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most common organism associated with diabetes mellitus is

A. candida albicans
B. haemophilus influenzae
C. pneumocystis carinii
D. staphylococcus aureus way to confirm the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is
A. laparoscopy/laparotomy
B. serum hCG
C. colposcopy
D. ultrasound
q3.most common cause of hirsutism (hypertrichosis) is
A. idiopathic/familial
B. polycystic ovary syndrome
C. obesity/stress
D. Cushing's syndrome
q4.most common source of intracranial metastases are
A. lung/breast
B. liver/gallbladder
C. colon/rectum
D. kidney/bladder
q5.most common cause of epidural hematoma is the lesion of
A. middle meningeal artery
B. internal carotid artery
C. inferior cerebellar artery
D. basilar artery
q6.most common site of brain tumor in children is
A. cerebellum
B. cerebral cortex
C. ventricular system
D. basal ganglia
q7.most common cause of death in cigarette smokers is
A. heart disease
B. bladder cancer
C. pneumonia
D. lung cancer
q8.most common cause of arthritis in sexually active adults is
A. neisseria gonorrhea
B. treponema pallidum
C. pneumocystis carinii
D. staphylococcus aureus
q9.most common symptom of esophageal carcinoma is
A. progressive dysphagia
B. bleeding
C. weight loss
D. regurgitation
q10.most common cause of anal pruritus in children is
A. enterobius vermicularis
B. taenia solium
C. ascaris lumbricoides
D. entamoeba histolytica
q11.Pagets bone disease is commonly asymptomatic, detected incidentally after fi
nding an elevated serum
A. alkaline phosphatase
B. vasopressin
C. calcium
D. phosphorus
q12.most common cause of hemoptysis in adults is
A. bronchitis
B. pneumonia
C. lung abscess

D. bronchiectasis
q13.Ascites (most commonly due to cirrhosis) is initially diagnosed by
A. ultrasound
B. paracentesis
C. abdominal CT scan
D. endoscopic studies
q14.most common cause of traveler's diarrhea is
A. escherichia coli
B. rotavirus
C. candida albicans
D. shigella
q15.Hospital acquired infection most commonly affects
A. urinary tract
B. lungs
C. skin
D. gastrointestinal tract
q16.most common hereditary complement deficiency is
A. C2 deficiency
B. C1 deficiency
C. C3 deficiency
D. C4 deficiency
q17.most common site of pain in Meckel's diverticulitis is
A. right lower quadrant
B. left upper quadrant
C. left lower quadrant
D. periumbilical region
q18.Torsion of ovary is most commonly seen in
A. dermoid cyst
B. endometriotic cyst
C. theca lutein cyst
D. follicle cyst
q19.most common initial symptom of breast cancer is
A. painless breast mass
B. painful breast mass
C. local edema
D. nipple retraction
q20.most common site of puerperal (postpartum) infection is
A. endometrium
B. vagina
C. urinary tract
D. ovary
q21.most common cause of increased vaginal discharge due to infection is
A. bacterial vaginosis
B. trichomonas vaginalis
C. neisseria gonorrhea
D. candida albicans
q22.Ectopic pregnancy most commonly implants in
A. fallopian tube
B. peritoneal cavity
C. cervix
D. ovary
q23.most common virus causing rejection in renal transplanted patients is
A. herpes virus
B. coxackie virus
C. cytomegalovirus
D. influenza virus
q24.most common cause of death in transplant recipients is
A. infection
B. bleeding
C. myocardial infarction

D. stroke
q25.Hyperbilirubinemia in the newborn is most commonly treated with
A. phototherapy
B. blood transfusions
C. corticosteroids
D. phenobarbital
q26.most common indication for the hip replacement is
A. osteoarthritis
B. rheumatoid arthritis
C. congenital dislocation of hip
D. fracture of neck femur
q27.most common fetal malpresentation is
A. breech presentation
B. brow presentation
C. face presentation
D. transverse lie
q28.most common cause of pulmonary abscess is
A. aspiration
B. bacteremic infection
C. pulmonary embolism
D. bronchial obstruction
q29.most common malignant germ cell tumor of the ovary is
A. dysgerminoma
B. choriocarcinoma
C. embryonal carcinoma
D. teratoma
q30.most common presenting symptom in pulmonary embolism is
A. dyspnea
B. chest pain
C. hemoptysis
D. fever
q31.Colorectal/cervical carcinomas most commonly metastasize to
A. liver
B. brain
C. bone
D. lung
q32.most common cause of neonatal seizures /increased intracranial pressure is
A. hypoxia
B. hypoglycemia
C. hypocalcemia
D. intracranial bleeding
q33.most common site of colon cancer is
A. rectum
B. sigmoid
C. descending colon
D. transverse colon
q34.most common genetic cause of mental retardation after Downs syndrome
A. Fragile X syndrome
B. Prader Willi syndrome
C. Edward's syndrome
D. Soto's syndrome
q35.most common tumor of the heart is
A. metastatic tumor
B. fibroma
C. myxoma
D. leiomyoma
q36.most common site for metastatic prostate cancer is
A. skeleton
B. kidneys
C. lungs

D. liver
q37.single most common presenting complaint of patients attending a general gyna
ecological clinic is
A. vaginal discharge
B. dyspareunia
C. amenorrhea
D. lower abdominal pain
q38.Testicular seminoma is most common between ages
A. 20 to 35 years
B. 5 to 15 years
C. 1 to 5 years
D. 35 to 50 years
q39.most common symptom of Crohn's disease (regional enteritis) is
A. intermittent abdominal pain
B. fistula in ano
C. weight loss
D. diarrhea
q40.most common type of syncope is
A. vasovagal syncope
B. cardiac syncope
C. tussitive syncope
D. carotid sinus syncope
q41.most common presentation of leiomyomas of the uterus (usually asymptomatic)
A. irregular bleeding
B. nausea/vomiting
C. abdominal mass
D. weight loss
q42.White blood cell casts in the urine is commonly seen in
A. acute pyelonephritis
B. chronic pyelonephritis
C. membranous nephropathy
D. progressive glomerulonephritis
q43.Ambiguous genitalia in infants is most commonly due to
A. adrenal hyperplasia
B. testicular feminization
C. ovarian tumor
D. pituitary adenoma
q44.most common symptom of diffuse esophageal spasm is
A. intermittent chest pain
B. nausea
C. weight loss
D. dysphagia
q45.Following disorders are most commonly caused by escherichia coli, EXCEPT
A. acute pharyngitis
B. acute epididymitis
C. acute cholangitis
D. acute peritonitis
q46.most common cause of prosthetic knee joint infection in elderly people is
A. staphylococcus aureus
B. staphycoccus epidermidis
C. haemophilus influenzae
D. streptococcus viridans
q47.most common site of mandibular fracture is mandibular
A. body
B. angle
C. coronoid process
D. symphysis
q48.most common cause of death in patients with multiple myeloma is
A. infection

B. asphyxia
C. bleeding
D. cardiac failure
q49.most common cause of rectal bleeding associated with pain during defecation
in young people
A. external hemorrhoid
B. diverticulosis
C. internal hemorrhoid
D. anal fissure
q50.most common cause of rectal bleeding with NO pain during defecation in young
A. internal hemorrhoid
B. anal fissure
C. external hemorrhoid
D. diverticulosis