directions that the carvan should move slowly and by easy
stages. On one such occasion when the men were eager to push forward, he

"Take care of the glass! Take care of the glass!"

Just before his death, one of the injunctions he addressed to Muslims and
laid stress upon, was that they should treat women with kindness and

Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) enjoined upon Muslims to treat the poor kindly
and to help them with alms, zakaat and in other ways. He did not prohibit the
acquisition of wealth but insisted that it be lawfully acquired by honest means
and that a portion of it should go to the poor. He advised his followers:

"Give the labourer his wages before his perspiration

The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) throughout his life encouraged the people to have
an independent and noble living. Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) himself could have been the
wealthiest man in the history of Arabia, however he preferred to live simple and used
his wealth to please God.

He always loved poors and said:

"O Allah, keep me poor in my life and at my death and

raise me at resurrection among those who are poor."

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Holy Prophet was very kindhearted and merciful. He not only preached the
people to show kindness to each other but also to all living souls. He always
treated the animals with great care and love. If he saw any animal overloaded or
ill-fed he would call the owner and say:

"Fear Allah in your treatment of animals."

(Abu Dawud)
Regarding slaves, during prophet hood, he closed most of the doors
leading to slavery and encouraged the freeing of slaves in many ways. He
constantly exhorted those who owned slaves to treat them kindly. The Holy
Prophet (P.B.U.H) was very strict in his standards of truthfulness, that is why
even before his prophet hood, he was popularly known among the people as

"The truthful and trustworthy."

In the same way he was equally anxious that Muslims should adopt the
same standards of truth as were observed by him. He regarded truth as the
basis of all virtues.

The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) always tried to co-operate to establish peace,

brotherhood and harmony in the society.
Studying the life history of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) no one can refuse to
select Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as his favorite personality. He was a great
reformer. History is unable to produce a single example like him. He loved God
and God loved him more than that and gave him victory that even non - Muslims
admit it.

In 1978, A non-Muslim, ranker of the most influential persons in History,

Michael H.Hart said in New York:

"My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world's

most influential persons may surprise some readers...
but he was the only man in history who was supremely
successful on both the religious and secular level."
May the Muslims of new millennium be inspired by the illuminating
thoughts of his messages.

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Religion is nothing else but love to God and man
Terrorisms means the threat or use of force against civilians or armed
forces for the political or personal interest. Terrorism has become one of the
most dangerous forms of international crimes. Terrorists attack the civilian
population to create terror or general harassment in society. They resort to
bombing, killing, hijacking and large scale destruction of property. A large
number of innocent civilians have been killed in these savage attacks. A wave of
terror and insecurity has travelled around the globe. People are wonder-struck
and terrified at the cruel activities of terrorists in spite of great measures of
security and defense.
Terrorism is the most horrible threat of today. The whole world is facing
the horrible consequences of terrorism. The main motive of international
terrorism is to weaken a country politically, socially, economically and
administratively. Though much effort is in progress to eliminate terrorism from
society but it cannot be rooted out unless some international laws of justice are
As a wise man said:

"Whenever and wherever, there is injustice, terrorism can

not be eradicated."
Narrow - mindedness, fanaticism, fundamentalism, intolerance and
religious extremism are considered the main causes of terrorism politics and
religious extremists do not tolerate their opponents and try to eliminate them.
While some culprits do it for temptations of money. It is also a fact that some
intelligence agencies cause terrorism in enemy countries to destabilize them.

Edward Cribbon said:

"Fanaticism obliterates the feeling of humanity."

Recent hijacking of American passenger airlines and crashing them
against the towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, and pentagon in
Washington is probably the worst incident of terrorism in the worlds. Americans
want to punish some individuals and countries whom they blame for terrorist

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activities in various parts of the world. Usama Bin Ladin and some specific
countries are their targets.
As far as this problem in Pakistan is concerned, it has three main causes,
terrorist activities of RAW and other international terrorist organizations, injustice
and sectarianism. Our chronic enemy India has always triggered troubles for us
on national and international levels. To prevent us from providing the Kashmirs
with moral support in their struggle for independence, India often sent his
terrorists to our country to play havoc. She is dreaming of becoming an absolute
authority in Asia.
It is said that:

"Terrorism never leads to victory."

Hindu fundamentalists cannot endure the existence of any religion and
culture other than Hinduism. The minorities in India have always been sued and
slaughtered. The Indian arm forces are trying their utmost to crush the freedom
fighters who are struggling for independence and their right of self determination.

Secondly, the denial of justice from police and other concerned offices
presses the innocent people to be terrorists. When innocent people are treated
cruelly without any grave offense on their part, they become terrorist for revenge.
The main problem of our country is the delay in social justice.
It is said by a famous philosopher:

"The use of justice makes a nation great and strong and

free of any evil activity."
Some terrorist activities are due to sectarianism. There are many religious
cults in Pakistan. They are poles apart in their religious views. Often their
convictions are contrary to each other. The open observance of their religious
sentiments and speeches against the other sects initiate religious intolerance.
This leads to violent clashes between them.
However, terrorism is not limited to Pakistan only. It has become a global
problem. The whole world is facing the horrible consequences of terrorism.
International terrorism is present in various forms. Bomb blast, hijacking, cross
border terrorist activities and massacre on a massive scale are the familiar forms
of terrorism. Whenever and wherever, there is brutality, injustice, wrongs and
intolerance, terrorism can not be eradicated.

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A philosopher has rightly said:

"Terrorism is nothing but the accumulation of all the

Islam is the most misunderstood and misinterpreted religion in the West. A
religion that stands for peace and justice has been misrepresented as a religion
of war and fanaticism. The Muslims are depicted by the western media as
extremists, fanatics, terrorists, backward and devoid of disciplines. On religious
issues, they are emotional and intolerant. Fundamentalists believe that they are
the right people and all the rest are heretics.
As Anatale France said:

"It is better to understand a little than to misunderstand

a lot."
On the other hand, there is no organized Muslim media any where in the
Muslim world that can refute this western disinformation and give an accurate
picture of what is really going on. The west is in fact under the psychological
pressure of the glorious past of the Muslims. Soon after the demise of
communism in the Soviet Union, Islam was perceived as the only ideological
force to overcome the whole world.

The Muslim concept of Islamic fundamentalism is the strict adherence to

the age of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). It is an effort to implement the Islamic
principles of the golden age in the world of today for the revival of Islam. Jihad is
totally different from the acts of terrorism. Jihad means exertion, striving and
endeavour for the cause of God. Its object is to bring an end to oppression and
aggression against Islam. Its object is not to propagate Islam by the use of
The Holy Quran has emphasized Jihad for noble cause:

"It is Fight against those who treat helpless men, women

and children cruelly."
Jihad stands for performing noble deeds for elevating moral character, and
for seeking refinement to attain nearness to Allah. Islam is not anti - west bigotry
and the revival of the ancient Islamic concept of expansionism. I

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In Islam, establishment of a real democratic society is regulated by certain

moral norms and ideals. According to Islam rulers are forbidden to impose
themselves against the will of the community. Rule through force and fraud is
illegal in Islam. Then how can this peaceful religion teach terrorism.
A philosopher said:

"Islam is the religion of peace and love."

However defense of a country is the sacred duty of its rulers. State should
take all possible measures and probable means to defend its borders. But this
One wise man said:
cannot be marked as terrorism.

"Islam is the most liberal and pluralist religion."

In Islam, there is no room for war and violence, expect defensive war. The
aim is not to conquer but protection and security.

The Holy Quran emphasized that:

"God has breathed his spirit in man."

It means that man is not a sinful, deprived and detestable being. Instead
he is endowed with a divinely element, being viceroy and trustee of God. This is
the only worldly injustice that has made the man a terrorist. The only way to
avoid terrorism is that the state is to respect and protect the individuals life and
liberty, honor and dignity, property and privacy. The freedom of thought and
expression, freedom of association, freedom of religious, freedom of work for
decent living, freedom of choice, freedom of movements, freedom of education
etc. must be guaranteed to the people and the most important of them is that
independent judiciary must be built in a country. In short we can say that

"Obeying Islam thoroughly, avoids us from terrorism."

Terrorism is also different from political or liberation movement. The
Kashmir liberation movement against India, the Palestine liberation movement
against Israel and Chechen liberation movement against Russia cannot be
regarded as the terrorist movements. They are engaged in an armed struggle to
get freedom from the cruel rules. They are fighting against aggression.
Craft Sagan said:

"If we like them, they are freedom fighters... if we don't

like them, they are terrorists."

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Terrorism is an evil. It must be fought against at all levels. Government

and nations must join hands to crush this evil and its agents. At the same time,
the united Nations must take steps and leave no stone unturned to remove the
reasons of deprivation and germs of dissatisfaction, deprivation and injustice
from various regions of the world.
As Martin Luther king said:

human conflict a method

which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The
foundation of such a method is love."

"Mankind must evolve for all

May God devoid us from such horrible destructions of terrorism. (Ameen)

Our College Library

About a library, college opinion is

"The true university of these days is a collection of

Bacon goes so far as to say,
Libraries, which are as the shrines where all the relics of the ancient
saints full of true virtue are preserved and reposed.

Library is an essential part of every educational institution. This is

because course books cannot be sufficient for a comprehensive education of
students. They must study a variety of reading material to have a good
knowledge of the world and wider outlook of life. That is why the students are
always advised by the teachers to go to their college library whenever they get
free time.

I frequently visit the college library if I find a vacant period. I feel a peculiar
satisfaction to sit in calm and peaceful atmosphere there. Such a place is very
suitable for deep study, and full concentration of mind. I find the college library a
place of peace and isolation in the hue and cry of the college campus.
Our college library has been housed in a separate block, consisting of a
spacious hall, a reading room and the office of the librarian and his assistants. In
fact, it is a world of books, knowledge and wisdom. It contains a wide and careful

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selection of books which may be taken by college students for a higher and
deeper study of their subjects. Good teachers usually guide their students which
books they should get from library to study at home.
If on returning a book, it is found tom and de - shaped, the student is bound to
replace it with a new one or to pay its price. For this purpose, every student is
required to pay library security. Which is refundable to the students when he
leaves the college. Our college library has been divided into a number of
sections labeled as literature, social sciences, physical sciences etc. All the
books are placed in properly locked book - cases having glass doors. These are
daily dusted and cleaned before the opening time. All the library books are
systematically catalogued.

A big portion of our college library is called the reading room. It has large
and long tables with chairs for the students to sit and study. A large variety of
daily newspapers, magazines and illustrated monthlies is found spreading on
these tables. The students are allowed to benefit from them.
In short, the college library does an invaluable service to the college
students and they should visit it as often as they can. It helps in developing
reading habit among the young men and at the same time quenches their thirst
for knowledge. In this way they become men of good knowledge, new ideas,
better understanding and mature minds.


Cowper Said:

"What peaceful hours I once enjoyed! How sweet their

memory still"
In this modern age, we remain busy day and night like a machine. Our
minds are all the time pre occupied with the worries and responsibilities of
everyday life. We are unable to understand the need of pleasure in human life. In
this hurly burly world of tumult and turmoil, people become duil in soul and drab
in spirit. Round the clock they are engrossed in materialistic pursuits. They feed

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their big bellies but do nothing for their vexed souls. They have confined
themselves to the small stinging nooks of the houses or the offices. They toil
from dawn to dusk to make loads of money. Life has become flat, boring and
monotonous for them. They spare no time to enjoy a fresh nutritious breath.
They have no time to spend in the company of balmy nature.
W. H. Davis says:

"What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand

and stare."
They do not bother to enlighten their souls and illuminate their brains.
They have become almost irresponsive, insensitive and apathetic about beauty,
grace and glamour. They have lost their taste for beauty of nature. In such a
grim situation, an excursion proves to be amazing antidote to counter the
venomous effects of lediumand ennui.
I, like men of today, live a busy hectic life but I do spare some time for the
enlightenment of my soul. In this age of hurries and worries, a picnic provides an
escape from monotonous routine of life.
Last Sunday, we decided to go on a picnic. We wished to visit some
historical places because they are our cultural heritage.

John Keats says:

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever."

Historical places are the treasures of our past. They reflect our past
history. A place of historical interest contains our cultural heritage. It tells us the
ways of living of our forefathers. We come to know about their habits, manners
and their ways of life. The an old historical place is always valuable for a student.
It enriches his knowledge and increases his vision. There are many historical
places in Pakistan but I together with my friends decided to go to Jahangirs
We reached the Tomb in the morning at 10:00 the weather was very
pleasant. The Tomb is situated near Shahdara railway station four miles away
from Lahore. We reached the Tomb by bus. The splendid building of the Tomb
was before our eyes. Weather was very nice. A cool breeze was blowing. We
were no less happy than Words-worth when he entered the enchanted valley.

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I started singing his beautiful verses:

"Oh there is blessing in this gentle breeze That

blows from the green fields and from the clouds,
And from the sky: it beats against my cheek And
seems half conscious of the joy it gives/'
There was greenery all around. Birds were chirping in the trees. There
were vast lawns, open spaces and flowers of different colours.

Shopkeepers and hawkers were their goods to the visitors and tourists.
They were advertising their goods at the top of their voice. They attracted a large
number of customers.

On entering the gate we saw spacious lawns on either side of the road.
The green soft grass presented a pleasant view of the eye. The grand building
was surrounded by open lawns. There were green grassy plots with fountains on
either side of a canal. Cypress and other trees added to his charm. Its 4 great
minarets stood like watchmen. There were flowers of different colours and kinds.
All the plants and flowers were in their bloom. A sweet fragrance spread all

Luther Burbank says:

"Flowers always make people better, happier and

more helpful."
We marched on towards the right. We saw another high gate. As we
crossed it, we saw a tiny canal filled with water. The green beautiful trees
surrounded the canal. Next we saw a small tank of water from which four
streams flowed out. The tiny waterfalls presented a lovely sight. Soon we
reached the main building. The main building of the Tomb was very beautiful to
look at. It was constructed with white marble. Around it, there was a wall of red
stones. The tomb was in the center of the building.

In the inner room of the tomb, sleeps the great Mughal Emperor, Jahangir.
The walls of this room have beautiful designs on them. We were greatly
surprised to see the craftsmanship of the stone cutters and artisans of Mughal
times. The Kalima and other verses of the Holy Quran carved on the marble
epitaph had a beauty of their own.

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The huge mausoleum had a vast terrace. In each corner, a minaret soared
up in the sky. We went up to one of the towers and from there we could see the
lofty building of Badshahi Mosque. The whole city of Lahore was before our
eyes. The river Ravi appeared to us no more than a silvery line. We came down
and offered Fateha at the grave of the great Mughal king.
A wise man said:

"The places are indeed great, enclosing the great

After visiting the tomb, we found a suitable place in a ground and sat
there. Cool breeze was blowing. The sky was over - cast with clouds. Soon it
began to rain heavily. We enjoyed a lot of in the rain. It stopped raining after
sometime. We had our eatables, chatted and laughed. We started playing cards.
One of us began singing. One of our friends told us many jokes which made us
laugh. As we were tired, we lay down to take a rest. After sometime, when we
gathered strength, we rushed towards the river Ravi and enjoyed boating there.
We put the splashes of water on each other and enjoyed a lot.

It was evening and the light began to fade. The whole scene was
presenting a beautiful picture. Now it was time to come back. So we came back
tired but happy. It was an unforgettable visit to the historical place. We all
enjoyed very much. Our hearts were saturated with pleasure.
Indeed this was really a wonderful day to be cherished in our memory and
recounted with pride.


Robert Green

"Colleges are palaces where pebbles are polished

and diamonds are dimmed."
Politics is an art of conducting political affairs. It deals with the structure,
organization and administration of the state. It usually describes the process by
which people and institutions exercise their powers. Politics formulates policies,
influences individuals, promotes institution and organizes societies. The main
purpose of colleges and universities is to provide necessary training for life. They
also promote students creativity, analytical skills and political insight. They
provide students with an intellectual environment to acquire complex ideas.

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Colleges and universities provide unique opportunities for academic, personal,

social and political enrichment. In other words they are training grounds for life.
It is hotly debatable whether students should take part in the arduous
fields of politics or not. Some people favour the idea strongly while others
repudiate it altogether.
Dr Johnson said:

"Politics is the refuge of scoundrels/'

Some people think that students indulge in dirty politics and ruin their
career. Politicians misguide them. They are tempted or even dragged into
politics. The student leaders become cats paw and play in the hands of selfish
politicians. They use the youth force for their personal benefits. That is why it is
said that politics should be a forbidden fruit for students.

In fact, if a politician wants to be a success, he should either be a rouge

or become a rouge after entering politics. It is not possible for a honest man to
remain in politics for a long time because he has to tell lies, make false promises
and think of his interests. Despite these negative aspects of politics, it has
glamour and attraction. A number of people with a remote hope of coming to the
top, ruin their career. Moreover, politics is so much time - consuming that it is
not possible for a person to pay attention to anything else.
In view of above - mentioned aspects of politics, we can say that students
should not take part in politics because.

"Youth is the essence of the power of a nation."

By brining politics to the universities and colleges, we will make the youth
unsuitable for helping the nation to progress. Young people are enthusiastic, so
is their zest for bringing certain changes. They do certain things which may not
be in the larger interest of the country. Politics if indulged in by immature people
may endanger a country. So it is said that, students being immature in their
thinking, should never indulge in politics because it is not in the National interest.

Students can easily be exploited by politicians for their personal ends.

They try to utilize the youth force for their personal benefits. Their tendency is
also not conducive to the welfare of the nation. This type of exploitation generally
results in violence. The first and foremost obligation of the students is to get

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Edward Everett said:

"Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a

standing army."
Their interest in politics may divert their attention from the real target. They
may not be able to concentrate fully on their studies, if they take an active part in
politics. By indulging into politics, they may waste their time. Usually they do not
have intellectual maturity at this stage. They are drifted along the mighty waves
of emotions. They give a hot - blooded response to everything they do.
Therefore, sometimes for solving a problem, they turn it into a terrible plight. In
this sorry state of affairs, they neither have decent education nor become shrewd
Politicians. Therefore they should shun political activities altogether.
The primary duty of students is towards their education. If we neglect their
studies, their whole life will be unhappy. Politics would create a tension in their
minds and they would be thinking of defeating the other party. Students need a
very balanced and patient approach.

Scott Reed said:

"This is one step... choosing a goal and sticking to

it., changes everything."
On the other hand, some people think that college life is full of pleasures,
excitements and opportunities. It provides all sorts of academic, cultural, social
and sports activities. The students who take an active part in these activities,
enjoy a full active life. So, they will be well - prepared to lead a responsible life in
the society.

Students constitute the most important portion of population. They are the
future of a nation. They are the people who would run the administration of the
country. Therefore, it is necessary for them to take part in politics in student life
so that they might learn the art of politics. In this way, they will be successful
politicians in future. They will know how to run the political system of the country.
So, students life should be their first training ground for politics.
Why should they not participate in politics in student life if they are to take
part in politics in practical life. So, it is in the interest of a nation that the students
should go into the politics. A student union is made for this purpose.

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Vince Lombardi said:

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is

what makes a team work, a company work, a society
work, a civilization work."
The students Union" is a representative and democratic society of
students. It is an elected body of the students to look after their affairs. Its object
is to prepare students as useful and responsible students. It is a training camp
for democracy. It enlightens the hidden qualities of students. It provides them
with the opportunities and facilities to enrich their qualities of leadership. They
learn a lot through self - help and team - work. If we look back in history, we will
come to know that, great politicians are not born in a day. Ages are required to
make people successful politicians. Approximately all the great leaders of the
world had been successful politicians in their student life. For example the
students of sub continent played an important role in creating Pakistan. They
worked side by side with their political leaders to win freedom. Quaid - e - Azam
urged the students to play their role for freedom. Therefore, students may be
allowed to take part in politics.
Brown said:

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss youTl land

among the stars."
These two views are poles apart. Booth seem to be weighty and vital. But
we may resolve the riddle by seeking a third well - balanced option. In this
concern, our only consideration should be the unerring channelization of the
innate talent of our youth. In normal and strife free circumstance, the only
occupation of the student should be the adequate attainment of education. But
when their participation in politics is needed for the welfare of nation, they should
be asked to leave the promises of institutions and join hands in the joint struggle.
But the students should be very cautious about such activities. They should not
become puppets in the hands of timeserver politician. They should not join the
protesting rallies of the self-centered statesmen.
A philosopher said:

"The best helping hand you can find is at the

end of your own arm..."

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To conclude the discussion, it may be asserted that in serene

circumstances, the students should not get immersed in politics. They should
concentrate exclusively on the educational pursuits. Then after completing their
educational, they may offer their services for the welfare and betterment of their
nation and country!

Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said:

"Verily, paradise is under the feet of mother."

In the past, the role of women was limited to the four walls of the house.
Their sphere of activities was very narrow. They were not allowed to participate
in political, cultural, social and literary activities. They could not play any
constructive role outside the house. They were considered physically weak and
mentally ineligible and spiritually dubious.

People used to think that woman was for the hearth. She was considered
to be subordinate to man. Her whole life was spent in showering affections upon
others. As a girl, she had to tolerate the preference given to her brothers. As a
mother, she had to make sacrifices for the sake of her children. Man and woman
are the two parts of a whole. One is incomplete without the other.
The Holy Quran says:

"And we have created you in pairs (Male and female)."

The existence of one without the other would be colourless and boring.
The need of one for the other is so great that it was honoured in even in heaven
when Eve was created for Adam. Moreover the union of both is necessary for
human survival. Besides this need, they are a complete source of joy and
comfort for each other.
In Islamic society, women are treated with utmost honour. She has the
honour of being a mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter. However the picture of
women in pre- Islamic society was shocking. Parents were ashamed of having
female children. The girls were buried alive. Women were treated as means of
cranal pleasure. Among the great religions of the world, Islam is the only one
which made serious efforts to restore grace and dignity of women. Within the
limits of shariah, they can live with dignity and play an active and constructive

P age | 18

role for the general welfare of society. Islam gave them the rights which were not
granted to women even in Europe for more than eleven hundred years. No other
religion gives her so much importance as Islam gives her. As a mother, she
enjoys matchless honour.
A wise man said:

"Earth's noblest thing, a woman perfected."

In the present age, woman is no longer the slave of man. Men and women
are the two wheels of the same carriage. Both have equal importance according
to Islam. In villages, women are not respected and honoured still. In villages,
they do not even get the chances of education. They have to work with men in
fields. Their life in villages is hard.

However in cities, most of the women enjoy the opportunities of education.

Their life is as good as that of men. They take part in every kind of activity. They
are allowed to go to colleges, offices and universities. They even can compete
with men in election. In many countries of the world, they have proved their
A wise man said:

"It is admitted that women are as important as men."

In the changing world of today, women are playing very significant role in
the development of society. They are proving their worth and value in every
sphere of life such as trade, industry, politics, administration, scientific research,
literacy and artistic activities. Now, they are considered suitable for every job.

Women can carry on the work of administrator properly. It is wrong to think

that proper adjustment of hair is a whole day - job for a woman. It is also
incorrect to say that women is meant for just becoming the companion of man.
She may still be interested in repairing her smiles and rolling her eyes and
arming herself with charms but she is no longer satisfied with the appreciation
given by the man folk. She is interested in more difficult tasks of life as well.
It has been correctly said that:

"Women is becoming the rival of man."

Her patience, her accuracy as well as efficiency has earned her a better
status in society. In the field of education, she is sure to replace man because

Page | 19

teaching needs a lot of patience on the part of a teacher. Similarly in handling

most of the jobs which need physical labour, she has surpassed man. Her
humility, her spirit of self-sacrifice and above all a smile on her face win respect
from her superiors. When she has won so great a success for outside world, it
will be selfish of man to say that woman is meant for the home only. She is
qualified to take all types of jobs in all capacities.
Women proved successful by working as teachers, nurses, doctors,
artists, writers, officers, air - hostesses and even pilots as well. Today our
women are the members of national and provincial Assemblies. They are serving
their country as Ministers and Ambassadors. They are working wonders in
almost every field of life.

Even in Pakistan, women are doing positive activities towards the welfare
of the society. In various departments, they are working as nurses, air hostesses, clerk, steno typists, sale - girls, police and military officers. If we wish
to see our country progressing by help and bounds, women should be allowed to
work, shoulder to shoulder with men in every field of life. We should get rid of
conservative thinking and accept the reality that women are an integral part of
the civil society.
Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said:

"Treat women and slaves very kindly."

As far as the liberty of women is concerned, they should be allowed to
take part in all kinds of political, social, economic and cultural activities. But they
should also realize their duty as Muslim women. Islam imposes upon them
certain restrictions. For example, they should cover their whole body before
going outside their home. They should not violate the golden principles of Islam.
Islam does not forbid them to get education, work for the progress of their
country, earn money and struggle for an honorable status. But sometime, in their
unjustifiable freedom, they ignore their duties as Muslim women. Sometimes like
the European women, they speak against the universal principles of Islam. Then
they can not be overlooked. They must realize their duty as Pakistani and
Muslim women.

They should be given every chance for the betterment of themselves and
society. They should come out to work with their men but as True Muslims.

No doubt, the real greatness of a woman lies in her role as a mother.

Page | 20

As Emerson said:

"Men are what their mothers made them."

It would not be out of place to ask women not to neglect their duties at
home. She should be a good mother, a loving wife, an ideal house - keeper and
a matchless patriot. She should act according to the lawful wishes of her
husband. Islam does not prevent women from serving in various social
institutions. In this regard her duty is twofold. She will have to perform her duties
in the house as well as outside the house.
Women in our society are allowed to work in all capacities but they are not
allowed to exceed the limits of Islamic rules under the label of women

John Keats says:

Today, man lives

a world where struggle and effort is necessary for
survival. He has toj|Kfrom dawn to dusk. Physical and mental exertions leave
him utterly exhausted and enervated, after the whole days work. The constant
drudgery of daily routine life rusts his talent and efficiencies. He needs some
pleasant activity to lighten his burden of monotony. He needs leisure and idle
hours to soothe his perturbed feeling and troubled soul.
Hobby is a useful work which is done in spare time for pleasure without
any monetary benefit. This occupation is quite apart from the regular profession.
It is pursued only for recreation. After hard labour, hobby provides us a cheap
source of entertainment and amusement. It saves us from the dull routine of life.
It gives us an activity when we have nothing to do.

W. H. Davies says:

"What is this life full of care, we have no time to

stand and stare."
There is no dearth of hobbies in this world. People adopt different hobbies
according to their own taste and temperament. There are many hobbies like

P a g e | 21

gardening, stamp - collecting, coin - collecting, photography, pen - friendship,

reading books etc. Gardening is my hobby.

Francis Bacon in his essay of Garden says:

"God Almighty first planted a garden. And, indeed,

it is the purest of human pleasure."
Thus this hobby of mine is an ultimate source of joy and pleasure for me. I
want to relax after a days hard work. Gardening makes me forget my worries
and refreshes my mind.

Hobby is an activity that one does in spare time for the sheer sake of
delight and recreation. It invigorates both our body and soul. It breathes new life
into a lethargic and lazy body. Therefore hobby is a felicitous activity to refresh
body and brain.

I live in a big city where life is too much mechanical, dull and dreary. It is
void to peace, serenity, calm and quietness. I often desire to do some
recreational activity to get rid of this tedious and boring life - style. For this
purpose, I have made a very beautiful lawn in front of my house.

"From the gardens of plants do I move towards the

gardens of inner joy. The flowers dance on leaves.
And ideas dance on heart beats and mind."
I have made a garden at the back of my house. In the garden, I have
planted mango, orange, guava and banana trees. There, I grow flowers of
various kinds like rose, lily and sunflower. The sweet fragrance of flowers gives
me a great pleasure. They present a colourful and vivid scene and spread a
sweet aroma all around. There is always something fresh before my eyes. It
keeps me healthy, happy and fresh for the days labour. It is a source of physical
exercise and aesthetic pleasure.
Luther Burbank says:

"Flowers always make people better, happier and

more helpful."
The whole atmosphere at home is fragrant with the aroma of the flowers.
They yield fruit in their seasons. Green fruit trees, lush grassy lawn and the thick
mistletoe covering the front wall of my house and adds colours to the

Page | 22

surroundings. The clean brown soil of the beds of flowers present a sharp
contrast to the lush green grass of the garden. The trunks of the trees have been
white - washed approximately up to a feet.
A little fountain has been built in the heart of the lawn. When it sprinkles its
light shower, it look fascinating. Then the water of the fountain flows to the beds
of flowers and trees. The soft, tidy and trimmed grass of the lawn looks like a
green velvety floor. It looks sparkling when the rays of sunlight are reflected from
the pearl - like dew drops lying upon the lush grass at dawn. Briefly speaking,
the lawn and the garden of my house are so attractive that they are the
persuasive proof of my devotion and dedication to my hobby.

Rubert Brooke said:

"And in my flowers - beds, I think smile the

carnation and the pink."
There is adequate growth of vegetables in the compound of the house.
Therefore, we seldom purchase any vegetable from bazaar. Gardening provides
me a good exercise for the day. It keeps me happy, healthy and fresh. It is my
sincere friend and inspire me whenever I am depressed. When I cast a glance at
my small garden and see the beautiful dancing flowers, my heart blossoms.
I have the tools of the garden. I have to do a lot of work with my hand. I
prepare the land and manure it. I water my plants regularly and protect from the
extreme weather. I have prepared many beds in it.

Douglas says:

"Earth is here so kind that just tickle her with a hoe

and she laughs with a harvest."
I daily devote two hours for the maintenance of the beauty and loveliness
of my garden. I daily dig the beds, sprinkle water over the trees and plants and
apply manure to the plants to enrich the growth of the garden. I have also placed
flowers pots on both sides of the gate and along the wall. These are properly
looked after and watered daily. There grows in them a variety of flowers. My
garden is perfect in all respects and I love to work and sit there. It has made my
house a heaven of serenity and tranquility. Flowers and the green leaves in my
garden impart a soothing effect to the eyes.

Page | 23

The beautiful verse of John Keats is:

"Ah, happy happy bough that can not shed your

leaves, nor ever bid the spring adieu."
Whenever I get tired, I go to the beautifully oriented garden and my dullness
vanishes in a minute by looking the beautiful scene all around. One feels happy
when hears the songs of the birds sitting in the branches of the trees.

Gardening is my passion. It inspire me to do something new. Whenever I

cast a glance at my small beautiful lawn, my heart blossoms. With every new
flower, there is a new happiness. I keenly observe the process of growth and
decay in nature and praise the majesty of God. My hobby, gardening keeps me
in touch with nature and God.
Life is continuous struggle.

"If we rest, we rust. If we work we shine."

Moreover an empty mind is a devils workshop. It is better for us to lead a
busy life. Struggle in life itself gives pleasure to a man.
Therefore hobby is interesting pursuit through which a person derives
pleasure, recreation and a amusement in his leisure. My hobby reveals me of the
monotony and melancholy of mind!


"Hitch your wagon to a star."

An ambition is a guiding star in our life. It stimulates our courage, energy
and enthusiasm. Without ambition, life becomes dull, drab and boring. Those
who have no definite aim in their lives, cannot rise in life.
A profession is usually considered a scale by which a mans prosperity is
estimated. It works like a guiding star and a lighthouse top. It directs the gone
astray people to the right direction, and finally brings them to their destination. It
helps us to focus our heed and efforts an a particular target. It motivates and
compels us to be diligent, honest and steadfast in our efforts it makes us

contented cheerful prosperous and rich.

Page | 24

As it is the saying of Napoleon:.

"Great ambition is the passion of great character."

A good profession brings about peace and calm of body and brain while a
wrong profession results in physical suffering and mental agony. It mars the
delight of body as well as of soul. Therefore one should be very cautious in
choosing a profession.

There are heaps of professions. It is an uphill task for a young man to

decide about his profession. Many desire to be rich or to become businessmen.
Some people dream of becoming leaders, politicians and social reformers while
most of the students aspire to become engineers, doctors, lawyers, military
officers and scientists.

"This is one step... choosing a goal and sticking to

it... changes everything."
(Scott Reed)
Everyone has his own dreams and desires but the future profession must
be selected keeping in view the taste and talent of the person.

There are many honorable professions lying before me also. But I love to
teach. Therefore I want to become a teacher in future.

Teaching is work of prophets, priests, saints and moralists. I have got a

good temperament and taste for teaching. It brings about profound happiness of
soul and mind. It showers a pleasing light of knowledge in the pitch dark of
ignorance. It uplifts human work. All the prophets were teachers. They taught
people good moral values.
As it has been said by a famous philosopher:

"Teaching is the second profession of all the

As a good mother rears good children, a good teacher builds up a good
This profession is according to my taste and temperament. I am fit for this
profession. By adopting this profession, I would be able to increase my
knowledge. I would ever read fine and fascinating books. I would also build up

Page | 25

an extensive library for this purpose. I would study, examine and analyze the
education systems of the developed countries. I would endeavor to inculcate
their excellent educational qualities into our education system. In this way, we
would be able to adopt what is good and appreciable in their educational system.
As Bacon said that:

"The mould of man's fortune in his own hand."

Since teaching is a profession prophet so there is no doubt of its
sacredness. Our beloved Holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was also a teacher.
He preached Islam by adopting the profession of teaching. He also ordered us to
learn Islam and also teach it to others, and he announced the very person, the
best amongst us. That is why I have adopted the profession of teaching. This will
help me in preaching my religion and dispelling misconceptions, about it. Then it
will become a source of my cordial and spiritual satisfaction that I am following
the footsteps of my prophets and saints. I think this is a major reason, due to
which I am adopting the profession of teaching, a sacred profession.

I know that teaching is not a well - paid job. All over the world, teachers
are low - paid. But that does not matter much. I do not want to be a moneybags.
I know that there are other professions that pay a good deal. They bring fame
and fortune as well. But I like teaching for other things. I like it for its sacredness,
simplicity, sincerity and service of humanity. I love it for the sake of it and I know

"It is a wild goose chase to search for fortune and fame."

I have adopted this profession also because I want to serve humanity. Not
half the population of Pakistan is educated. Educated subject is the pillar of a
nations strength and progress. By gaining education people not only recognize
themselves but also become aware of Almighty Allahs reality. In this way they
refuse to seek help from anyone except God. They get out of the darkness into
the light of education. Their life no more becomes a burden on others as well as
on themselves. By gaining education, they not only learn about themselves but
also get an honorable place in the society by gaining a suitable job. They learn to
work for themselves, for their family and for their nation. They get success in
both this world and the world hereafter. This is just because of gaining education
and I am going to become a person who would show the way of goodness to the
gone - astray people. In this way I will serve humanity and seek success in this
world as well as the world hereafter.

Page | 26

It is a well - known saying of a famous philosopher that:

"The best people are those who make others useful citizens."
I love teaching for it helps a teacher to establish very sacred relations.
These are the relations between a teacher and his students. The students are
just like children for a teacher. He feels fatherly affection for all his pupils. He
feels proud of training some persons who are useful for their nation and the
country. He feels pleased with being respected, honoured and loved by his
students because it is a natural fact that all the students respect their teachers.
Whenever he sees any of the students doing something exceptional, he feels
proud. He takes pride in the achievements of his pupils. This is a great feeling.
No amount of wealth can be alternative to this sentiment. It is a feeling of being
important and useful.

Rob Richards said that:

"Ingenuity, plus courage, plus work equals miracles."

After deciding what I should be, I devote all of my energy and time for the
accomplishment of my aim. I study good books day and night to increase my
knowledge. I believe that a teacher must be an encyclopedia in his person. He
must have a comprehensive knowledge of his subject. The student may ask him
any question at any time and he should be in a position to answer their questions
in the most appropriate way.

I think that teaching is the best profession of all the professions. It will not
only help me but also the others to seek success in both this world and the world
hereafter. However honesty and hardworking is the demand of every profession
without which we can not get success.

It is a well - known saying:

"The soul of success lies in assiduity and honesty."

May God help all of us to leave no stone unturned to achieve our good

Page | 27


Cowper said:

"What peaceful hours, I once enjoyed! How sweet

their memory still!"
Sweet memories are like sweet smelling flowers grown on the strenuous
path of life. Though they change life into a blooming and blaming garden,
genuine wisdom is usually showered on us from the dark clouds of painful past.
The man who learn nothing from his perturbing past should expect nothing from
fragrant future because:

"What is bitter to bear, may be rosy to remember."

My first day in college ,is no doubt, a bit bitter experience but it will ever
shine in my minds eye like a smiling tear.

Dreams of future are always more beautiful and charming than the
realities of today. As soon, as I appeared in my matriculation examination, I
started thinking of the free independent and interesting life of college. My elder
brother used to tell me that life in a college is more a fun than a serious effort to
get education. A college is a place for making friends. This description of life was
in sharp contrast to the school life which I had seen for ten years. So - called
discipline at school had bored me and the attitude of teachers in making us feel
that they knew everything on earth had developed a positive hatred for the
school life in me. That is why I was dreaming of college life.

As someone said:

"College days are the most beautiful and charming

day of one's life."
After a long anxious wait, I got admission in college. The classes were to
start from 1st September.
My first day at college is so fresh in my memory that is seems to be a quite
recent event. It never seems to be an incident that happened years ago. It was a
bright sunny morning of a sweet - smiling spring. I got up early in the morning,
took bath and said my prayers. Meanwhile, my mother prepared breakfast for
me. I hurriedly took my breakfast and went to college.

P a g e | 28

"A new world of freedom.... A new world of learning."

I with my friends reached the college. We all were wearing white suits. We
were swelled with a great pride. We were talking noisily, singing joyfully and
walking vividly. When we were just a furlong off the college premises, we saw
some students rushing out of the college gate. They looked horrified. Their faces
were pale and their hair quite disheveled. I could hardly manage to stop one of
them and asked her what had made them so scared. Our joy and pride vanished
in a trice when she told us that a group of senior students was waiting for the
new comers to make them first year fools.

"Our blooming faces fell down as the blooming flowers

scatter in a heavy rain."
As soon as we heard about this shocking situation, our jubilant faces
turned pale. We felt like those fresh flowers that suddenly began to shed their
pink petals in the lavish drift of rain.
We were stunned and dumbfound. We stuck to the ground as if the
magnetic power of earth had paralyzed us from top to toe. All of a sudden, a
professor appeared there like a sudden surge of grace. We told her about the
grim situation. She smiled and encouraged us to face the situation bravely. She
also escorted us to the college. She left us in the corridor and made her way to
the office. As soon as we were alone, a group of senior students happened to
come there. Some of them were in a jolly mood and wanted to be fool the new comers.

They had worked out their own plans to make the new - comers indulge in
strange actions.

"Seniors always approach juniors with an air of

We decided to act together to avoid their practical jokes. However, they
were larger in number so they made us subdue immediately. They asked us to
do strange actions, like singing ridiculous songs and doing monkey pranks. The
sense of self respect did not allow me to act according to their wishes. Still they
forced me to obey their orders. I felt a little humiliated but took it sportingly.

Meanwhile, a senior professor of the college came to our rescue. She

asked the girls to assemble in the hall where the principal would address them.

Page | 29

We went to the hall. The principal addressed the students and advised them not
to take part in politics at college and pay full attention to their studies.
As it is said by Edward Everet:

"Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a

standing army."
The principal advised us to try our best to achieve our goals. She
delivered an introductory speech about college. Moreover she also told us about
the rules and regulations of the college. She also asked us not to forget the
school discipline in college because:

"A disciplined nation makes a country strong."

Her speech acted on us very much and we promised her to act upon her

Afterwards, a professor guided us about the college time and class rooms.
Our first period was of English. We went to the class room and set on the
benches. A professor entered the class room, the girls stood up to greet her. She
took our roll call and entered the names of the students in her attendance
register. She did not teach us but advised us about our future life.
She addressed that we should not misuse the liberty here rather we
should make full use of the opportunity to achieve our end. She spoke to us very
frankly, much different from the school teachers.

As one said:

"Life in a college full of confidence but deprived of

Afterwards we moved to another room where our teacher is Islamiyat
came in. she delivered her lecture on the importance of Islamic education. She
told us much about Islam and the orders of Allah Almighty on us. She also told
us about the reward of the Muslim and a Momin in a life hereafter. That was the
first time, I came to know, how we are wasting our time in this deceiving world.
The teachers advice made its way to my heart and I decided to shun all the bad

Page | 30

"Impressive are the lectures in college if attended

Afterwards, other professors came to our class room and gave
introductory lectures about their subjects. I was enjoying their lectures. During
shifting of classes from one room to another, the senior students also came to
make first year fools of us. They welcomed the new comers with funny

"The mould of man's fortune is in his own hand."

Last two periods were free. So we went to the library and read some
newspapers. We discussed the lectures of the teachers and decided to work
very hard from the beginning to get through the examination. Then we left library,
shook hands with one another and departed, I took a bus and reached my home.
I found a consider able difference between school life and that of college.

I concluded that liberty or freedom must not be misused at all.

As Robert Green said:

"Colleges are places where pebbles are polished

and diamonds are dimmed."

Nasir Mahmood
M.A English